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Top 10 Best Snowboarding Pants For Men & Women in 2021 Reviews

The best snowboarding pants for men & women are not your everyday pants. Snowboarding is quite a high-demanding winter sport. Therefore, unlike most winter sports, using makeshift gear in snowboarding is simply not an option. And this is where premium men’s/women’s snowboarding pants come into play.

They are designed to survive the extremes and keep you in good shape while enjoying a winter activity. What’s more, they are not just durable but also they are breathable, warm, and comfortable. This means you will be able to wear them for a long time. In these reviews, we discuss them to make sure you know what is perfect for you.

Our Top Pick
Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants, Black, Medium
Best For Value
clothin Men's Snow Pant Fleece Lined Ski/Winter...
Best expensive
Columbia Men's Snow Gun Pant, Collegiate Navy, M
Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants, Black, Medium
clothin Men's Snow Pant Fleece Lined Ski/Winter...
Columbia Men's Snow Gun Pant, Collegiate Navy, M
Our Top Pick
Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants, Black, Medium
Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants, Black, Medium
Best For Value
clothin Men's Snow Pant Fleece Lined Ski/Winter...
clothin Men's Snow Pant Fleece Lined Ski/Winter...
Best expensive
Columbia Men's Snow Gun Pant, Collegiate Navy, M
Columbia Men's Snow Gun Pant, Collegiate Navy, M

Check out the Best Snowboarding Pants For Men & Women Reviews

1. Arctix Men’s Snow Sports Cargo Pants

The level of warmness these snowboarding pants offer is amazing and we doubt if any pants can match that. With 85g ThermaTech Insulation, the pants provide warmth without being bulky or heavy. It will keep you warm at temperatures ranging from -20 to 35 degrees. What’s more, these snow sports cargo pants feature 600D Ballistic that reinforces the scuff, ankle, and hem guards so it can withstand daily wear and tear.

They also have an adjustable waist to provide a comfortable fit. Plus they are equipped with boot zippers to allow for effortless on and off. The cargo pockets of these pants will provide you with an effective place to keep your essentials. There is also an O ring, which is great for keeping gloves, keys, and/or lift tickets.

Other features of these cargo pants are zippered hand warming pockets and boot gaiters with grippers. The pants are perfect for all outdoor winter sports; thanks to their durability, lightweight construction, and ability to provide ample warmth.

2. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

Everyday winter activities need comfortable and versatile insulated snow pants. And we think that the Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants fit the bill just fine. They are designed to keep you comfortable this winter. And to achieve that, the insulated snow pants have multi-layered construction.

In this well-thought-out construction, there is a high-tech outer shell that will help keep you warm and dry throughout the day. The construction also has a breathable design, which is unique and acts as insulation. Ideally, the material wicks away moisture to help keep your body dry during strenuous play or exercise.

Like the first product on this list, the insulated snow pants boast 85g ThermaTech insulation for optimum warmth. Although these pants are designed to help you stay warm during winter activities, they are also great for standing or sitting at outdoor events. They are water-resistant and wind-resistant plus they boast reinforced seams and advanced insulation so they can stand up well to the harsh outdoor environment.

3. Arctix Men’s Snow Pants – Essential

These essential snow pants will provide you with a convenient and perfect way to keep warm in cold winter. They are affordably priced and have what it takes to provide you with warmth and make sure you are comfortable all through. They are made with thoughtful fabrics, meaning they will not disappoint when it comes to keeping you warm in a cold environment.

Needless to say, these pants are ideal for relaxing or staying warm while standing or sitting at any outdoor event. Arctix has further improved the performance of these essential snowboard pants by giving more attention to the ankle, scuff, and hem guards.

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It has reinforced them with 600D ballistic nylon so they can withstand years of hardworking use. Besides, the pants are made with boot snaps to ensure effortless on and off. And their waist is adjustable, so they can fit you comfortably. That being said, you will be able to wear these pants for long hours. They will keep you warm at temperatures ranging from -20 to 35 degrees.

4. Arctix Snow Pants with Reinforced Knees and Seat

These are the kind of pants which when you buy, that’s it; you will never need a new pair of pants – at least for quite some time. They feature a 100-percent Polyester Dobby shell, which, in turn, features ThermaLock W/R + W/P 3000mm Coating. Well, this high-performance craftsmanship enables the pants to provide an unreachable degree of durability and protection from elements and at the same time, allow a full range of motion.

In other words, the craftsmanship makes the pants super durable without taking the much-needed comfort. As expected, these pants boast 85 grams ThermaTech Insulation, which enables them to provide warmth without being bulky. What’s more, these pants feature belt loops to help improve fit.

The belt loops allow you to confidently pick a larger size knowing that you can customize the fit if the pants run quite large. The pants are wind-resistant and water-resistant to give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what kind of weather you find yourself in, the pants will not back off. Instead, it will stand up to it, making sure you are comfortable enough.

5. Columbia Men’s Snow Gun Pant

The shell of this snow gun pant is made of 100-percent nylon; the lining is made of 100-percent nylon, and the insulation is made of 100-percent polyester. Well, all these show one thing; this is a serious snowboarding pant that will not disappoint in a hostile winter day. It is the kind of pant every man and woman who likes taking part in winter sports either directly or indirectly should consider owning.

The snow gun pant is made in the USA or imported, meaning its quality is top-notch. It is a button closure pant that is easy to wear and to take off. Ideally, the button closure design makes the snow gun pant secure to wear. The snowboarding pant is also machine-washable; hence, caring for it will not be a scary task.

It is insulated to provide you with optimum warmth and allow you to focus more on outdoor activities and less on your comfort. Another feature that provides comfort is the adjustable waist. It is almost a century since Columbia was established, and that’s why it is able to make quality pants like this one.

6. Arctix Kids Cargo Snow Pants (with Articulated Knees)

It’s not every day we have a snowy environment. Therefore, every time it snows, you and your kids should seize that opportunity for fun outdoor moments. Well, this is where the Arctix Kids Cargo Snow Pants come into play. They are designed for kids; hence, they will give you peace of mind as parents knowing that your kids are well protected against the cold and other elements.

They have roomy pockets that are great for keeping all the items kids need while enjoying their outdoor activities. They provide warmth and maximum protection at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 35 degrees. Furthermore, these snow pants have an O-ring for gloves, keys, and/or lift tickets.

Plus they are available in numerous sizes, including X-Small Regular, Small Regular, Medium Regular, Large Regular, and X-Large Regular. The waist of these pants is adjustable to allow for a comfortable fit and the boot gaiters feature boot grippers to form a seamless integration with the boots, thereby, keeping the moisture out and warmth in.

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7. Arctix Women’s Mountain Snowboard Cargo Pants

If you love catching waves off of winter snowdrifts, then these snowboard cargo pants should be a frontier for you. They are premium and flexible, meaning they will deliver the much-needed outstanding performance. Well, given how they are designed, these cargo pants can also be used as ski pants.

They are made of a 100-percent nylon shell, which, in turn, features W/R + W/P 5000mm ThermaLock Breathable Coating for unrivaled degree of durability. Moreover, the snowboarding pants boast a DWR finish, which is basically a Durable Water Resistant finish. The finish repels water from fabric surfaces, thereby, contributing greatly to making sure you stay dry even in wet weather.

In addition, the pants come equipped with articulated knees that allow for a more unrestricted range of motion. The articulated knees will also provide you with unparalleled comfort as you ski, snowboard, climb or hike. As it is the norm with Arctix Snowboarding Pants for men and women, this pair has an adjustable waist to provide you with extra comfort.

8. TSLA Men’s Windproof Rip-Stop Snow Pants

We like the fact that these windproof snow pants by TSLA fit true to size. This means if you always have a hard time finding a pair of snowboarding pants that fit you perfectly; these are the pants for you. According to TSLA, the snow pants are designed to make you a better person.

As such, they will keep you warm and comfortable without compromising your look. They are stylish, long-lasting, and reliable; hence, they are exactly what you should invest in, especially during this period when winter is around the corner. They are packed with all the features an athlete demands, and, for this reason, the snow pants are great for lots of winter activities, including snowboarding, skiing, and everyday winter sports.

They have an insulation feature that will keep you dry and retain heat so you can be comfortable throughout your time outdoors. The waterproof rating of these snow pants is 6000mmH2O. Additionally, the pants have an adjustable waistband that fits perfectly and allows for maximum range of motion.

9. Clothin Men’s Snow Pant Fleece Lined Ski/Winter Pants

CLOTHIN is 100-percent dedicated to providing customers with premium outerwear and equipment. That’s why we fully trust these fleece-lined ski/winter pants. We know they are durable and comfortable; hence, they are exactly what you need to ensure unforgettable winter moments. They are loaded with numerous quality features that work together to make sure you are not disappointed in at all.

These features include 4 zippered pockets that provide safe and convenient place to store necessities; hook & loop ankle adjustment that seal out elements as well as preventing unwanted chain grabs; fully taped seams, which enhance waterproofing performance and retains body heat for long periods, and durable water-repellent coating that not only offers protection from stain, wind, and water but also creates a barrier against the cold.

The pants also have zippered cuffs that offer quick and easy access to gaiters. Talking of gaiters; theirs are adjustable to keep the snow at bay as well as to enhance waterproofing performance. These pants come in 4 different colors and are affordably priced for maximum satisfaction.

10. Arctix Men’s Mountain Premium Snowboard Pants

Arctix is a brand you can trust – and we’ll tell you why. Established to produce protective winter wear for all age groups, Arctix is dedicated, committed, and all it wants to see are happy users of its cargo pants. With all that said, expect these men’s mountain snowboard pants to be a great purchase.

It features a 100-percent nylon shell that, in turn, boasts W/R + W/P 5000-millimeter ThermaLock Breathable Coating for unmatched durability. Although these snowboard cargo pants are not insulated, they have a mesh-lined interior and a Durable Water Repellent finish that repels water from the surface of the pants.

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Besides, these snowboarding pants for mens and womens have zippered hand warmer style pockets that will keep your hands warm, making sure the cold is not bothersome while you are enjoying a winter activity.

Other features include lace hooks to prevent the pants from riding up; belt loops to help ensure a proper fit, and a zippered fly to help improve performance. The pants are much easier to care for, considering that they are machine washable.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Snowboarding Pants for Men & Women

The following factors will further provide you with more details on what to choose.


Snowboard pants for men, women, and even kids come in many different types. However, the most common types are insulated snowboard pants and shell snowboard pants. Insulated snowboard pants are great for those with low cold-weather tolerance while shell snowboard pants are perfect for those who tend to get hot easily. Ideally, a shell snowboard pant may be a great purchase if you are looking for a good layering.

Waterproof Rating

Water in your snowboard pants, while you are enjoying your time in cold weather, is not a situation to make you happy. Therefore, if possible, you should choose a snowboard pant for men & women with the highest waterproof rating. Such pants are able to take a lot of abuse before allowing water to get in. It is important to note that for a snowboard pant to be legally considered waterproof, it must have a rating of 1500mm.


You have definitely noted that the above snowboard pants have different features. However, some features are crucial and should not miss from your pants. These include boot gaiters that help lock out snow; articulated knees that help provide an unrestricted range of motion; scuff guards that prevent the pants from fraying in an area prone to friction, and waist adjustment that promotes comfort as well as allowing you to wear many layers with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what temperature range will snowboard pants for men & women keep you warm?

Although this varies, most snowboard pants, like those manufactured by Arctix, will keep you warm at temperatures ranging from -25 to +35 degrees.

Which snowboard pants are the most comfortable?

The Clothing Men’s Snow Pant Fleece Lined Ski/Winter Pants are fleece-lined, meaning they give a soft feel when they rub against the skin. It is, therefore, safe to say that they are among the most comfortable pants for snowboarding.

How do you determine the waterproof rating of snowboard pants?

The waterproof rating of snowboard pants is indicated and measured in mm (millimeters). To determine the waterproofing performance of your snowboard pants, simply fill a tube with the fabric the pants are made of. After that, fill the tube with water. The level at which the water starts to penetrate through the fabric is the waterproof rating.


Snowboard pants for men & women are a must-have for snowboarders. However, knowing which pair of pants is the best and which one is not can be daunting. That’s why you are required to do your homework well before spending money on any snowboard pants. In this article, we have talked about everything you need to know about snowboard pants. So, good luck finding one!

Best Sellers: Best Snowboarding Pants For Men & Women

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