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Top 10 Best Sandless Beach Mats in 2021 Reviews

The best sandless beach mats will make your work really easier at the beach. When sand gets on their surface, all you need to do is to shake it off. These mats let off sand easily plus they prevent it from coming back. By so doing, these mats will let you lie on a comfortable and super soft place for a memorable moment at the beach.

Ideally, caring for these mats is fairly easy given that they are machine washable and boast quick-drying properties. They are worth spending money on if you like going to the beach. So, without further ado, check out the following reviews for the best deals.

Our Top Pick
Seaview 180° Sand Free Oversized Beach Blanket....
Best For Value
KeShi Sand Free Beach Blanket, Extra Large...
Best expensive
CGear - The Original Durable Sand-Free,...
Seaview 180° Sand Free Oversized Beach Blanket....
KeShi Sand Free Beach Blanket, Extra Large...
CGear - The Original Durable Sand-Free,...
Our Top Pick
Seaview 180° Sand Free Oversized Beach Blanket....
Seaview 180° Sand Free Oversized Beach Blanket....
Best For Value
KeShi Sand Free Beach Blanket, Extra Large...
KeShi Sand Free Beach Blanket, Extra Large...
Best expensive
CGear - The Original Durable Sand-Free,...
CGear - The Original Durable Sand-Free,...

View the Best Sandless Beach Mats Reviews

1. Live Infinitely Sand Free Beach Blanket

The sand at the beach is only good when it’s needed. This means it can really frustrate you if you don’t need it. That’s why if you are a frequent beachgoer, the Live Infinitely Sand Free Beach Blanket is a must-have. It is made of extremely strong material in the ripstop nylon.

Well, ripstop nylon has lots of amazing properties. Some of these are breathability, durability, ultra-softness, and quick-drying properties. The sand-free beach blanket will provide you with a sandless day at the beach. Sand does not stick on it. Instead, it brushes right off to provide you with a nice, comfortable place to relax in.

Besides, this beach mat is enormous and can accommodate up to 7 full-grown adults; thanks to the 90 sq. ft (9’ x 10’) seating area. The best part is the enormous size does not make it less portable in any way. It folds effortlessly and is easy to fit into the included 4” x 8” pouch. The beach mat is backed by a 1-year unlimited warranty for peace of mind.

2. CGEAR The Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat

Serious outdoor adventurers should consider the CGEAR Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat. It is a mat in high-demand because of the performance it delivers every time it is used. It has a high-density weave that allows sand, dust, and dirt to fall through the fabric without coming back up. By so doing, the camping mat will provide you with a nice, comfortable place to lie on and enjoy your time outdoors.

This camping mat was originally designed for military use. Needless to say, expect its durability to be second to none. It is durable enough to keep water, mold, and the dangerous UV rays at bay. The mat also features double-reinforced heavy-duty corner D rings that help keep it in place.

The D rings for staking down the mat comes in handy when you want to set up this mat in extreme conditions. What’s more, this mat is available in several sizes to choose from. These include small for 3 persons, medium for 6 persons, large for 10 persons, and x-large for 14 persons.

3. Roebury Sand Proof Beach Blanket & Outdoor Picnic Blanket

We are impressed with the thoughtful material the Roebury Sand Proof Beach Blanket & Outdoor Picnic Blanket is made of. The inner lining quickly and effortlessly wipes clean off stains or dirt and is machine washable to ensure worry-free cleaning.

Additionally, this sand-proof & outdoor picnic blanket has durable water-resistant backing and padding. As such, you can use it on the sand, grass, and other outdoor surfaces. The picnic blanket is made of baby & kid-friendly materials, which do not contain phthalates, BPA or any kind of chemicals. Moreover, the material has a smooth and soft surface, making this mat great for both indoor and outdoor use.

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The included compact zippered tote provides a convenient place to the mat once you are done using it. The tote has a pocket as well as a shoulder carrying strap to allow for easy transport. Whether you want to attend an outdoor concert, stadium event or music festival, this mat is the best bet. You can also use it as a dog seat cover or as a play mat for indoor activities.

4. WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket

The WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket will provide you with a stunning way to relax, explore, and look more stylish than ever before. It is unlike your ordinary beach blanket that tends to let sand stick on its surface. That being said, all you need to do when you have it is to effortlessly brush off all the sand and you have a nice place to relax in.

It measures 9’ by 10’, meaning it is oversized and capable of accommodating you and your entire family. Besides, this beach mat is very portable since it collapses to just 4” by 8” and weighs 16 ounces only. Its portability is further improved by the included sack that makes it easy to store and to carry around. Another thing to say about this beach blanket is that it is built to last.

It is made of durable, strong and breathable 100-percent parachute nylon that will last for years. It will not be carried away by the wind; thanks to the 4 incorporated pockets. Additionally, the mat comes with a risk-free purchase so you can invest in it with confidence.

5. WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket

Sand will not stick to this blanket. And this means all you need to do when you are done using it is to shake it off and voila! No sand on your beach mat. It is a well-designed sandless beach mat that will make your life very convenient by sparing you the hassle of having to remove sand after each moment at the beach. Furthermore, this beach blanket is made to withstand extreme conditions.

It is made of lightweight, breathable, durable and strong 100-percent parachute nylon. The blanket also has a nice size (63 sq. ft.) which is capable of accommodating the entire family. The included stuff sack offers an excellent place to keep this blanket when it’s not in use. Ideally, the sack has compression straps that make it compact and super portable.

When compressed, the pouch measures just 6” by 7”, which is great, considering that all your beach gear will fit in without any problem. The manufacturer provides 4 sand anchor pockets to weigh this beach mat down and keep it intact even during windy periods.

6. CampMe SandProof Waterproof Large Beach Blanket

CampMe has designed this beach blanket with new technology. The technology combines both waterproof performance and sand-proof capabilities into one beach blanket. Well, it is a unique technology that helps make the blanket extremely easy to care for as well as providing you with a clean soft area to lie down comfortably.

The beach blanket is designed with high-quality materials, which are very durable and at the same time super soft. It comes with everything including 4 strong metal stakes, strong carabiner, and a compact bag. All these accessories make the large beach blanket very convenient to use. What’s more, the beach blanket comes nicely folded in the aforementioned compact 8.5 by 6-inch carrying bag.

As such, you can take it easily everywhere. The beach blanket also comes with a lifetime warranty to protect against the unfortunate. The color of this sandless mat for the beach is blue and grey. It is unique and will make you look more stylish. The mat measures 79 by 86 inches, making it perfect for the entire family.

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7. Forbidden Road Sand Free Large Beach Blanket

When folded out, the Forbidden Road Sand Free Large Beach Blanket measures 145 by 200 cm (57” x 78.5”). And when it is folded down, it measures 19 by 25 cm (7.5” x 10”). The large beach blanket is made of acrylic fiber, which is of excellent quality.

The fiber is highly waterproof and sandproof. Needless to say, you will have a much easier time than expected handling and caring for this beach blanket. The fabric is also durable, which is really great, given that this is one of the cheapest large beach blankets in the market.

Well, given the durability of the material, this beach mat is not just perfect for the beach but also it is ideal for camping, hiking, travel, backpacking, picnic, and outdoor games, among others. If you are on a budget but wants to make your beach moments more exciting, this beach mat is worth considering. It is portable, versatile, and very affordable to ensure 100-percent satisfaction.

8. Thermalabs Pocket Size Beach Blanket

Most people are reluctant to buy beach mats because they are always oversized and, therefore, very heavy to carry from place to place. The Thermalabs Pocket Size Beach Blanket is, however, safe to spend money on because it folds compactly and is so lightweight that you will not feel it on your back.

This means it is the perfect beach blanket for picnic, hiking, and camping at the beach. It folds up to near pocket size and takes up almost no room in a shoulder bag, backpack or car trunk. The beach blanket is resistant to sand; hence, it will provide you with a seriously good place to relax in. The material used to make this beach mat is high-quality polyester.

It is rugged and, therefore, enables the beach mat to stand up well to the adverse outdoor elements. Additionally, this sandless beach mat comes with 4 pins to eliminate the frustration of coming from the beach and finding your mat blown away by the wind. It is a well-sized blanket, which measures 55 by 70, meaning it will provide you with enough space to relax in with the entire family.

9. KUYOU Sand Proof Extra Large Beach Blanket – 82”79”

Imagine a really large beach blanket that allows the sand to slip through easily and prevent them from coming back. Amazing, right? Well, that beach blanket is none other than the KUYOU Sand-proof X-large beach blanket. It is very convenient to have at the beach, given that removing sand from it is a cakewalk.

Besides, this beach blanket features a layer in the middle. And this layer is waterproof, anti-tear, and ultra-soft. It is an important layer that will keep you clean and dry. It will also protect you from damp grass and, of course, the sand. The beach blanket measures 82 by 79 inches; hence, it can easily accommodate up to 7 people.

Moreover, it comes with 4 stake anchors that anchor it firmly in any position to prevent it from being blown away by the wind. The beach blanket is perfect for beaches, outdoor activities, hiking, fishing, parks, family trips, sports events, camping, and other occasions. Everyone loves relaxing at the beach and there is no better way to achieve that than to use this sandless beach mat.

10. KeShi Extra Large Sand Free Beach Blanket

Although this beach blanket is larger than competitors and works as advertised, its price point is incredibly low. It is made of strong, durable and breathable material that makes it super soft, resistant to heat, and quick drying. The material is also sand-free, meaning you will be able to remove sand that gets to this beach mat with much ease.

What’s more, this sand-proof beach mat comes with 4 sand pockets to help keep it in place even during windy days. It also comes with luminous screw stakes, which serve the same purpose as the aforesaid sand pockets. The versatile style of the sand-free beach mat makes it ideal for hiking, picnics, backpacking, camping, traveling, etc.

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The mat is backed by a 24-month warranty as well as reliable customer support, which is willing to assist even after the closure of the return window. It has a seating area of 90 sq. ft. and this enables it to accommodate up to 7 people. The best part is the mat easily folds to quickly fit in the included 4” x 8” pouch, which is compact and super lightweight for optimum portability.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Sandless Beach Mats

The following factors further ensure a sweat-free buying experience.


Sand Proof beach mats are able to keep sand at bay because of the material used to make them. Therefore, when buying a sand-free beach blanket, make sure the material it is made of will let off sand easily. It is also important to pick an item made of durable material for long-lasting performance. Ideally, the material should not sacrifice comfort for durability. As such, also make sure the fabric used to make your beach mat is breathable, soft, and comfortable.


Choose a sand-free beach mat depending on the number of individuals that will use it. This means if you have a large group of individuals set to use your beach mat, go for a larger beach blanket that will accommodate them all. However, there is no need to choose a larger beach mat if it will be used by only you or you and your partner.


You will have to carry your sandless beach blanket to the beach. Therefore, to avoid a lot of inconveniences during transportation, it is recommended that you pick a beach mat, which is very easy to store and transport. Such mats normally fold compactly, and they come with bags/pouches to fit them in. They are also lightweight so you can carry them comfortably without feeling any weight on your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which sandless beach mat is the most durable?

A durable sand proof beach blanket is one that is made with a sturdy material, which is anti-tear, waterproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and UV-resistant. Some of these materials are acrylic, polyester, and nylon.

Which sandless beach mat is the largest?

These are the Live Infinitely Sand Free Beach Blanket, WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket, and KeShi Extra Large Sand Free Beach Blanket. All of them measure 9’ x 10’ and can accommodate up to 7 people in one go.

Which sandless beach mat is the most portable?

This is the Thermalabs Pocket Size Beach Blanket. It is deemed the most portable because it folds down to near pocket size and takes up virtually no room. The compact folded size means you can effortlessly carry it in your backpack, shoulder bag or car trunk.


Sand-proof beach blankets are perfect for the beach, hiking, camping, outdoor games, travel, festivals, and more. They are versatile outdoor gear designed to make your life very convenient. They are resistant to sand, meaning cleaning them is a breeze. If you were looking for one, we hope you have found the article useful.

Best Sellers: Best Sandless Beach Mats

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