Top 10 Best Softshell Pants for Skiing in 2021 Reviews

When preparing for cold weather, then the best softshell pants for skiing should not miss from your shopping list. Softshell is the ultimate outdoor fabric. This is because it is water-resistant, windproof, and, of course, durable. Softshell fabric is also breathable, meaning they can be used during summer as well.

Because of these properties, expect softshell pants for skiing to be a hit.In these reviews, we talk of top quality softshell pants for skiing to help you settle for what’s really great for you. They are from different companies and have different colors and sizes to ensure there is something for everyone.

Our Top Pick
Singbring Men's Outdoor Fleece Lined Windproof...
Arctix Men's Advantage Outdoor Quick Dry Fleece...
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Outdoor Research Women's Cirque Pants, Pewter,...
Singbring Men's Outdoor Fleece Lined Windproof...
Arctix Men's Advantage Outdoor Quick Dry Fleece...
Outdoor Research Women's Cirque Pants, Pewter,...
Our Top Pick
Singbring Men's Outdoor Fleece Lined Windproof...
Singbring Men's Outdoor Fleece Lined Windproof...
Arctix Men's Advantage Outdoor Quick Dry Fleece...
Arctix Men's Advantage Outdoor Quick Dry Fleece...
Best For Value
Outdoor Research Women's Cirque Pants, Pewter,...
Outdoor Research Women's Cirque Pants, Pewter,...

Check out the Best Softshell Pants for Skiing Reviews

1. Outdoor Ventures Women’s Softshell Pants with Bottom Zipper

Before we provide you with the features of these softshell pants, it is important to note that the tag only shows the maximum waist size. For instance, if you choose 30W x 30L, you will receive 34W x 30L. This, however, should not scare you because these softshell pants come in a variety of sizes.

Their shell is made of 96-percent polyester and 4-percent spandex, while their lining is made of 100-percent polyester. What’s more, they come in a plethora of colors to make it easier to choose what goes with your outfit. It is important to note that they have two different types of waist design (elastic waistband and Velcro adjustable waist).

Well, be keen on the waist design, so as not to end up with what you don’t like. The softshell pants are versatile; hence, are great for casual wear and outdoor activities.

2. Outdoor Research Women’s Cirque Pants

What makes these women’s Cirque pants among the best are the many fabrics used to make them. They are made of 50-percent nylon, 43-percent polyester, and 7-percent spandex. Nylon and polyester materials help make them durable and easy to care for, whereas spandex makes them stretchable, so they can fit you perfectly and comfortably.

These pants are machine washable, and this is what we mean when we tell you they are easy to take care of. They feature a gusseted crotch and articulated knees to provide you with the much-needed freedom of movement. These pants also have other features such as reinforced scuff guards, boot lace clip, and zippered cuff closures.

They are highly breathable, meaning you will comfortable in them throughout. Plus they are water-resistant and durable, making them the ultimate outfit for outdoor adventures. The pants come in two wonderful colors; black and pewter.

3. Nonwe Women’s Warmth Snow Ski Pants

These snow ski pants can either be hand-washed or machine-washed. They are convenient outfits that everyone who likes to go outdoors during cold weather should not miss. In other words, they are perfect for winter outdoors or snowy activities. The material they are made of makes them water-resistant.

This means the pants will keep you dry and warm even when the weather is far from friendly. The material also dries quickly to ensure maximum convenience plus it is breathable to keep you comfortable even when you are active. In addition, these snow ski pants have the inner fleece that will keep you warm during cold weather.

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Their side waist is elastic so they can fit you perfectly. They will not just keep you warm but also they have Velcro pockets and zip-closed security pockets to provide you with a perfect place to keep personal items while on the go.

4. Arctix Men’s Advantage Softshell Pants

Caring for a pair of softshell pants may not be as easy as expected. That’s why we get really excited when a pair of softshell pants is machine-washable. Well, one of those pairs is the Arctix Men’s Advantage Softshell Pants. They are well-made pants that we bet have everything you have been looking for.

They have unique features, including a metal O-ring for gloves, keys, and/or lift ticket. Moreover, these pants have a reasonable number of pockets. And these are hand warmer style pockets, which can be zippered and come in handy when it is extremely cold.

Also, there are cargo pockets for storing personal items. Furthermore, these pants are equipped with articulated knees, and they are high-stretch to improve range of motion as well as to ensure unrestricted movement. They also have 600D ballistic knees, hem guards, and scuff to provide you with protection, convenience, and comfort.

5. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Softshell Ski Pants with Zipper

You cannot doubt the durability of softshell pants made of polyester. The FREE SOLDIER Men’s Softshell Ski Pants with Zipper is made of 94-percent polyester and 6-percent spandex. This means they are not just durable but also they are stretchable to fit you as expected.

Since the polyester fabric accounts for a larger percentage of the fabrics used to make these pants, expect pants that can repel water and are extremely easy to care for. Besides, these ski pants have a side elastic waist that makes them fit comfortably.

They also have a total of 5 pockets, which are great for tactical tools, wallet, key, phone or other small essentials you need to have while moving. The ski pants come in a variety of sizes to make it easier to choose what really works for you. They are also available in a wide range of colors, including Army Green, Black, Gray, and Mud.

6. Gash Hao Mens Snow Ski Softshell Pants

The selling point of the Gash Hao Mens Snow Ski Softshell Pants is the 100-percent polyester used to make their exterior. They are waterproof, windproof, and dry quickly to ensure that you are not inconvenienced in any way while you are outdoors.

The polyester makes these pants great for almost all outdoor activities including hiking, snowboarding, camping, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, cycling, biking, skiing, and traveling. What’s more, these pants are suitable for daily wear. They have zippered front and rear pockets for safe keeping of small items while you are on the go.

They also have large-capacity inner side pockets where you can insert your hands should there be too much cold. Moreover, these softshell pants have an inner plush fabric that prevents the cold as a result of metal. The pants are comfortable and have everything you need to have a great moment far away from home.

7. Singbring Outdoor Windproof Hiking Pants for Men Women


These outdoor pants are for skiing, fishing, mountaineering, camping, climbing, and traveling. They have a softshell polyester surface layer that improves their durability so you can wear them season in season out. They also have a fleece liner that will keep you warm in a cold environment.

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Additionally, these waterproof hiking pants are equipped with zippered pockets where you can store your personal items while on the go. They are well priced and designed for men and women. Plus they come in countless colors, including Gray05, Army Green05, Black01, Black05, Gray01, Tan01, and Tan05.

All the colors have a fleece lining for comfort and warmth. These pants are also available in a variety of sizes that fit both men and women. We are positive you will love them because they are unisex, greatly priced, and have everything that makes a pair of softshell pants for skiing the best.

8. KAISIKE Men’s Quick-Dry Hiking Pants (M0105)

We love products from KAISIKE because they are strictly examined before they reach you. That being said, these hiking pants are tested to ensure that they are of great quality. They are great for daily wear, camping, hiking, skiing, cycling, biking, mountaineering, fishing, and hunting, among others.

They have zipper security pockets, which come in handy for keeping small items. The pockets ensure that your items stay safe while you are on the move. These hiking pants also have a stretchy waist that is adjustable to provide you with maximum comfort.

When you have worn these pants and you are walking very fast or when the temperatures rise, the wicking cool dry fabric will quickly absorb sweat from your legs. Like most softshell pants for skiing, these ones come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

9. Jessie Kidden Men’s Outdoor Ski Pants

The goal of Jessie Kidden is to provide consumers with first-class services. That’s why we are happy to review these outdoor ski pants. They are made of 100-percent polyester and fleece lining so they can provide you with the comfort you need throughout the skiing adventure.

In addition, these outdoor ski pants have a surface layer that is made of waterproof yet breathable coating to keep you dry. They also have mid-layer fiber fabric and inner-layer polar fleece. Another stunning feature of these outdoor ski pants is the adjustable waist that allows them to fit perfectly and comfortably.

The ski pants are great for mountaineering, hiking, hunting, climbing, riding, traveling, walking, and skiing, among others. The pants will keep you warm and allow you to breathe freely. They have zipper pockets where you can keep small items while on the go. Jessie Kidden has priced them reasonably for easy buying.

10. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Snow Hiking Pants

Made of 94-percent polyester fabric and 6-percent spandex, these snow hiking pants are very durable and incredibly easy to care for. They are also stretchable to fit you comfortably regardless of your body size. They are excellent for outdoor use because they are water-repellent, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and windproof.

These snow hiking pants are also eco-friendly to give you peace of mind knowing that you are not harming the environment by using them. Their zipper security pockets have waterproof treatment. Plus they have Velcro 3D thigh pockets, which are great for storing phones, cards or any other small personal accessories.

Additionally, these snow hiking pants have a partial adjustable waist that allows them to fit properly. If you love skiing or hiking, these softshell pants are for you. They are equipped with a Metal Closure Zip Fly that can avoid embarrassment when skiing, hiking or engaging in strenuous activity.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Softshell Pants for Skiing

This buyer’s guide will further make it easier to find a premium quality softshell pant. So, ensure you go through it as well.

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It is advisable that you choose a pair of softshell pants with pockets. Pockets come in handy when you have items to carry on the go. When choosing softshell pants with pockets, try the best you can to go for those ones with zippered pockets. They provide added security by making sure that your items do not fall and get lost even during the most extreme skiing experiences.


Yes, softshell pants are obviously made of softshell. But we say, go for pants that are not just made of softshell but also have other materials like spandex. Don’t get us wrong; we are not saying softshell fabrics are bad. What we mean is that a blend of softshell with other fabrics makes softshell pants great. For instance, softshell pants made with spandex are stretchable; hence, very comfortable.


Softshell pants for skiing are available in many different sizes. Therefore, for convenience, it is important that you measure your height and waist before buying a softshell pant. This is probably the best and easiest way to choose a pair of softshell pants that fit you perfectly and is comfortable.

Side elastic waist

Some softshell pants do not have this feature; therefore, do not overlook it. Side elastic waist helps improve the fit. It ensures a comfortable fit, thereby, allowing you to wear your softshell pants for a long time without feeling any discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need softshell pants for skiing?

Yes. Softshell pants for skiing are softer and stretchier to let you ski with convenience and in total comfort. Moreover, they are breathable, meaning you will not sweat when skiing.

What are the different types of ski pants?

The many different types of ski pants are stretch ski pants, shell ski pants, insulated ski pants, 3-in-1 ski pants, and, of course, softshell ski pants.

Which one is more comfortable between adjustable waist and elastic waist?

Adjustable waists have an adjustable system, which may be internal or external. Their advantage is that they allow you to set the perfect fit for your body. Elastic waists, on the other hand, provide a slight amount of stretch, making them offer extra comfort. We can, therefore, confidently say that elastic waists are more comfortable than adjustable waists.


It is important to have the right pant when skiing. And this is where the above softshell pants for skiing come into play. They are stretchable, soft, breathable, and very comfortable to allow you to ski for long hours. In this piece, we have talked about everything you need before buying a pair or two.

Best Sellers: Best Softshell Pants for Skiing

SaleBestseller No. 3
SaleBestseller No. 4
Snowboard Pants Men Work Pants for Men Tactical...
Snowboard Pants Men Work Pants for Men Tactical...
Please refer to the US size chart in the description before purchasing; Material:94% polyester 6% spandex, Dintex soft shell fabric
Bestseller No. 5
Obermeyer Snell OTB Softshell Pants White 4 R
Obermeyer Snell OTB Softshell Pants White 4 R
74% nylon, 26% elastane; imported; pull on closure; hand wash; lifetime warranty; 8k/5k; Sport type: Snow Skiing

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