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Top 10 Best Womens Winter Jackets in 2021 Reviews

Investing in the best womens winter jackets will go a long way to making sure that you have a winter season to remember. The women’s winter jackets are lightweight; hence, they will not put too much pressure on your body. Their lightweight design does not, however, mean that they are flimsy. If anything, the jackets are extra cozy and super durable. They are made to keep you warm during cold winter periods.

Plus they are stylish for everyday wear. Furthermore, there are some that boast a 3-in-1 design, which features a waterproof coat as well as a liner jacket. You can choose to wear them separately or combined. These reviews talk about them comprehensively. So, be sure to read all of them.

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1. Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Jacket

The fact that this womens winter jacket has been tested means it will not disappoint when needed to deliver. It provides ultimate warmth, and this is made of the soft 100-percent MTR filament fleece used to make it. It is also lightweight and even has an active cut to keep you super comfortable while you are interacting with the outdoor environment.

Its two side zippered security pockets come in handy for keeping small items. You can also take advantage of them to keep your hands warm. The jacket is available in several colors including Black, Charcoal Heather, Columbia Navy, Arctic Blue, Blue Heron, Blue Sky, Blush Pink, Dark Ivy, Fuchsia, Eve, Lagoon, Geyser, and more.

It is machine washable for easy care and maintenance. We are positive that it will provide you with the much-needed warmth during cold winter seasons. Ideally, its versatile, everyday style means you can wear it anytime and not just during winter.

2. Columbia Women’s Plus-Size Benton Springs Jacket

One of the best ways to prepare for winter is to have a womens winter jacket with qualities like this plus-size jacket from Columbia. It has a modern classic fit, and it is very lightweight, so it can allow you to actively take part in any outdoor activity.

Furthermore, it is made with a soft 100-percent polyester MTR filament fleece, so it can provide you with maximum warmth and comfort through and through. Still on comfort; the jacket has a collared neck, which works with a zippered closure to make you super comfortable when it is all cold.

It is machine washable; hence, you will not find it rough trying to clean and maintain it. Moreover, its price is pocket-friendly despite working great at what it is made to do. Choose yours from the numerous size and color options.

3. Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Classic Fit Jacket

We can confidently say that Columbia is the undisputed manufacturer of womens winter jackets. With that being said, we are very happy to present to you this classic fit jacket for women. It is made of soft 100-percent polyester micro fleece. Therefore, it offers unrivaled comfort and warmth.

The jacket also has a collared neck and zippered closure that further improve comfort. It is machine washable, and it measures 4 inches high and 13 inches wide. With it, cold weather will not be a challenge. In fact, you will be looking forward to cold days, so you can take the moment by storm.

Its style makes it the perfect companion for those everyday adventures. The price of the jacket is within an affordable range; thus, you will not break the bank just to have it.

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4. Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket

We find this jacket quite unavoidable because of the advanced technology it is equipped with. The technology features Omni-Heat lining and insulation. This means the jacket is the go-to outdoor wear if you want to be comfortable and warm in cold weather. We are also impressed with the two zippered hand pockets of the jacket.

Plus we love the thumb holes, which work with the two zippered pockets to help keep your hands warm. Another thought-out feature is the interior security pocket that is no doubt great for keeping your essentials. The jacket boasts a versatile fit that makes it ideal for everyday wear during those incredibly cold months.

It is water-resistant; hence, you do not need to worry about the drizzles. The 2-way center front zipper and comfort cuffs enable this jacket to provide extra warmth. The jacket is available in two colors (Black and Iris Glow) to choose from.

5. Columbia Women’s Waterproof Rain Jacket – Arcadia II

Because of its waterproof and breathable shell, this womens winter jacket is undoubtedly the perfect accessory for a day out on the trail. It is made of 100-percent nylon 2L full dull plain weave fabric that has a soft mesh lining to keep you comfortable as well as dry.

The fabric is unbelievably durable, and this means the jacket will serve you for years to come. This jacket also features a storm hood that can be adjusted and will come in handy in the event that you get caught up in the rain. What’s more, Columbia has equipped it with an adjustable drawcord hem as well as zippered hand pockets.

The numerous color options of the jacket means you will be able to settle for a suitable color that goes well with your other outfits. This jacket is lightweight and can be packed into hand pockets for convenience.

6. OutdoorMaster Women’s 3-in-1 Ski Jacket

Most manufacturers do not back their womens winter jackets with a guarantee or warranty. Therefore, the fact that the OutdoorMaster Women’s 3-in-1 Ski Jacket comes with a 6-month 100-percent satisfaction guarantee warranty means it is the best bet.

Furthermore, the manufacturer promises friendly customer service to make sure you are more than happy with the jacket. The 3-in-1 design means both the inner fleece jacket and hooded waterproof shell can be worn together or on their own. The hooded shell is made of a breathable and waterproof material not to mention featuring TEFLON surface protection.

The inner fleece liner, on the other hand, offers great comfort and adequate warmth, making it ideal for most cold days. This jacket has waterproof YKK zippers, and its cuffs are adjustable for ultimate comfort. Besides, it has easy access chest pockets, which are great for keeping outdoor essentials.

7. Columbia Whirlibird Interchange Jacket

Another womens winter jacket with a 3-in-1 design! The Columbia Whirlibird Interchange Jacket is literally three jackets in one. It features a water-resistant zip-in liner that has thermal reflectivity to help provide you with extra warmth. It also features a breathable, waterproof, and seam-sealed shell.

Ideally, the combination of these two is even better. That said, you can use the pieces separately or combine them to stay warm, comfortable, and dry in fluctuating winter conditions. The jacket is made of a polyester material to enable it to provide you with great comfort without compromising durability.

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Moreover, it has adjustable sleeve cuffs that also play a huge role in comfort. Although its price is a bit on the higher side compared to other brands we have mentioned here, it is worth it. You will definitely love this jacket, considering that it is well made and performs as expected.

8. Wantdo Women’s 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket

If you want to buy a womens winter jacket, then do it now. And one of the jackets you can consider is this 3-in-1 waterproof jacket. It comes with a liner that you can wear separately while at home or when you are going outside. The material used to make the jacket is Taslan fabric, which has a high resistance to wear and does not make a lot of noise.

The Taslan fabric is also waterproof, anti-static, and anti-fouling, meaning you will not wash it frequently. And by so doing, expect it to be durable enough to last longer. This jacket has a total of 6 pockets (two zippered hand pockets, one internal zippered pocket, one chest pocket outside, and two warm hand pockets).

These pockets are great for keeping your personal items. The jacket is perfect for snowboarding, skiing, mountaineering, cycling, camping, rock climbing, and hiking, among others.

9. CAMEL CROWN Women’s Winter Jacket

Despite having a 3-in-1 design, this womens winter jacket is within an affordable range. The 3-in-1 design makes it the go-to outdoor wear for all weather conditions.

The design includes an inner fleece jacket as well as a waterproof coat. This means you can wear the waterproof coat and the inner fleece jacket either separately or combined.The soft breathable inner fleece jacket retains heat; thus, it will keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather. And it is great for fall days.

The waterproof coat, on the other hand, will keep you dry and warm. Since this winter jacket is made with versatility in mind, you will find it great for trekking, mountaineering, skiing, tourism, camping, cycling, rock climbing, and more. The jacket has many pockets including two zippered hand pockets outside and a secure pocket that has supporting fixture hole for earphone inside.

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10. CAMEL CROWN Women Fleece Jackets with Pockets

These fleece jackets have high ratings, and it is not down to luck. The jackets are made of 100-percent thick polyester fleece that makes them warm, anti-static, soft, skin-friendly, and lightweight. These jackets also have high stand collar and elastic cuff that stand up to strong wind to make sure you get an endless supply of warmth.

There is also an interior drawcord hem designed for adjusting the waist. The smooth and top quality zippers slide easily for convenience. In addition, the jackets have two siding zipped pockets and two internal pockets. The pockets will come in handy when you need to keep such items as credit cards, wallets, and phones.

The price of these jackets is incredibly affordable, and this makes them the perfect purchase for those on a budget yet looking for top quality womens winter jackets.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Women’s Winter Jacket

The following factors should be considered when buying a winter jacket for women.

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In most cases, women’s winter jackets are made of polyester. This is because polyester is durable, and, therefore, can withstand the harsh winter conditions. Polyester is also soft and friendly to the skin. Ideally, your jacket should be made with liners to help keep you warm and comfortable. Aside from polyester, you can consider jackets made of nylon fabrics.


Contrary to public opinion, top quality jackets are not necessarily expensive. And this has been brought out clearly by the above reviews. So, before you buy a jacket for winter, settle on a budget that you think will get you a suitable brand. There is something for everyone. So, do not go overboard.


Do not buy a winter jacket for the sake of buying; check whether it will fit you as expected. This means the jacket you are set to buy should not fit too snug that it compromises your comfort. Also, it should not be too loose fitting to the extent that it allows cold air to get in. In order to get a jacket that fits properly, consider such features as elastic cuffs and interior drawcord hem for waist adjustment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3-in-1 design?

In jackets, a 3-in-1 design is a set that includes a waterproof coat and a liner jacket. The 3-in-design comes into play when the waterproof coat and liner jacket are worn separately or when both are worn together.

Can I wash my winter jacket?

Yes. Most winter jackets are washable. However, it is not recommended that you wash your jacket frequently, given that they are likely to wear out pretty fast when you do that.

What are the benefits of winter jackets?

Winter jackets are light; hence, you can wear them for long hours. They are also stylish for everyday wear. Plus most of them are very affordable.


Winter should not be a bother anymore. This is because the above women’s winter jackets have proven that they can provide the much-needed warmth during super cold days. They are also comfortable to allow you to wear them for long hours. Whether you are looking for one to wear during skiing, hiking, mountaineering or camping, this platform is the place to visit.

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