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Top 10 Best Travel Backpacks for Men in 2021 Reviews

Traveling becomes even better if you are fortunate enough to have one of the best travel backpacks for men. Well, one great feature that most men’s travel backpacks have is the smart design. This means the backpacks are designed with durable materials yet they are very light.

That said, expect to carry them throughout your outdoor adventure without feeling anything dragging you behind. The backpacks are also comfortable, given that they are made with ergonomic features.

Besides, some of them are foldable to make storage a breeze when they are not in use. However, top quality backpacks are not readily available on the market. Therefore, we urge you to go through the following reviews before you purchase any product.

Here’s the Best Travel Backpacks for Men in Reviews

1. WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack


This is the travel backpack you need for all of your outdoor activities. We are saying this because this travel backpack for men will not be affected by the harsh outdoor weather conditions.

And this is due to the water-resistant rip-stop polyester material used to make it. The backpack also comes with a rain cover that further protects items from wet weather. Its volume is 55 liters, and it measures 27.1 inches high by 12.5 inches wide by 9.8 inches long.

Moreover, it has several pockets and compartments including one front pocket, one rain cover compartment, two mesh bottle pouches, one bladder sleeve, and one hip-belt pocket. As such, expect the backpack to carry all of your items.

The backpack is backed by a 90-day limited warranty to protect it against defects and poor workmanship. It is comfortable to carry, and that’s because you can adjust its single contoured aluminum frame to fit the shape of your back.

2. ORICSSON 35L Carry on Waterproof Backpack for Women & Men


ORICSSON wants you to enjoy life. That’s why they have come up with such an incredible travel backpack for men. The backpack is lightweight and comfortable, meaning you will be able to have it on your back for quite a long time. However, do not let the lightweight design fool you.

The backpack is fairly strong; thanks to the waterproof and tear-resistant premium quality nylon material used to make it. The backpack also has two-way antifriction SBS metal zippers that are durable for long-lasting performance. It is foldable; hence, you can easily fold it into a compact pouch to save space.

Furthermore, this backpack has several pockets including two side mesh pockets for keeping umbrellas and water bottles; two front pockets for keeping things organized, and two extra pockets for small accessories like glasses, pens, and even phones that are smaller than 4.7”.

3. BOLANG Internal Frame Travel Backpacks 8298


The BOLANG Travel Backpacks for men come in five different colors, which include 45L Black, 45L Blue, 45L Dark Green, 55L Black, and 55L Red. The backpacks are made of nylon, which we all know to be amazingly durable.

In addition, they are equipped with a bear breathable system that will help prevent you from sweating. That being said, these backpacks will not cause any discomfort on your back even when you carry them for a long time. They have an internal zippered divider in the bottom compartment.

They also have compression straps that come in handy when you need to tie up a hanging sleeping bag, hammock, tent or other gears. Plus there are elastic bands that keep the extra strap from dangling all around the backpacks. All of these backpacks come with a 1-year warranty to offer protection against the unfortunate.

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4. TETON SPORTS Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack


There is a reason why this backpack has been one of the best selling travel backpacks for men. Well, the backpack is designed for light backpacking trips, meaning it is the go-to brand for those 2- to 4-day adventures.

It is the right backpack for both adults and the youth. It has a capacity of 55 liters (3400 cubic inches) yet it weighs just 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds). Furthermore, this backpack is designed with comfort in mind.

With that said, it comes equipped with a multi-position torso adjustment that fits many different body sizes. Plus it boasts a long-lasting open-cell foam lumbar pad that works with molded channels to offer optimum comfort and airflow.

The backpack is available in three colors (Coyote Tan, Hunter Green, and Mecca Orange) to choose from. We are certain that your outdoor adventures will be amazing if you have this backpack.

5. AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack


AmazonBasics never disappoints. That’s why we feel privileged to have one of their travel backpack for men in these reviews. With a capacity of 55L (50L + 5L extension collar), this backpack will comfortably accommodate all of your outdoor essentials.

It is made of a durable polyester material, and this means it can stand up to the unpredictable outdoor weather. It has extensive storage pockets and compartments to let you keep your stuff organized throughout the outdoor adventure trip.

It also has a large sleeping bag compartment, which ensures that you have a convenient place for storing your sleeping bag. AmazonBasics has made this hiking backpack with a water-repellent exterior coating and even equipped it with a built-in water-resistant rainfly.

For this reason, expect the backpack to protect its content from light rains. There is also a waterproof cover, which comes in handy during heavy rains. This backpack comes with a limited 1-year warranty for worry-free buying.

6. MOUNTAINTOP 55L/80L Hiking Backpack


MOUNTAINTOP knows exactly what you need to have successful travels, hiking trips or camping trips. That’s why we are more than happy to review this hiking backpack.

The travel backpack for men is available in numerous colors (80L Black, 80L Blue, 80L Green, 80L Maroon, type2-55L-Black, type2-55L-Blue, type2-55L-Green, type2-55L-Maroon, and type2-55L-Skyblue), so you can effortlessly settle for the best color.

It has weight adjustment straps that will help you adjust its weight while you are hiking. It also features breathable sponge padding in the back, shoulder, and waist to help keep you totally comfortable even after long hours of carrying it.

Furthermore, there is an air circulation back pad design that promotes air circulation along the shoulders and back. The capacity of this backpack ranges from 55L – 80L, depending on the model. This backpack is relatively priced and well made for 100-percent satisfaction.

7. Thule RoundTrip Boot Backpack


The Thule RoundTrip Boot Backpack is designed to help you protect your sunglasses, goggles, iPhone, and other fragile belongings. It has a large Safe Zone compartment, which is crush-proof and offers a convenient place to keep all your fragile items with peace of mind knowing that they are fully protected.

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The backpack also has built-in attachment loops that will allow you to connect it to any Thule RoundTrip Ski/Snowboard Bag. The zippers of this backpack are lockable, meaning you can rest easy knowing that no one with ill-intentions will get access to your items.

The backpack is easy to carry, and this is because of the padded shoulder straps as well as multiple grab handles. Moreover, its boot compartment has grommets that allow water to escape.

Plus there are two spacious pockets, which are great for storing gloves, outerwear, and accessories. If you love skiing, mountaineering, hiking or snowboarding, this is the backpack for you.

8. Outlander Ultra Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack


Another manufacturer that makes quality travel backpacks for men is Outlander. That said, their hiking backpack is made of a durable and water-resistant nylon fabric. The material offers strength and long-lasting performance without increasing the weight.

What’s more, Outlander has reinforced the stress points of this backpack with bar tacking to help increase longevity. The manufacturer has also made sure that the zippers of the backpack are not just 2-way but also amazingly durable.

And they have achieved that by making the zippers with abrasion-resistant SBS metal. The backpack has several pockets for organization and storage. Plus it comes with a carabiner clip to let you attach things to it or clip it to things.

It weighs just 0.5 of a pound yet it is roomy enough to carry up to 33 liters. When you are not using this backpack, you can fold it into a zippered inner pocket for easy storage.

9. Osprey Packs Farpoint 80 Travel Backpack


Those biggest treks in the most distant lands need the Osprey Packs Farpoint 80 Travel Backpack. Osprey was founded in 1974, and this means it knows exactly what makes a travel backpack for men one of the best.

With that said, this travel backpack has several pockets, which include 4 exterior pockets and 2 interior zip pockets. Well, the pockets make storing and organizing items much easier.

Besides, these pockets are conveniently placed to allow you to access the items with much ease. Since this backpack is designed for outdoor use, it is durably made with a polyester fabric. Therefore, expect it to stand up to the constant rigorous use.

The backpack also has lockable sliders on its main compartment zipper. Plus it boasts the manufacturer’s Straight Jacket compression system that secures loads as well as making it more stable. Apart from Caribbean Blue, this backpack is available in Jasper Red and Volcanic Grey.

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10. Pelican Mobile Protect Backpack – MPB20 (20 Liter)


We are impressed by the fact that this travel backpack for men comes with a lifetime warranty. This means the manufacturer will stand behind it forever.

We are also thrilled by the fact that the main compartment of this backpack is not just large but also it has a laptop sleeve to safely keep your laptop. Furthermore, there is a vertical pocket, which is great for keeping those items you want to use often.

The backpack also has side pockets that have a tuck-away attachment loop. Pelican has designed it with comfort in mind, and this can be proven through the compression molded EVA shoulder straps and back panels.

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They have also coated the backpack’s YKK zippers with polyurethane, so the zippers can fight water intrusion. The backpack is made of a durable 1000D nylon fabric to make it totally waterproof. In addition, this travel backpack is available in 3 colors to choose from.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Travel Backpack for Men

Before buying a travel backpack, consider the following factors.


Ask yourself how many items you plan to carry prior to purchasing a men’s travel backpack. This will help you end up with a convenient backpack that has the right capacity. Ideally, you will be able to carry all of your outdoor essentials if you choose a backpack with the right capacity.


If you want to enjoy your traveling experiences, then it is imperative that you go for a travel backpack made with comfort in mind. That said, look for a product with padded shoulders. Also, check if it is breathable enough to keep you cool in hot weather.


The best travel backpack for men should be very durable because the outdoor environment may not be as friendly as it looks. Well, durability is determined by the material used to make a backpack. So, when choosing a backpack, make sure you go for the one made with premium quality materials such as nylon and polyester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last but not least, we bring you the following Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does the best backpack cost?

Contrary to public opinion, best quality backpacks are not overly priced. Well, this means a good number of them are within an affordable range.

What size of men’s backpack meets airline requirements?

Different airlines set different guidelines for the maximum allowable size of a travel backpack. However, most of them state that your luggage should not be more than 22 inches long by 14 inches wide by 9 inches deep.
How many cubic inches/liters should my backpack be?
This depends on the travel duration as well as the number of items you plan to carry. That said, go for a larger backpack if you plan to stay out longer and vice versa.


Having a well-made and quality travel backpack for men is a good move that any man who travels a lot should not overlook. However, settling for the best travel backpack can be more cumbersome than expected. That’s why we encourage you to read every bit of this article.

Best Sellers: Best Travel Backpacks for Men

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