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Top 10 Best Portable Camping Showers in 2021 Reviews

The best portable camping showers can be amazingly difficult to find because of the innumerable brands on the market. That’s why we have come up with this piece. Well, the article talks about top quality portable camping showers that can hold a reasonable amount of water for a memorable bathing experience wherever you are.

Moreover, they are easy to use, given that all you need to do is to fill them with water and then expose them to direct sunlight, so they can make the water warm. Ideally, some portable camping showers we have listed here use batteries to further make them extremely easy to use.

Go ahead and read the article, because, at the end of it all, you shall have gotten the best quality portable camping shower.

Check out the Best Portable Camping Showers in Reviews

1. CARTMAN Portable Solar Camping Shower


Using this portable camping shower is fairly easy. This is because all you need to do is to fill it and then leave it in the sun until it is warm. Once it is warm, you can use it for showering at the campsite. It is also handy for washing off your dirty feet and hands.

It has a convenient carrying handle that doubles as a hanging handle to let you get the most out of it. Furthermore, it boasts a large capacity of 5 gallons, meaning it will supply you with plenty of water for maximum satisfaction.

The camping shower is 20 inches high by 16 inches wide and weighs just 14 ounces. Its on/off valve makes it extremely easy to use. What’s more, the camping shower is made of durable PVC for long-lasting performance. We believe that it should be one of your essentials if you are going on a camping trip.

2. Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower


Now you can give yourself a hot shower even when you are far away from home. And all you need to achieve that is this summer shower from Advanced Elements. It is great not just for those who want to stay clean during camping trips but also love the feel of showering outdoors.

It is made of an efficient 4-ply construction, which consists of an insulator panel, a water reservoir, a solar panel, and a reflector panel. The construction combines with the solar technology, which powers this summer shower, to enable the camping gear to generate warm water fast.

That being said, the summer shower is a must-have to turn those gloomy cool mornings into something exciting enough to look forward to. This camping essential has Velcro straps, which hold wash cloths and other small items. It is the perfect accessory for your next hiking, fishing, or camping trip.

3. Simple Shower Portable Camping Shower

Best Portable Camping Showers Review

Showering made simple – that’s what this portable camping shower is all about. It is a specially designed portable camping shower, which can be attached to just about one- or two-liter bottle in order to convert it into a shower. With it, you will be eliminating the need to deal with those bulky 20- or 40-pound solar showers.

Using it is remarkably simple, as all you need to do is to fill a plastic one- or two-liter bottle with warm water, or simply expose the bottle to sunlight, so it can heat up. Once you are done, attach the portable shower for quick and effortless on-the-go showering.

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The Simple Shower can also fit bladders and Platypus collapsible bottles. It only weighs 2 ounces; hence, it is great for backpacking, camping, washing utensils, cleaning pets, emergencies, kayaking, and hunting, among others. It is made in the USA from recycled materials.

4. Sea to Summit Pocket Shower


While you may be quick to point out that the price of this portable camping shower is a bit on the higher side, we are confident that it is worth it, and we can prove it. First, this is a very durable piece of camping gear made of a waterproof and wear-resistant fabric.

Second, it is super versatile, considering that you can also use it as a regular dry sack to carry clothes or sleeping bag. Additionally, it is built with camping in mind. And this can be justified by its compact and light design. The pocket shower zips into a pouch, which measures just 3 x 6 inches and weighs 4.25 ounces only.

Another feature, which convinces us that this camping shower is reasonably priced, is the simple and easy-to-use twist mechanism for turning on/off as well as for adjusting the flow of water.

5. Coghlan’s 5-Gal. Solar Camp Shower (9965)


Things have never been this perfect; thanks to the Coghlan’s 9965 Solar Camp Shower. It is loaded with several features that make it a great camping essential. It has a reinforced handle that works really well at making it easy to handle. It also has snap closure filler cap, which makes it super easy to fill.

And once the filling is over, the cap snaps in quickly and easily. The 5-gallon capacity ensures that you clean yourself up well and to your liking. There is also a spray nozzle & on/off hose clip to make your bathing experiences much easier and more fun.

The solar camp shower is made of heavy-duty and non-toxic PVC, which is strong enough to deliver solid performance. It comes with a cord for easy hanging, as well as available in two sizes, which are 1 and 4.

6. RinseKit Portable Outdoor Shower


If you want an innovative portable camping shower, then look no further than the RinseKit Portable Outdoor Shower. It is a multifunction camping essential that is not just useful during camping trips but also great for washing your pets, watering plants, and even for use as a dry sack for storing small items.

It generates a pressurized spray up to 3 minutes. With that said, expect this outdoor shower to give you the results you are looking for. It has a 2-gallon pressure chamber, which carries enough water for optimum satisfaction. Furthermore, its handle can be folded for one-handed carrying, and its lid is super easy to remove for ultimate convenience.

The outdoor shower also features a spray nozzle with up to 7 different settings. Its hose is 6 feet long for a convenient bathing experience. Considering how this camping shower is designed, you will have zero problems filling it with water.

7. Iron Hammer Portable Camping Shower


We are thrilled with the unique design of this electric portable camping shower. That’s why we regard it as one of the best. It comes equipped with a 4800mAh rechargeable battery that makes it super reliable and very convenient to use. Besides, this outdoor camping shower meets the FCC and RoHS requirements.

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Well, this will give you peace of mind knowing that it is a quality and safe product. Its intelligent design has two water flow stalls conversion button that makes it a perfect washing pressure. The portable camping shower is ideal for washing pets, washing cars, watering gardens, and indoor/outdoor showering.

It is compact and lightweight; thus, it can be effortless carried in your luggage, backpack or car trunk. In addition, the unit is easy to disassemble, charge, and clean. Its waterproof rating is IPX7, which is great. Ideally, it has a low battery indicator light that will alert you when the battery power is running low.

8. KingCamp Solar Shower 20 Litre/5 Gallon


Everything about this portable camping shower is great. First, it is from KingCamp, one of the manufacturers that produce premium quality camping gear. Second, it is versatile since it is great not just for camping but also emergencies. Furthermore, the portable camping shower is relatively easy to use.

That said, simply fill it with water and then lay it on a flat surface while exposing the back to direct sunlight. The water will get warm, making bathing outdoors unforgettable! This outdoor portable shower is made with a strong handle for reliable carrying and hanging.

This means you can hang it in your changing camping tent or tie it on a tree branch. It is very easy to fill and this is because of the large filling valve that features a twist-off cap. This camping gear has a 5.28-gallon capacity, which carries enough water for multiple showers.

9. Zodi Hot Tap Travel Shower


When you have the Zodi Hot Tap Travel Shower, then you will have hot showers anywhere, anytime. It measures 15 inches wide by 10 inches high by 10 inches deep. Plus its temperature can be adjusted up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, expect to have the best bathing experiences while you are far away from home.

Its 4-gallon capacity holds enough water for a 10-minute shower. This means you will be able to enjoy your bath. Still, on enjoying your bath, there is an 8-foot hose that comes with a showerhead. This unit can be attached to a 5-gallon propane tank or a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder.

Its 6-volt pump is very powerful and has debris screen, which enables it to deliver great water pressure. The entire system is compact for easy storage and transportation. This unit is great for hunting, emergencies, boating, and family camping.

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10. Camplux 10L Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Water Heater


This Camplux water heater comes with all the things you need to make sure that you are able to get the best out of them. It comes with a CSA-approved gas regulator as well as required adapters. Moreover, this tankless gas water heater is compact and very lightweight, so you can store and carry it with much ease.

Plus it is equipped with 11.5-percent energy-saving technology to give you peace of mind knowing that you will not part with a lot of cash to maintain it. The system delivers optimum power output of 68,000btu per hour. As such, you will get an endless supply of water wherever you are.

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Camplux has included anti-freezing protection and over-heating protection to make sure that your safety is not on the line. This unit also works great with Camplux 12V 1.6GPM water pump.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Portable Camping Shower

In this section, we have the following factors.


If you are this kind of a person who enjoys warm showers to the extent that you do not want it to end, consider a portable camping shower with a large capacity. Nevertheless, a large capacity does not mean you end up with a portable camping shower that is bulky and somewhat difficult to transport or store.


When buying a portable camping shower, make sure that it is very portable. With this in mind, consider a camping shower that is compact and has a lightweight design. Buying a portable camping shower does not; however, mean that you settle for a brand that is insanely small.


You will mostly use your portable camping shower outdoors. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for one made of long-lasting materials. That said, some of the materials you can consider are sturdy PVC and wear-resistant nylon fabrics. Ideally, the material you go for should be non-toxic for worry-free use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a camping shower?

Since most camping showers are durable plastic bags, all you need to do is to fill them with water and then place them in direct sunlight to heat up. Once the water is hot enough, hang your camping shower using the hanging handle for a great showering experience.

Can portable camping showers be used for other activities?

Yes. A number of portable camping showers are designed with versatility in mind. They are, therefore, great for other activities such as watering plants, washing pets, washing dirty hands and feet, among others.

Which company manufactures the best camping showers?

Several companies produce the best quality portable showers for camping. And they include CARTMAN, KingCamp, Zodi, RinseKit, and Sea to Summit, among others.


Having a portable camping shower is a good idea that any camping enthusiast should not overlook. For this reason, make sure that you read the above reviews, buyer’s guide, and FAQs, so you can end up with nothing but the best quality portable camping shower. Remember, the reviews only comprise of best-selling products on the market today to make buying experiences a breeze.

Best Sellers: Best Portable Camping Showers

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