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Top 10 Best Tactical Knee Pads in 2021 Reviews

The best tactical knee pads are designed to protect your knees as well as to keep them comfortable. They are a handy purchase for athletes or those who want to take part in shooting games. What’s more, premium tactical knee pads are great for other applications such as construction, masonry, home repair, and more.

In sports, they enhance performance by giving athletes confidence and peace of mind. They let them know that their knees are well protected, and this, in turn, helps them focus more on performance and less on their safety. With all that said, go ahead and choose one from the reviews below.

Our Top Pick
Sellstrom Ultra Flex III KneePro Knee Pads for...
Best For Value
BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2 - Black
Sellstrom Ultra Flex III KneePro Knee Pads for...
BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2 - Black
Our Top Pick
Sellstrom Ultra Flex III KneePro Knee Pads for...
Sellstrom Ultra Flex III KneePro Knee Pads for...
Best For Value
BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2 - Black
BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2 - Black

List of​​ the Best Tactical Knee Pads Reviews

1. Valken Tactical Knee Pad

The Valken Tactical Knee Pad is a versatile pad that’s perfect for all sports and outdoor activities. It is great for paintball, hunting, shooting games, and airsoft. Its primary purpose is to keep your knees safe when you suddenly kneel down or get involved in the impact of a fast drop down shooting position. The knee pad also comes in handy when you start to creep.

It is light in weight to help keep the overall weight of gear low. The lightweight construction also enables it to provide safety without compromising comfort. Another incredible feature of this tactical knee pad is the unique X type shell design that ensures a better range of motion compared to a pair of standard hard shell knee pads.

Moreover, knee pad features two straps, which are easy to adjust and play a great role in securing them (the knee pads) to players with different sizes of knees. The straps also make these knee pads extremely simple to remove any time. The knee pads are made of long-lasting nylon as well as high-impact polymer for reliable performance.

2. ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad (52913.00)

One factor that will make you pick one set of tactical knee pad over the other is the comfort. Well, the ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad offers just that. It is biomechanically-designed so it can provide great knee motion as well as a comfortable fit.

It has a knee cap, which is soft and flexible for excellent traction and skid resistance. It also features compression recovery ½-inch padding, which offers consistent and firm support without bottoming out. Plus it is finished with a brushed tricot liner to wick away moisture and to keep out debris and dirt. Another fascinating feature is the non-slip rubber strip found on the back inside.

It holds comfortably in place to make sure you are less inconvenienced. Furthermore, there is a widely-set dual strapping system that prevents bunching not to mention providing extra comfort. The knee pad protector is adjustable, and this means it will fit different knee sizes comfortably. It is also available in two different colors, which are Black and MultiCAM. Moreover, the knee pad comes with unique Alta Strapkeeper System and the Original AltaLOK Easy On/Off Fastening System to prevent excess straps from flapping.

3. AirSoft Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads

It is unsurprising that these knee and elbow pads have made it to these reviews. Well, AirSoft is a reputable company, which provides customers with what they want by making quality products. Having said that, expect these tactical knee and elbow pads to meet your expectations. They are affordably priced yet they deliver stunning results to make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

Additionally, these protective pads are ideal for all sports, hunting, outdoor activities, shooting games, and more. They weigh just 515 grams, and this means they will not literally weigh you down. What’s more, these pads are equipped with an adjustable Velcro strap so they can perfectly fit a wide range of knee sizes.

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They are also equipped with soft cushion pad on the inner side to make them very comfortable. Besides, the pads come with a carrying mesh bag to give you a much easier time carrying them to a training session. The pads are made of high-impact polymer and long-lasting nylon to enable them to stand up to rigorous uses.

4. BLACKHAWK! Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2

If you are an athlete, then protecting your knees is a must. Well, that’s where the BLACKHAWK! Advanced Tactical Knee Pads come into play. They are designed to provide ultimate protection and comfort. By so doing, these pads will let you focus more on the activity you are taking part in and less on the safety of your knees. They are made of 600D nylon shell; hence, their durability should not be doubted.

They also feature an injection-molded Flex cap design that enhances protection and durability. Another stunning feature that puts these pads up there with the best is the closed-cell foam padding, which offers outstanding shock resistance and little to zero moisture retention.

Also, there are padded side extensions that offer extra comfort as well as improving strap positioning. The contoured interior ledge prevents pad slippage, while the hook & loop plastic straps help keep these pads in place. These pads come in a variety of colors, including Black, Olive Drab, Foliage Green, and Coyote Tan. They are convenient straps packed with highly-rated features to deliver second-to-none results.

5. K-P Industries KneePro Tactical Airsoft Knee Pad

What we like about this knee protector is that it is engineered and made with you in mind. It is a multifunctional knee protector pad that you can use for a wide range of applications including carpentry, electrical, flooring, welding, construction, home repair, gardening, masonry, plumbing, roofing, maintenance, hardware, tile, and, of course, safety. It has 5/8-inch closed cell inner foam that is moisture-resistant.

Well, this helps make it easy to clean and comfortable to wear. In addition, the knee pad is hinged using metal rivets to let you move like your knee without moving up or down. It fits comfortably without binding, stripping or cutting your circulation. The tough outer shell the knee pad is made of is chemical resistant and more than capable of withstanding extreme heat and cold.

Furthermore, there is an elastic strap that works with Speed Clip to allow for on and off. The two also make the knee pad extremely easy to adjust. This knee pad is available in 3 different color options, including Black, Coyote Tan, and Foliage.

6. ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad (52913.09)

There is a reason why this knee protector pad is in demand. It is loaded with innumerable features that work together to enable it to deliver peerless performance. These features include the original AltaLOK fasteners that allow for easy on and off. The knee pad is made of strong and durable Cordura nylon fabric that helps to extend its lifespan by enabling it to stand up to various abuses.

It also has non-slip-strip, which keeps it in place through the range of motion. You will, therefore, not be inconvenienced at all even when taking part in the most rigorous activities. Additionally, the knee protector pad boasts an innovative design that minimizes bunching behind the knees. It is mechanically designed so it can provide a comfortable fit and great knee motion.

The compression recovery ½-inch neoprene foam padding offers consistent and firm support without bottoming out. There is also a soft olive-drab flexible cap that provides ultimate flexibility and protection. The knee pad is adjustable, and this makes it perfect for a variety of knee sizes.

7. KP Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads

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You cannot argue with the durability of the KP Ultra Flex III Knee Pads. They are super strong and the manufacturer believes in their quality. Well, that’s why it provides the manufacturer’s warranty, which protects against defects in workmanship and craftsmanship. Ideally, these knee pads are hinged to allow for easy movement whether you are walking or running.

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They also have soft elastic woven straps that feature reinforced sewn ends and are placed nicely above and below the knees. Another stunning feature the tactical knee pads have is the ½-inch closed-cell foam pad that offers the ultimate in protection and comfort.

Like other top performing knee pads, these protectors for the knee are insanely easy to put on and take off. Well, this is because of the speed clips that snap effortlessly into place. For the price and what they do, these knee pads are no doubt the real deal.

8. CONDOR Tactical Knee Pads

These knee pads are among the most affordable brands you have ever met. They have a hard outer shell, which clearly indicates that their price point does not play a role in their quality. The hard outer shell combines with the dense high-performing foam padding in the inside of the pads to help protect your knees throughout.

These knee pads also feature a non-slip cap that not only keeps operators in position but also protects against over-extension. They are easy to wear and take off; thanks to the adjustable elastic bands and plastic buckles that work better than Velcro.

The tactical knee pads are available in two different colors, which are Coyote and Beige. Well, the different color options make it extremely easy to settle for a color that blends nicely with your sportswear. Given the performance these knee pads deliver on a consistent basis and their price point, we are certain you will love them.

9. VOVOV Outdoor Sports Tactical Combat Knee & Elbow Protective Pads

Tactical knee pads, which are durable, make a great investment. That being said, the VOVOV Outdoor Sports Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads are made of high-impact polymer and durable nylon. This means they are more than capable of withstanding rigorous use, which is normally experienced in sports.

Because of their sturdiness and durability, these knee & elbow protective pads are great for all sports, shooting games, hunting, paintball, airsoft, and outdoor activities, among others. Moreover, the pads come with a carry bag so you can easily transport them from place to place.

They are comfortable and wearable pads. As such, we are positive that you will wear them for an extended period. One of the features that make these pads super comfortable is the soft cushion pad on the inner side. Furthermore, these knee pads are competitively priced, given that they come in 4 pieces and deliver exceptional results.

10. Rothco Tactical Protective Knee Pads

These knee pads come in multiple colors, which are Black, ACU Digital Camo, Coyote Brown, Desert Tan, Woodland Camo, and Olive Drab. These several color options make it extremely easy to settle for a color that goes well with your outfit or sportswear.

Additionally, the protective knee pads have 1/2-inch foam padding that is covered by 900D polyester to provide unrivaled comfort without sacrificing durability. The knee pads also feature dual hook & loop fastening system for easy on and off. Plus they have a rubber non-slip cap surface that makes them great for crawling as well as for doing other outdoor activities.

The grommets help improve the performance of these knee pads, and they will not reflect light. If you are looking for a durable tactical knee pad for various applications, these ones are worth investing in. They have everything to make sure you are satisfied.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Tactical Knee Pads

In this section, we talk about the factors you need to consider before buying a set of tactical knee pads.


The material used to make your tactical knee pads plays a huge role in determining the durability of the knee pad. Therefore, you should ensure that you choose a pair of knee pads made of quality materials. Some of the materials you can consider are polyester, nylon, and polymer. This is because these materials are durable and moisture-resistant.

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Knee pads are designed to protect your knees but this should not be done at the expense of your comfort. As such, choose a pair of knee pads with soft cushioning that provides maximum comfort for long hours of wear. Your knee pads should also be lightweight and flexible enough to move with the body movement and action.


An adjustable tactical knee pad is worth investing in, considering that they fit many different knee sizes. With that said, you should pick knee pads with straps. Ideally, knee pads with straps or Velcro are easy to wear and to take off. They promote convenience by fitting nicely and comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tactical knee pads?

These are special types of knee pads, which we normally see as a part of police gear or military uniform.

What are tactical knee pads used for?

Tactical knee pads have a wide range of uses. They are perfect for all sports, hunting, shooting games, paintball, and airsoft, among others.

How do I care for my tactical knee pad?

Since different tactical knee pads are made with different materials, there is a likelihood that the method of caring for them varies from one brand to another. It is, therefore, recommended that you consult with the manufacturer of your knee pad about how to care for your knee protectors.

Which tactical knee pads offer the ultimate knee protection?

Knee pads that have a hard outer shell protect the knees to the maximum. The hard outer shell also improves the lifespan of knee pads by enabling them to withstand rigorous use.

Which manufacturer makes the best quality tactical knee pad?

Lots of manufacturers make top quality knee protectors. Well, some of these manufacturers include Valken, BLACKHAWK, KP Industries, Rothco, Condor, ALTA, and more. Their tactical knee pads are comfortable and at the same time sturdy enough to provide unrivaled protection to the knee.


Tactical knee pads have a lot of uses. They are ideal for masonry, construction, home repair, all sports, and shooting games, among others. They are engineered to protect the knees and keep you safe all through. In this article, we have talked comprehensively about them with the hope of helping you make up your mind when it comes to buying one.

Best Sellers: Best Tactical Knee Pads

SaleBestseller No. 1
Hatch XTAK Tactical Knee Pads, Black
Hatch XTAK Tactical Knee Pads, Black
EVA high-density foam for superior shock absorption; Cordura nylon outer fabric for durability and CoolMax inner surface for moisture wicking
Bestseller No. 3
ALTA 50453.16 AltaFLEX Gel Insert Heavy Duty Knee...
ALTA 50453.16 AltaFLEX Gel Insert Heavy Duty Knee...
Durable thick flexible coyote cap protects against rocks and debris; Crye-MultiCAM Cordura nylon cover
Bestseller No. 5
Outdoor Sports Tactical Combat Knee & Elbow...
Outdoor Sports Tactical Combat Knee & Elbow...
Made of durable nylon and high impact polymer, wearable and comfortable; Soft cushion pad on inner side.

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