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Top 10 Best Snake Proof Boots in 2021 Reviews

Hunters, trekkers, hikers, and adventurers cannot just ignore the freshness of an outdoor environment. And this is where the best snake proof boots come into play. Nature is so unpredictable that it can lure you to beautiful yet snake-infested places. For this reason, you must make sure that your boots are fang-proof.

Designed with snake-protection guards, snake proof boots will keep you fully safe as you roam and interact with the outdoor environment. With them, you will not be limited to places to visit. So, go ahead and choose yours from the reviews we have written below.

Lists of​​ the Best Snake Proof Boots Reviews

1. LaCrosse Men’s Adder 18” Snake Boot

Start the year on a high by getting this snake proof boot. It is made of 100-percent leather, and this means it is built to last. Its durability is further extended to the synthetic sole. Its shaft measures around 17 inches from arch, while its heel measures around a couple of inches.

The upper part is made of 1000 Denier nylon for unrivaled durability. The toe cap is also very durable, considering that it is abrasion resistant. Besides, this boot provides total protection with its 360-degree Snake Guard. It is scent-free and comes equipped with a waterproof Scent Dry lining.

This means it is comfortable enough for long hours of use. The large pull loops make it very easy to put on and take off. Plus there is a back gusset for a secure, adjustable fit. The boot comes in a wide array of sizes for easy buying.

2. Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Hunting Boot – Side-Zip


Like the first boot that got the number one slot in these reviews, the Danner Snake Proof Boot is made out of 100-percent leather. As such, expect it to easily overcome any harsh outdoor condition. Its shaft measures around 15.5 inches from arch, and its heel measures around 1.25 inches.

The boot’s platform, on the other hand, is around 0.5 of an inch. Danner has also included 1000 Denier nylon in the construction of this hunting boot. The 1000D nylon has been used to make the upper of the boot, so it can be as durable as other parts. Moreover, the boot is fully waterproof to allow you to walk in wet environments with confidence.

Plus it is made with comfort in mind, as justified by the breathable, GORE-TEX liners. Another important feature Danner has included is their special hardware that will let you tighten the hunting boot from toe to top with just one swift tug.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Rocky Men's Lynx Snake Boot-M, Mobu, 11 M US
Rocky Men's Lynx Snake Boot-M, Mobu, 11 M US
Lace-up hunting boot featuring D-ring hardware and cushioned footbed; Reinforced toe and heel cap
Bestseller No. 3
Rocky Men's RKS0232 Knee High Boot, Mossy Oak...
Rocky Men's RKS0232 Knee High Boot, Mossy Oak...
Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof Construction; EVA/ Rubber Outsole; EVA Footbed; Inside Side Zipper
Bestseller No. 4
Dryshod Mens Viperstop Snake Hunting Wide Calf...
Dryshod Mens Viperstop Snake Hunting Wide Calf...
Snake-protection and adjustable gusset provide all day comfort while hunting.; Hand-laid penetration-resistant rubber from top to bottom

3. Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot-M


This snake proof boot can keep you warm up to -20 degrees. It is a product of Lacrosse, and this means it will not disappoint when needed to perform. It boasts hand-laid rubber that is over insulating neoprene, water-repellent Alpha construction. For this reason, it will keep you dry and comfortable through and through.

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Talking of comfort, this snake boot is equipped with 4 layers of underfoot support and cushioning, so you can walk in them for long hours without feeling foot fatigue. The 360-degree snake guard provides maximum protection to give you peace of mind that you are well protected even from the most dangerous viper snakes.

The boot also features a shin guard to provide you with added protection. It grips even the trickiest surfaces well; thanks to its 4X burly outsole. What’s more, its fit can be adjusted, and this is because of the adjustable back gusset and strap.

4. LaCrosse Men’s APG HD Snake Boot

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It is no coincidence that LaCrosse has dominated this coveted list. Well, the manufacturer understands that customer is everything and to make them happy, you must meet their demands. That being said, they are dedicated to producing top-notch snake proof boots like the men’s APG HD snake boot.

They have equipped the boot with a 360-degree Snake Guard to offer flexible snake bite protection. They have also included a removable polyurethane footbed to provide you with the much-needed convenience. Ideally, this snake boot is super easy to take on and off.

And this is because of the side zip. Another feature that makes this boot a high performer is the Dry-Core, which lines it, thereby, creating a waterproof and scent-free barrier. The boot is made of 100-percent leather for long-lasting performance. And its shaft measures around 18 inches from arch.

5. Muck Pursuit Men’s Rubber Snake Boot

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The driving force behind Muck Boot’s success is the urge to produce high performance and the most comfortable footwear on the market. That’s why it is no surprise that one of their footwear sets has made it to these highly competitive reviews.

The snake boot has been puncture-tested (with interior-inflated balloons) against, at least, twelve Diamondback Rattlesnake bites. For this reason, it makes a great purchase for hunters walking in snake-infested environments. In addition to offering maximum protection against snake bites, this boot is comfortable to wear. And this is because of the anti-microbial XpressCool liner that works with the Sockliner to help keep your feet cool as well as dry.

The lightweight EVA midsole combines with a lightweight yet tough rubber outsole to make the boot perfect for summer and spring hunts. The comfort rating of this boot ranges from 4 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit) to 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).

6. Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Hunting Boot

What really caught our attention in this snake proof boot is the price. Yes, it is one of the most affordable snake-proof boots you have ever come across. We also like the manufacturer, considering that it is professional and reputable. The boot is not just ideal for hunters but also it makes a great purchase for hikers.

This is because it offers excellent protection against snakebites. Besides, the boot has such materials as Polartec, Thinsulate, and Gore-Tex. These materials offer great insulation as well as unmatched waterproofing performance. Its heel measures around 1.5 inches, and its shaft is approximately 15 inches from arch.

The leather fabric included in the construction ensures peerless durability. Plus there is a synthetic sole that also improves the durability of the snake boot. The numerous size options mean you will not have a problem settling for a suitable size.

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7. Muck Boot Woody Blaze Men’s Rubber Snake Boot

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With this snake proof boot from Muck Boot, you will focus more on hunting and less on your safety. This is because it is designed for those hunters who walk in snake habitats. As such, it has been balloon-tested against strikes from rattlesnakes.

It has a 100-percent water-repellent full rubber exterior to help keep your foot dry and comfortable in wet weather. It also features 4mm internal neoprene for maximum comfort and flexibility. In addition, Muck Boot has equipped it with heat retention and shock absorption properties to ensure that you do not suffer from blisters or chafing.

The boot is easy to put on and take off because of the rear pull loop. Its heel measures around 0.5 of an inch, and its shaft is around 14 inches from arch.

8. Guide Gear Men’s Pursuit II 16” Side-Zip Snake Boots

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This is one pair of snake proof boots, which shows that you do not need to dig deep into your pocket to get a quality product. Although they work great, the boots are affordably priced. They have a rubber sole that makes them comfortable to walk in as well as improving their durability.

Their aggressive rubber outsole provides terrain-grabbing traction to help you walk confidently knowing that you will not slip and injure yourself. The boots also have a gusseted tongue, which locks out water and debris, so you can focus more on hunting and less on your comfort.

Their snake guard fabric delivers reliable protection to let you hunt successfully even in places with very aggressive snakes. The uppers of these boots are made of durable leather and nylon to make the exterior incredibly tough without compromising the weight.

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9. Chippewa Men’s 18” 25115 Snake Boot

We do not think you can ever get it wrong with a product from a company that has been around since 1901. We are talking about Chippewa Boot Company. It produces the highest quality footwear for those who want nothing but the best in rugged outdoor footwear.

Well, this men’s 18-inch snake boot is one of Chippewa’s products, and it works as expected. It has a 4-iron rubber midsole that combines with the steel shank to provide the wearer with optimum support. It also has the Vibram Robinson Gumlite outsole, which maintains secure traction.

The boot not only provides indomitable protection against snakebites but also offers rugged reliability. It is the perfect boot to have if you work in an outdoor environment full of venomous snakes. Its adjustable circumference means the boot will fit you perfectly and securely.

10. Thorogood Men’s Snake Bite 17” Hunting Boot

This is one snake proof boot you will walk in throughout the day without having a wet foot. This is because it is made of a waterproof and breathable membrane to keep your foot not just dry but also very comfortable.

It is equipped with the Z-Trac rubber outsole, which is slip resistant and has a gripping pad as well as a rugged lug to provide unmatched traction. It also features an EVA/polyurethane cushion midsole to help absorb the shock of each of your steps. As such, you will be able to hunt all day long without fatigue.

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What’s more, this hunting boot has a removable dual-density polyurethane footbed that will cradle your foot in comfort. It will look good longer because of its 3M Scotchgard Protection. Its shaft measures around 17.75 inches from arch, and its opening is approximately 18 inches around.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Snake Proof Boots

The following factors are worth considering prior to choosing a pair of snake-proof boots.


Snake-proof boots are designed differently to fit the varying preferences of customers as well as to suit different outdoor conditions. With that said, some snake-proof boots have a striking military look while others are low profile. Also, there are others that are waterproof; hence, great for wetlands, as well as some that are heat-resistant to cope well with hot, arid climates. So, before you buy a pair, make sure that its design will suit your needs.

Snake-Guard Protection Feature

You are buying these boots because they will protect you from venomous snakes. For this reason, it is recommended that you pay enough attention to the snake-guard protection feature. This means the boots you go for should provide 360-degree protection against snakebites.


As much as you are looking for a snake-proof boot, do not focus so much on the snake-guard protection feature that you forget the comfort. If anything, comfort determines how long you will wear the boot. In other words, a boot that is uncomfortable cannot be worn for long hours, and this means you will have to cut short your outdoor adventure. Therefore, ensure that the boot you are set to buy fits well and has several features that improve comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can steel-toe Timberland work boots protect against snakebites?

Yes. However, they only protect the toes from being bitten, and not the larger area of the foot/leg. That said, stick to snake-proof boots for proper safety.

Why are snake proof boots pricey?

Snake-proof boots are no ordinary boots. They have features that protect against snakebites. They are also very comfortable, super durable, and versatile.

Can I find snake proof boots that will not surpass my budget?

Of course, you can. Best of all, you do not need to visit another page to find one. That’s because the snake-proof boots listed here are all within an affordable range.


Although most of us find hunting a great idea, the thought of doing it in a place full of aggressive snakes is very daunting. That’s why the introduction of snake-proof boots is a stunning idea. These well-thought-out pieces of footwear will protect you from snakebites. Therefore, if you are a hunting enthusiast or adventurer, be keen to get one from the above reviews.

Best Sellers: Best Snake Proof Boots

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