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Top 10 Best Sks Scope Mounts in 2021 Reviews

The best SKS scope mounts should be light in weight so as not to add unnecessary weight to your rifle. It should also be durable to stand up to various abuses and offer reliable performance. Besides, the best quality SKS scope mount should be free of movement and slop once installed.

The fact that it won’t move or slop means it will not inconvenience you in any way. Well, SKS rifles come without the traditional scope mounts. And this means you will have to use a scope mount from another brand. With that said, take a look at the reviews, buyer’s guide, and FAQs we have written below.

Our Top Pick
BARSKA SKS Mount with Integrated Rail
Best For Value
Sun Optics USA Tactical Military SKS Scope Mount
BARSKA SKS Mount with Integrated Rail
Sun Optics USA Tactical Military SKS Scope Mount
Our Top Pick
BARSKA SKS Mount with Integrated Rail
BARSKA SKS Mount with Integrated Rail
Best For Value
Sun Optics USA Tactical Military SKS Scope Mount
Sun Optics USA Tactical Military SKS Scope Mount

List of​​ the Best Sks Scope Mounts Reviews

1. UTG PRO SKS Cover Mount – w/22 Slots

No products found.

Proudly engineered and made in the United States, the UTG PRO SKS Cover Mount is the real deal. It is well designed to meet the most demanding requirements and make sure you are satisfied with it. Its base is incredibly sturdy and will stand the test of time.

This is because it is constructed with long-lasting steel for superior durability. The solid construction is extended to the top rail featuring integral shell deflector, which is made of aircraft aluminum that has matte black anodizing. The 22-slot Picatinny rail of this unit allows for flexible optics applications.

This means you will be able to use the SKS cover mount from compact/small to full size. Another feature you must know about this cover mount is the well-thought-out shell deflector design that has countless ventilation to protect you and the optics. Furthermore, the unit boasts a see-thru tunnel, which is in the top rail and is for use with iron sights. It is thoroughly tested and approved by field experts.

2. Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount

Some SKS scope mounts are pretty hard to install. But we are relieved to tell you that the Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount is not one of them. It comes with a mounting template and in-depth instructions to ensure proper and easy installation. Ideally, this scope mount is designed with convenience in mind.

It has optional plates that will let you use holes from previously installed scope mounts. It also has a unique design that further promotes convenience by allowing optics to be effortlessly removed. The black mil-spec 8625 hardcoat anodized aluminum alloy is incredibly sturdy and at the same time very light in weight.

If you want to enjoy a stable and accurate assembly, this unit is for you. It boasts two models that include Type B (short-rail) for stripper clips and Type A (long-rail) for covering ejection port. Based on the ratings and what customers are saying, it is evident that the unit is top-notch. That being said, we are confident it will meet your needs.

3. TufForce 3SK 13R SKS Scope Mount

Out of the products we have reviewed so far, the price of the TufForce 3SK 13R SKS Scope Mount is the cheapest. This means if you are on a budget and looking for a premium Sks scope mount, this unit should be a frontier for you. Ideally, like other scope mounts in these reviews, the 3SK 13R scope mount is built to hold up well to constant use and recoil effect.

The rail is constructed with aluminum 6061-T6 to make sure its sturdiness is second to none. Besides, the receiver cover is made of steel and has undergone CNC machining for ultimate durability. Well, it is because of such solid construction that makes this scope mount a great purchase for shooters. It has 3 length detachable rails that make it convenient to use. Plus it boasts hard coating finish to enable it to stand up to anything it is thrown at.

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4. SKS See-Thru Scope Mount

If you thought that the TufForce 3SK 13R SKS Scope Mount is the cheapest, then you have ever never heard of the SKS See-Thru Scope Mount. The price of this unit is no doubt unbeatable. As such, if you are on a tight budget or simply do not want to break the bank in the name of buying an SKS scope mount, this is the gadget for you. Despite its unbelievably low price point, the SKS scope mount is a top performing tool that will come in handy for various applications.

The best part is that it does not require drilling, tapping or any gunsmith work. Instead, all you need to do after buying it is to remove the present receiver cover and then replace it with the mount. It is important to note that minor fitting may be required. Moreover, this SKS scope mount comes with a set of 1-inch rings for ultimate convenience.

5. BARSKA SKS Mount with Integrated Rail

The price of this SKS mount is also fair, making it a perfect purchase for anyone. Another thing that will thrill you
about this SKS mount is the fact that it comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty provides protection against defects in workmanship and materials.

Well, this will give you peace of mind knowing that the SKS scope mount is fully backed by the manufacturer. The mount is made of aluminum, which is known for maximum sturdiness. Moreover, the aluminum has a black matte finish for improved visual appearance and durability.

The SKS mount is compatible with SKS rifles and it is extremely easy to install. That being said, you will not need to drill or tap anything. Instead, all you need to do is to replace the rear receiver cover. The rail type is Picatinny/weaver, and it measures 3.4 inches long.

6. Brass Stacker SKS Scout Scope Mount (Non-Norinco)

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Another stunning product that deserves a shout-out in these reviews is the Brass Stacker SKS Scout Scope Mount. It is like any other quality SKS scope mount in the sense that it boasts rigid all-steel construction. Well, such a solid construction helps improve performance and, of course, durability.

Besides, this unit comes with a cross bolt nut spanner wrench that helps improve convenience. It comes loosely preassembled to ensure that you are able to use it after just a short while. It is made in America, and it is backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Additionally, the SKS scope mount has a well-thought-out “anchor point” design that offers unrivaled mount stability.

About its price; the SKS scope mount is not the cheapest in these reviews and, of course, on the market. But in our opinion, this should not be bothersome, given that it is worth it. The see-thru design allows for endless use of fixed iron sights. Ideally, you will not need permanent modification of firearm if you have this SKS scope mount.

7. UTG Leapers Super Slim 20 MOA Elevated Picatinny Mount

UTG has proven that it can provide its customers with top-notch products. That’s why we are pleased to include this elevated Picatinny mount in these reviews. It has 13 slots that accommodate a wide range of different optics, thereby, taking convenience to a completely new level.

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Besides, the scope mount boasts an ultra-slim design that will not get it in the way, and this further promotes convenience. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, meaning it is sturdy enough to provide reliable performance. It also features a matte black anodize plus it is aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, the mount weighs just 2.72 ounces. Having said that, expect zero inconveniences as a result of the mount being heavy. Its rail is Picatinny, and it measures 5-1/2 inches long by 1.10 inches wide by 0.55 inches high. It is reasonably priced, and it works great. We, therefore, believe that you will find it useful for what it is designed to do.

8. SUN Optics USA SKS Scope Mount

The price of the SUN Optics USA Scope Mount is reasonable. For this reason, if you are one of those people skeptical about gadgets that are cheaply priced, this unit is for you. It is also great for those who do not want to pay through the nose for an SKS scope mount.

The unit weighs just 0.5lb, meaning it is extremely easy to handle. Well, its lightweight construction is as a result of the aircraft aluminum used to make it. The aircraft aluminum is also very sturdy, and this will give you confidence in using the scope mount knowing that it is built to last.

The adjustable lockdown system of the scope mount greatly improves performance. The scope mount is made in China and has what it takes to meet your expectations.

9. Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount

Magwedge has equipped this scope mount with certain features to ensure that it meets your expectations. It is a high-performance tool with a low price point for 100-percent user satisfaction. Its rear bracket mount has been extended forward to add stiffness to the rail.

What’s more, the rear pin can be removed to enable this scope mount to pivot up and out of the way for effortless cleaning and maintenance. The scope mount also features a groove, which is for use as an emergency back-up iron sight.

It is constructed with die-cast aluminum and finished with a business-like matte anodize to make sure it is one of the sturdiest scope mounts you have ever come across. All new hardware comes with this unit so you can enjoy a great user experience.

10. UTG Super Slim Picatinny Riser Mount

All the features of this SKS scope mount work well to enable this unit to deliver peerless performance. These features include scalloped Picatinny slots that allow for snag-free accessory mount. Also, the riser mount boasts a continuous rail edge design that will let you install several riser mounts side by side to create one continuous Picatinny rail. The riser mount is constructed with aircraft aluminum to give it the much-needed lightweight performance without compromising the durability.

In addition, it is finished in a matte black anodize to further improve durability. Its dimensions are 5-1/2” by 1.10” by 1”, meaning its size is simply great for what it is designed to do. The riser mount boasts 13 Picatinny slots that accommodate a wide range of different optics. It has Picatinny/weaver rail, and it weighs 2.83 ounces. This is definitely not the lightest, but again, it is not too heavy.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best SKS Scope Mount

Our buyer’s guide talks about the following factors to help you narrow down your options and settle for what’s right.

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A scope mount that cannot withstand the recoil effect is as good as useless. Therefore, it is recommended that when you are buying a scope mount, you look for a brand built to last. These brands are always constructed with solid materials such as a steel or aluminum alloy. Moreover, they tend to have an anodized finish to improve thickness of the oxide layer.


You should not choose a scope mount that is too heavy. This is because such scope mounts are likely to make it difficult to adjust in case you need to. Choosing a lightweight scope mount will not just make your rifle much easier to handle but also it will prevent it from toppling.


A scope mount with a tight fit is highly recommended. This is because it will attach with your rifle securely, thereby, eliminating any potential inconveniences. Besides, such scope mounts for SKS rifles will not move around. This means they will maintain the stability of your rifle. And by maintaining the stability, they will improve the accuracy and consistency of your shots.


You should also be keen enough to choose an SKS scope mount that aligns properly with your firearm. Well, a properly-aligned scope mount is capable of repeatedly absorbing the shock created by recoil. Additionally, such a scope mount will let you quickly and easily sight in your riflescope in order to aim much better with unrivaled accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SKS scope mount is the lightweight?

At just 2.72 ounces, it is evident that the UTG Leapers Super Slim 20 MOA Elevated Picatinny Mount is the lightest in its class.

Which SKS scope mount is the most durable?

Since all the SKS scope mounts on this list are either made of aluminum or steel alloy, we are pleased to note that they are all durable.

Which SKS scope mount is the easiest to install?

There are two SKS scope mounts that are extremely easy to install. They include the SKS See-Thru Scope Mount and the BARSKA SKS Mount with Integrated Rail. These mounts for SKS rifles do not require drilling, tapping or gunsmith work.

Which SKS scope mount comes with a warranty?

The Brass Stacker SKS Scout Scope Mount (Non-Norinco) is backed by a 1-year warranty to give buyers peace of mind during purchase.


SKS scope mounts are designed to improve accuracy and promote convenience. In the reviews above, we have talked about the best brands. They are durable, lightweight, and easy to install. As such, these mounts will no doubt meet or exceed your expectations. So, waste no more time and get one right now.

Best Sellers: Best Sks Scope Mounts

Bestseller No. 1
Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount KwikRail Gen 2.5
Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount KwikRail Gen 2.5
Standard 1911 picatinny rail dimensions
Bestseller No. 2
BadAce SKS Low-Profile No Drill red dot Mount with...
BadAce SKS Low-Profile No Drill red dot Mount with...
No drilling, no modification to your SKS. Easy installation in 20 minutes.; NOTE: will NOT fit any other rifles other than the SKS
Bestseller No. 3
TPO SKS See Through High Profile Tactical Scope...
TPO SKS See Through High Profile Tactical Scope...
See Through Feature Allows You To Use The Original Iron Sights; Easy installation.; Includes A Pair Of 1" Tactical Machined Aluminum Scope Rings
Bestseller No. 4
Calicob Picatinny SKS Scope Mount Rail Site
Calicob Picatinny SKS Scope Mount Rail Site
Low profile Tactical or Red dot scope mount; Fits common Soviet designed Platforms; Hardcoat Anodized 6061 aircraft aluminum
Bestseller No. 5

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