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Top 10 Best Paddleboard Rack for Car in 2021 Reviews

The best way to transport your paddleboard is to use the best paddleboard rack for car. While fitting your paddleboard inside your car can do, it is not recommended, given that it limits space in the vehicle and can even damage the paddleboard.

Well, paddleboard racks for car mount steadily on the rooftop of the car to securely carry your paddleboard from your home to the beach. Moreover, they have pads to protect paddleboards from scuffs and scratches.

They improve convenience; hence, are a must-have for anyone who carries their paddleboard to water on a regular basis. Having said that, check out the ones we are giving thumbs up in this article.

Check out the Best Paddle board Rack for Car Reviews

1. Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier

Features of the Yakima Paddleboard Rack for Car includes a premium and sleek glossy black finish, integrated strap management stows, and integrated rollers, among others.

The premium, sleek glossy black finish goes well with modern vehicle brands while the integrated strap management stows make traveling with this paddleboard carrier a breeze by strapping the ends.

The integrated rollers, on the other hand, ensure effortless loading of oversized SUP boards. The paddleboard carrier also has a flexible slider that can be adjusted to fit boards up to 36 inches wide.

It comes with everything you need to carry, and it transports two SUP boards at a go. Moreover, this paddleboard carrier is super easy to install with no tools required.

Its soft padding means your paddleboard will be well protected even on the bumpiest rides. The paddleboard carrier has high ratings because it delivers when needed.

2. StoreYourBoard SUP & Surfboard Car Rack

Like the first paddleboard rack for car, this one delivers. And that, perhaps, explains why it is on demand. It is a universal fit SUP and surfboard that can also be used to carry longboards.

This means it is exactly what you need to carry any board from the shop or your home to the beach and back.It has two rack pads to provide both front and back performance.

It also comes with two sets of straps that secure the rack pads to the roof of the vehicle. By so doing, the two sets of straps help secure the surfboards to the pads.Whether you have a small surfboard, a large flatwater paddleboard or a yoga paddleboard, this surfboard car rack is for you.

Also, it does not matter which vehicle you have, to enjoy the services of this board. This is because the SUP & surfboard car rack works with all different types of vehicles.

3. Thule SUP Taxi XT 810XT

It is important to keep your paddleboard secure when traveling. And one paddleboard rack for car that will help you achieve that is the Thule SUP Taxi XT 810XT. It comes with lots of accessories to give you an easy work of using it.

The accessories include two one-key locks to help you secure the stand-up paddleboards to the carrier and two one-key lock cylinders to help you lock the carrier to the rack.

What’s more, this paddleboard carrier boasts an exclusive, telescoping design that offers a custom fit for boards up to 34 inches wide. The carrier also comes equipped with Speed-Link mounting system to ensure tool-free and convenient mounting.

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Its longer steel-reinforced webbing and spring-loaded cam accommodate large boards with unrivaled security. This carrier works with all Thule Rack Systems, round bars, and a good number of factory racks.

4. Thule Hull-a-Port Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier

Because of the high rating, the Thule Hull-a-Port Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier will not disappoint. It is a well-made kayak carrier that comes with all the essential accessories to ensure safe transportation of your boat or kayak.

The accessories it comes with are two ratcheting bow and stern tie downs as well as two straps with buckle protectors. The kayak carrier boasts a J-cradle design that is effective and efficient.

The design has quick on-and-off hardware, and it ensures effortless boat loading. This carrier also has a PFD (Pull, Fold, Done) lever for quick folding as well as improved overhead clearance.

It creates more room on the load bar to help make your work much easier. Like the Thule carrier, this one is compatible with Thule rack systems, round bars, as well as a good number of factory racks.

5. Malone Maui-2 Two Board Universal Fit Saddle System

Your hard-earned cash will not go to waste if you buy this universal fit saddle system from Malone. This is because it comes with Malone’s lifetime warranty, which protects against the unfortunate.

And everything does not stop there; the saddle system is also packed with numerous great features. These include a self-adjusting design that grips the rails of the board to keep them (rails) safe from scratches and dings.

Another excellent feature is the super strong high grip surface, which holds all different types of boards in place while transporting them. The saddle system also has two 22” foam spacer blocks, which should be placed between the boards to prevent damage or abrasion.

In total, the system has 4 flexible saddles to fit square, round or oval cross bars. It is a complete saddle system that comes with 2 lengths of mounting bolts, which have T-knobs.

6. INNO Water Sport Car Top Mount Roof Rack

The price of this roof rack might be costlier than the ones we have reviewed before, but this should not be a deal breaker. This is because the paddleboard rack for car is super versatile in the sense that it can be used to support a canoe, kayak or paddle/wind/SUP/sail/long/short board.

It has a rubber coating on its straps, and its corner pads are adjustable to help protect your board or boat from scuffs and scratches during transportation. Loading or unloading boards/boats on/from this rack is unbelievably easy.

And that’s because of the floating strap system, which keeps the buckles raised. The roof rack comes with a universal mounting system; a feature that makes it versatile by fitting round, square, aero, and most factory bars.

Furthermore, this roof rack is equipped with ratcheting straps, which connect over boards or boats and tighten using integrated hand knobs in order to secure gear.

7. Yakima Black Products SUPPUP

This paddleboard rack for car really delivers. It is designed with convenience in mind to make sure that you have the easiest time transporting your paddleboard to and from the water. Its built-in universal mounting hardware works with Yakima square, round, factory, and aerodynamic crossbars.

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Ideally, this paddleboard rack for car comes equipped with integrated strap management stows that strap ends for easy travel. The paddleboard rack also has an innovative slider that adjusts to fit boards up to 34 inches wide.

We are certain you will find it impressive, considering that it comes with everything needed to make boards easy to transport from home or shop to the beach.

Yakima is one of the leading manufacturers of paddleboard racks for car. Buying from them is, therefore, highly recommended because you will never go wrong with their products.

8. Vault Cargo J-Bar Kayak Roof Racks (Set of Two)

Space is always very valuable. And the best way to preserve it is to use the Vault Cargo J-bar Kayak Roof Rack Set. The set includes two J-bars to give you all the things you need for quick and easy transportation of your boards. The J-bars have a foldable design to let your car fit in different parking garages without having to remove them.

In addition, J-bars are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum that makes them extremely sturdy without compromising their weight.

You will be able to transport your kayak with peace of mind knowing that it will not be damaged or scratched; thanks to the soft cushions, which are attached to the bars.

Installing these racks is quick and easy because they are universal; hence, they work with existing cross bars or Vault Cargo crossbars.

9. Thule Board Shuttle

It is not a surprise that the Thule Board Shuttle is on demand. It is a well-thought-out paddleboard rack for car that will always come in handy every time you want to transport your board to the water.

Its dual loading design will let you transport up to 2 boards without sacrificing stability. The rack also has an exclusive telescoping design, which offers a personalized fit for boards up to 34 inches wide.

The Flip Fit brackets of this rack are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant for long-lasting performance. The brackets fit all Thule Rack Systems, round bars, and most factory racks.

As a result, you will not have to deal with any loose parts. It fits Thule Xsporter Pro with the Xadapt 12 adapter. It also fits Thule AeroBlades and square bars.

10. Block Surf Roof Rack for Cars and SUVs

Like everyone else, you want to see your longboard, surfboard or snowboard reach its destination safely and in good condition. With that said, it is time you try out the Block Surf Roof Rack for Cars & SUVs.

It installs in minutes to spare you any frustrations that might be catalyzed by impatience. It also uninstalls in no time when you don’t need it. Its heavy-duty straps and buckles will secure your surfboard while you are on the go.

This means you can rely on it to hold your surfboard, snowboard or longboard even when you are driving on a highway.

Similar to other highly ranked paddleboard racks for cars, this one can carry around 2 – 3 surfboards, depending on the size and thickness. It is universal, and, therefore, it works with cars and SUVs without roof racks.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Paddle board Rack for Car

Our buyer’s guide discusses the following factors:

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Before you buy a paddle board rack for car, make sure that it will fit your paddle board securely and perfectly. This is because a rack that does not fit your paddle board correctly is likely to damage the paddle board.


We have noted that there are some paddle board racks for cars and SUVs that can accommodate more than one paddle board. Well, in our opinion, we think they are worth purchasing. With them, you will be able to carry 2 or 3 paddle boards at the same time, which is great.

Ease of Installation

You will be installing and uninstalling your paddle board rack every now and then. This means you can really be upset if the model you choose is neither easy to install nor uninstall. So, make sure that the rack you are getting mounts and removes quickly and easily even without tools.


You are buying a paddle board rack for car because you are after convenience. Well, one way to take convenience even further is to go for a versatile paddle board rack that not only accommodates paddle boards but also works with snowboards, surfboards, long boards, and more.


Your paddle board rack for car should definitely be sturdy. This is because a sturdy paddle board rack holds up well to the frequent uses. It also provides secure transportation to and from the beach. One material you can consider for a sturdy paddle board rack is aluminum.

Frequently Asked Questions for Paddle board Racks for Car

Can a paddle board rack damage my car?

This depends on how you have installed the paddle board rack on the roof of your car. That being said, racks that are wrongly installed (over-tightened, under-tightened or badly fitted) can damage your car. You should, therefore, ensure that you install your paddle board rack properly.

Do paddle board racks fit all cars?

Most paddle board racks are universal to fit all cars. However, this does not mean you pick any that come your way. You can check with the manufacturer about the size to avoid future inconveniences.

Can I install a paddle board rack for car on my own?

Most paddle board racks are very easy to install. Therefore, you might need little or totally no assistance to mount a paddle board rack on the roof of your car.


Carrying your paddle board to the water should be hassle-free. And all you need to achieve that is a paddle board rack for car. These are special racks designed to be mounted on the roof of the cars for easy transportation of paddle boards. The racks can also be used to carry long-boards, short-boards, snowboards, and more. We hope that by the time we are done writing this, you shall have found a suitable one for your paddle board, snowboard or long-board.

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