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Top 10 Best SwissGear Backpacks in 2021 Reviews

The best SwissGear backpacks are simply the best in the whole market. This is because SwissGear has been committed to providing innovative luggage, backpacks, and other travel accessories for decades. The manufacturer designs its backpacks with the latest technology as well as making sure that functionality is upheld.

It also focuses on style for maximum satisfaction. That being said, the best backpacks by SwissGear are great for students, travelers, business professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts. They store laptops nicely and even provide additional compartments to carry school supplies or travel accessories. Check out our reviews to know more about them.

Our Top Pick
Swiss Gear SA1923 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart...
Best For Value
SwissGear Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack, black, one...
Best expensive
SwissGear SA9769 Black with Light Grey Laptop...
Swiss Gear SA1923 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart...
SwissGear Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack, black, one...
SwissGear SA9769 Black with Light Grey Laptop...
Our Top Pick
Swiss Gear SA1923 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart...
Swiss Gear SA1923 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart...
Best For Value
SwissGear Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack, black, one...
SwissGear Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack, black, one...
Best expensive
SwissGear SA9769 Black with Light Grey Laptop...
SwissGear SA9769 Black with Light Grey Laptop...

Check out the Best SwissGear Backpacks Reviews

1. Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack

Wenger believes that life is always in motion. That’s why you should never fail to have the Ibex Laptop Backpack. It is a quality backpack for laptop that will make your on-the-go life a breeze and very much convenient. It has triple protect heavily-padded compartment slot that protects all the sides of up to a 17-inch laptop.

The padded compartment is able to do that because of the 3-layered high-density foam it is equipped with. There is also a dedicated 10-inch tablet/eReader pocket that provides a convenient place to keep your tablet. You will be able to have this backpack on your back for long hours. And this is because of the airflow back padding, which allows for continuous air circulation, thereby, keeping you super cool.

The backpack is made of 10-percent PVC and 90-percent polyester. These materials are incredibly sturdy and capable of withstanding the test of time. You will, therefore, rely on the bag for outdoor adventures for quite a long time. The shock-absorbing shoulder straps will keep you comfortable by distributing weight evenly.

2. SwissGear SA9769 Laptop Computer Backpack

SwissGear is best known for its genuine Swiss Army Knife. But now they are introducing something new to the market. And that is the SA9769 Laptop Backpack. Durable and versatile, this backpack is made for functionality and convenience. It has features such as a computer/laptop compartment that ensures convenient and safe storage of your laptop every time you are on the go.

The backpack also boasts a large packing capacity to allow you to fit all the items. Its main pocket offers protected packing for up to 3 binders, gaming peripherals, and other accessories. Besides, this laptop computer backpack is designed with comfort in mind. It has contoured shoulder straps, which combine with the airflow back system to offer second-to-none comfort.

This means you will be able to carry it for an extended period. The interior pocket organizer offers divider pockets for keeping cell phone, pencils, pens, and anything else you might need while on the go. Also, there is a water bottle pocket that makes it easy to keep your water bottle nearby for endless hydration away from home.

3. Swiss Gear SA9998 Laptop Backpack

This is one of the cheapest yet functional laptop backpacks you have ever met. Made of 1682D ballistic nylon, this laptop backpack will surely last longer than expected. The heavy-duty construction will give you confidence in using the backpack because it can stand up to anything.

Well, a good backpack should have multiple compartments, and the Swissgear SA9998 has not disappointed when it comes to this. It is loaded with front organizer pockets for keeping business accessories. Plus it has a water bottle pocket featuring an elastic mesh to accommodate many different sizes of water bottles.

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As if that’s not enough, the laptop sleeve of this backpack is heavily padded so it can provide your laptop with maximum protection against impacts. The laptop sleeve fits most 15” laptops, which is just fine. Other compartments of the Swissgear SA9998 are a gusseted pocket for quick access to files and file sleeves for organizing magazines, binders, files, etc. What’s more, this backpack features padded shoulder straps and an airflow back system for extra comfort.

4. Swiss Gear SA1908 TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack

TSA agents can really be ruthless when inspecting your luggage. Therefore, to avoid being on the receiving end, you should consider a TSA-friendly laptop backpack like the Swissgear SA1908. It will never be damaged at the checkpoint because it meets TSA requirements. It unfolds to a flat position and has a unique quick-recognition window design that ensures hassle-free security checks.

It is exactly the kind of backpack you need because it will protect your computer at all costs. The computer slot even features an adjustable strap so it can fit laptops of different sizes. Plus it features quick side entry access to further promote convenience. Away from the thoughtful laptop compartment, the backpack has an elastic tab on the shoulder strap to keep sunglasses secure and ensure they are conveniently accessible.

It is a sturdy backpack made of durable ballistic weave fabric for long-lasting performance. It fits most 17” laptops, and it’s ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and control. Furthermore, this backpack is available in two color options; Pink and Original Black.

5. SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

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Very few backpacks can match the SwissGear when it comes to durability. It is made of durable, weatherproof 1200 denier ballistic polyester so it can stand up to harsh conditions and heavy use. Moreover, it has the ScanSmart lay-flat technology that offers protection for up to a 17-inch laptop. The technology enables the backpack to open quickly at airport security, thereby, ensuring quick and easy laptop-in-bag scan.

Apart from the easy access laptop and iPad compartment, there is a front organizational pocket for keeping all of your writing utensils, keys, and pocket notebooks. The laptop backpack also features a front and large U-zip pocket for keeping essentials you frequently use while on the go.

The contoured shoulder straps of this backpack feature a mesh fabric and they are adjustable. The straps work together with the padded back panel featuring airflow ventilation technology to provide extra support and comfort. The exterior dimensions of this backpack are 18.5 by 13.5 by 9 inches and the laptop compartment dimensions are 17 by 12.5 by 2.5 inches.

6. Swiss Gear SA1923 TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

SwissGear backpacks are designed with modern technology and everyday functionality to make your unique journeys more seamless than ever before. Well, one of these backpacks is the Swissgear SA1923. It is like any other top-notch backpack Swiss Gear has ever produced. It has ScanSmart Series that allows TSA agents to quickly scan it with the laptop inside.

This helps improve convenience and will give you peace of mind knowing that nothing will be damaged during security check. Because of the contemporary and stylish design, this backpack can be used by anyone. It is ideal for wanderlust travelers, students, tech enthusiasts, and business professionals, among others. It will accommodate your lifestyle and essentials, making it the ultimate laptop backpack for anyone on the go.

Additionally, this laptop backpack is designed to provide you with superior comfort. It features a signature airflow back panel as well as ergonomic, shock-absorbing shoulder straps to allow you to adjust its weight to fit your physique. The backpack also features add-a-bag straps that are perfect for hands-free carry.

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7. SwissGear 5902 Travel Gear TSA Approved Laptop Backpack

SwissGear provides a 3-year limited warranty to protect this TSA-approved laptop backpack from defects in workmanship and material. This is really pleasing because first, the price of the laptop is reasonable and second, not so many backpacks are backed by a warranty.

Another pleasing thing is the quality material used to make the backpack. Made of durable polyester fabric, the backpack will stand up to all your travel adventures and harsh conditions. It is a large backpack measuring 18 by 12 by 9.3 inches on the exterior yet weighing just a couple of pounds. Because of its large size, the backpack has a spacious main compartment to let you fit as many essentials as possible.

It also has a front organizer, water bottle pockets, and a zippered mesh pocket. The front organizer offers storage and quick access to those items you frequently use. What’s more, the backpack has a checkpoint-friendly laptop compartment that holds a 15-inch laptop. It is the perfect backpack for the daily commute or occasional travel. It is available in a variety of color options to choose from.

8. Swiss Gear SA3077 Lightweight Laptop Backpack

SwissGear is the maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife. That’s why we are thrilled to bring you this lightweight laptop backpack. It is a perfect backpack for carrying a small laptop, e-reader or notebook. Besides, it has extra storage compartments where you can store school supplies, books, and documents.

Although it has a smaller profile, the backpack can still accommodate up to a 14-inch laptop. Its side water bottle pocket has an elasticized mesh that expands to secure water bottles of different sizes. And the zipper front pocket organizer features a removable key fob for convenience. The backpack is easy to carry, and that’s because it is built with convenience in mind.

Its shoulder strap system is not just contoured but also it is ergonomically designed with extra padding for ultimate comfort and control. Plus there is an airflow back system that offers added padding for maximum back support and comfort. Another exciting feature of this backpack is the audio & media port for MP3 players equipped with an external headphone port.

9. SwissGear Hybrid, Grey Heather

A closer look and inspection on this hybrid SwissGear backpack will tell you everything you need to know about it. You will know that the hybrid is not just referred to as the “hybrid” for no reason. And that it actually combines the design language of a piece of carry-on luggage and the best parts of a backpack.

You will also know that the hybrid is engineered with such cool and handy features as a rugged outer shell that prevents potential tears and rips; daisy chain webbing, and a nice breathable back panel. The hybrid also features straps for ergonomic, balanced carry.

Its main compartment will let you open it flat like a piece of luggage. Talking of luggage; the hybrid will allow you to pack it as one. Inside the hybrid, there are elastic and zippered pockets that will further keep you organized. Apart from Grey Heather, the hybrid is available in other colors, which are Red, Green, and Blue. Its exterior dimensions are 18.5 by 11.5 by 6.5 inches, and it has a capacity of 22.5L.

10. Wenger GA-7305-14F00 Synergy Backpack

We are impressed with the incredible features of this backpack. One of these features is the pass-Thru grab handle that slides over the handle system of a piece of wheeled luggage to ensure easy travel. Another feature is the essentials organizer that will keep you organized every time you are on the go.

In addition, this backpack has reinforced soft-grip grab handle that allows you to carry it as carry-on luggage. Other cool features of the backpack are Quik pocket that offers easy access to essentials; air-flow back padding that will keep you cool; CaseBase Stabilizing Platform that keeps the backpack standing upright, and shock-absorbing shoulder straps to provide extra comfort.

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The backpack is also equipped with a dedicated 10-inch tablet/eReader pocket. Plus it has a triple protect 16-inch laptop compartment to keep your laptop safe at all times. The numerous reviews and the high rating show that this backpack is quality.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best SwissGear Backpacks

The following factors will further help you pick a top-notch backpack from SwissGear.


The last thing you want is to spend money on a backpack only for it to be damaged after just a few business trips. So, to avoid such frustrations, it is imperative that you choose a durable backpack. Well, a durable backpack is one made of such sturdy materials as nylon and/or polyester. The material should be capable of withstanding harsh conditions for long-lasting performance. It should also be weatherproof to protect content from the rain, snow, and so on.


Although SwissGear backpacks are lightweight, sometimes what you carry can make the backpack much heavier than expected. That’s why you should choose a backpack built with comfort in mind. Such a backpack is normally equipped with padded shoulder straps to absorb shock that is likely to be created on the shoulders. Plus the manufacturer always designs it with an airflow back system to keep your back cool in even the hottest environment.

The Number of Compartments

You should also consider how many compartments a backpack has before buying it. This is because the more the compartments, the much easier it becomes to keep your essentials organized. Needless to say, your backpack should have a perfectly-sized computer compartment for storing your laptop. It should also have a spacious main compartment to fit all your essentials. Plus it should be equipped with water bottle pockets and an easy-access pocket where you can store frequently used items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SwissGear Backpack has the largest laptop compartment?

In these reviews, those backpacks that can accommodate up to a 17-inch laptop are the ones with the largest computer compartment. So, if you have a large laptop, they should be a frontier for you.

Which Swiss Gear Backpacks are TSA-friendly?

TSA-friendly SwissGear Backpacks are equipped with ScanSmart technology. This technology allows the laptop to open totally flat like a piece of luggage. By so doing, the technology makes scanning by TSA agents a walk in the park.

Does SwissGear stand with its backpacks?

Yes. SwissGear is a reputable and dedicated company that offers nothing but the best services for its customers. These services include providing warranties and guarantees so that in case you are unhappy with your backpack, you can ship it back for a replacement or full refund.


SwissGear is known for making first-class products. However, finding their products in the flooded market has never been easy. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to do some research about some of their best-selling backpacks. That being said, we hope you were able to find a suitable brand from the reviews above.

Best Sellers: Best SwissGear Backpacks

SaleBestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 3
SwissGear Backpack / Bookbag ScanSmart Laptop...
SwissGear Backpack / Bookbag ScanSmart Laptop...
Constructed with Strong materials and Well Made, Sturdy and Long Lasting; Free gift included: a bag name tag (size: 3-3/8"x 1-7/8")
Bestseller No. 4
SwissGear 1186 Bungee Backpack, Black/Grey,...
SwissGear 1186 Bungee Backpack, Black/Grey,...
DIMENSIONS: Exterior – 17.75” x 13” x 7”; Bag volume – 26 L

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