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Top 10 Best Portable Solar Chargers in 2021 Reviews

The best portable solar chargers have made life much easier than it was sometimes back. These gadgets mainly use the energy from the sun to recharge themselves.

Once they have achieved that, portable solar chargers can power devices such as tablets, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Android devices. They have built-in batteries that enable them to store power, which they pass to devices they are charging.

This means if you have them, then you will not need a wall outlet. With that being said, portable solar chargers are really handy for hiking, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

They can also be a lifesaver in the event that you are stranded in the middle of nowhere. We have narrowed down on the best brands in these reviews to give you a glimpse of what you should exactly go for.

Check out the Best Portable Solar Chargers in Reviews

1. dizauL 5000mAh Portable Solar Charger


You never know when and where your phone might go off because of insufficient power. That’s why we take this opportunity to introduce to you the dizauL 5000mAh Portable Solar Charger.

This device is made with eco-friendly silicone rubber as well as an ABS + PC material. Therefore, expect it to be one of the most durable portable solar chargers you have ever come across. Besides, it has a football grain design that features anti-skid protecting effect.

It is also water-resistant, and, therefore, it operates smoothly even when it is raining. Plus it will work even when it has just dropped or crashed because it has a shock-proof feature.

You can hang it on your backpack when you are hiking, camping or during those long flights or road trips; thanks to its free hook. The USB ports of this charger are protected using rubber caps, which ensure that they are not affected by the water.

2. X-DRAGON SunPower Solar Phone Charger


We are really impressed with the Exclusive SolarIQ Technology of this gadget. Well, the technology enables this portable solar charger to automatically adjust the voltage and current in order to achieve optimum power, thereby, producing its fastest possible current up to 1.8 amps per port (3 amps overall) under direct sunlight.

As opposed to most panels that boast just 15-percent efficiency, this solar phone charger boasts up to 22-percent to 25-percent efficiency.

Moreover, it delivers up to 20 watts of power, which enables it to charge iPad and cellphone simultaneously. Despite being incredibly powerful, this unit features a slim design, and it is very light. This means you can carry and use it anywhere.

It also features eyeholes that enable it to attach easily to a backpack, so it cannot be a bother while you are hiking or camping. The portable solar charger comes with an instruction manual, carabiner, and a micro USB cable.

3. Nekteck Solar Charger with 2-Port USB Charger – 21W


The number of devices that the Nekteck Portable Solar Charger can charge is innumerable. That’s why we have confidently slotted it into these reviews.

The unit can charge Nexus 6P/5X, iPhone 6/6s/SE/Plus, Galaxy S7/S6/Plus/Edge, iPad, and any USB device, among others. It is a highly efficient gadget that is made with a 21-watt Sunpower panel.

That being said, the conversion rate of this charger increases up to 21-percent to 24-percent, which is enough to charge a couple of devices at the same time.

This portable solar charger is equipped with Fast charging Technology, which enables each of its ports to intelligently identify the device you are charging, so it can seek to optimize its charging speed (up to 3.0A max overall or 2.0A max per port).

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This portable solar charger comes with a 12-month worry-free warranty, a user manual, and an 80cm Micro USB cable.

4. ADDTOP 25000mAh Portable Solar Charger


This 25000mAh solar charger offers large battery backup for use while you are far away from home. When fully charged, the solar charger can charge iPhone 6 around 10X, Samsung S6 around 7X, and iPad Air around 3X.

It features 4 foldable solar panels, meaning you can fold it quickly and carry it in your hands. Considering the huge number of solar panels, expect this unit to have more energy compared to a standard solar charger.

Additionally, this unit can charge two devices at the same time. And this is because of the dual USB output ports. The portable solar charger is equipped with an auto-stop function, meaning you will not experience cases of over-heating and over-charging.

It also has emergency LED lights that work perfectly in the dark, making it great for emergency events and trips. The gadget comes with a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a 12-month warranty.

5. BESWILL 15000mAh Solar Charger


It is the insanely large capacity of this portable solar charger that has convinced us to include it to these reviews. With a built-in 15000mAh battery, the solar charger can charge an iPhone 5 – 6 times.

With that said, it is the go-to product for charging most digital equipment. It is really handy for camping or outdoor activities where outlets might be scarce. It can provide power to two devices at the same time. And this is because of the two dual USB ports it is equipped with.

Those two ports include 2A USB port, which is great for charging tablets and iPads and 1A USB ports, which is for charging Android phones, iPhones, and other electronic devices.

The solar charger also has two added cool features that include a hook and a flashlight. Plus it can either be charged by putting it in direct sunlight or using the included micro USB cable.

6. RAVPower Solar Charger with 3 USB Ports


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This is arguably one of the most practical portable solar chargers you are yet to come across. It boasts the manufacturer’s 24-watt solar charging technology, which increases the charging efficiency by up to 21.5-percent to 23.5-percent.

Besides, all the 3 USB ports of this gadget have the iSmart technology that enables them to automatically detect and deliver the maximum charging current for connected devices up to 4.8A overall or 2.4A per port when used under direct sunlight.

Another technology that this charger has is the Smart IC frequency technology, which not only detects but also uniformly distributes output current to all 3 ports, thereby, making sure that each of your devices is evenly charged.

This unit is easy to carry, and this is because it is half the weight of charges in the same class. That being said, you will not have problems carrying it from place to place.

7. ALLSOLAR 24000mAh Portable Solar Charger


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One main reason why you should have this portable solar charger is that it can charge multiple devices. Well, these devices include iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge/S5/S4/S3, Note 8, 5, 4 and 3, LG G3/G4, Nexus, GoPro Camera, and HTC, among others.

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While charging your devices, this unit will make sure that no charging accident occurs. And this is because of the Inserted Intelligent Manages IC. Another feature that this portable solar charger has is the innovative 2 input, which includes iPhone lightning input and micro input.

What’s more, this solar charger has a compact solar panel that enables it to recharge under sunlight. This means the unit should be a frontier for you if you are looking for a portable solar charger for outdoor use. It is shock-resistant, water-resistant, and dust-proof to give you solid performance year in year out.

8. BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger


Every good thing you know about a portable solar charger is right here in this 28W solar charger from BigBlue. The charger is very easy to carry because of its compact size. That said, it measures 33.1-by-11.1-by-0.2 inches when opened and just 11.1-by-6.3-by-1.3 inches when folded.

The device is also lightweight; weighing only 20.6 ounces. For this reason, expect zero problems when you are carrying it on a camping, backpacking or hiking trip. The charger has two USB Charging Ports that have SmartIC Technology.

The technology enables each of these ports to supply the maximum charging efficiency up to 5V/2.4A max. This unit automatically adjusts current, and it even has an auto-restart function.

This means you will not need to connect again when the charger is passed under a shadow or during cloudy days. The BigBlue 28W Solar Charger comes with a user manual, 24-month warranty, and 50cm Micro USB cable.

9. RAVPower 25000mAh Portable Solar Charger


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Millions of people worldwide trust this portable solar charger. And that is because the solar charger has what it takes to provide them with an outdoor charging solution. It has USB-C, quick charge, and ismart charging ports that allow it to power up to 3 tablets or smartphones at once up to 5V/6.4a.

Ideally, this portable solar charger is built for outdoors. And this can be justified through its rugged construction, which is dust-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof. The unit also has an LED emergency light that works in three different modes (SOS, strong, and probe).

In addition, it has an integrated hanging ring that makes it extremely easy to attach to your backpack. Its dual inputs make recharging devices much faster, thereby, improving convenience.

The manufacturer has backed this solar charger with an 18 + 12-month warranty. The manufacturer also provides a user guide as well as a Micro USB charging cable.

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10. BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger with Digital Ammeter


The built-in Ammeter that comes with this portable solar charger is really useful. It shows the input current your phone has.

For example, if your phone has an input current of 1A, then the ammeter will show between 0.8A and 1A in theory. Moreover, this solar charger is equipped with built-in intelligence chip that enables the solar charger to detect your device in order to offer the fastest possible charge speed.

The gadget boasts solar panels that have high solar conversion efficiency by up to 21.5-percent to 23.5-percent. That being said, this solar charger is ideal for such outdoor activities as fishing, camping, climbing, and many more.

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There is an industrial-strength PET polymer fabric that not only protects the solar panel but also the devices you are charging from occasional rain and wet fog. The solar charger is backed by a 24-month warranty for worry-free buying.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Portable Solar Charger

Our buyer’s guide provides you with the following factors.

The Battery Capacity

The battery capacity determines how long you will be able to use your portable solar charger. Therefore, it is an important factor that should not be ignored. Well, when choosing a solar charger, make sure its battery capacity is large enough to provide you with endless charging experience.

Device Compatibility

It will really be unfortunate if you spend your hard-earned cash and energy on getting a portable solar charger only to realize that it is incompatible with your device. That said, ensure that the solar charger you plan to buy will work smoothly with your iPhone, tablet, iPod, iPad or smartphone.

Extra Features

Apart from ordinary features, it is advisable that you settle for a unit with extra features. Well, some of the features you can consider are LED light that provides illumination during emergency or nighttime trips and hooks that make the solar charger easy to attach to a backpack. You should also go for a solar charger with intelligent technologies. This is because the technologies prevent the chargers from over-charging not to mention making them (the chargers) extremely easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the final section, we have comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions.

What do I do when my portable solar charger gets wet?

While different companies have different ways of dealing with this, it is normally recommended that you take the charger to a dry environment and then leave it for around 2 days or so, so all the moisture can escape.

Can I replace the solar cells?

Solar cells cannot be replaced. However, they are durable enough to be used for ages.

Can portable solar chargers be recharged through electricity?

Yes. Most, if not all, portable solar chargers that can be recharged by putting them under direct sunlight or using a USB cable to charge via electricity.


Portable solar chargers are a lifesaver, especially for outdoorsmen. They take outdoor convenience to another level by allowing users to charge their devices. Since they are very many on the market, we have thought it best to come up with a list of the bestselling products. We have also talked about a buyer’s guide as well as important Frequently Asked Questions.

Best Sellers: Best Portable Solar Chargers

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