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Top 10 Best Outdoor Watches under 100 in 2021 Reviews

Looking fashionable is everyone’s desire, and your fashion taste can be more on point by the inclusion of an outdoor watch. The watches have an elegant design that will leave asking where you got it from. They are high-quality watches that will automatically impress you at first glance.

Outdoor watches offer one of the best ways of complementing your fashion. With the many brands on the market, you can still get functional outdoor watches under 100. The watches are designed using modern technology that makes it stand out among other watches on the market.

Apart from just telling time, the watches have many other benefits such as tracking your location, measuring your altitude and recording your hikes. To save you from the searching hassle, here are the top 10 best outdoor watches under 100.

Our Top Pick
MJSCPHBJK Men's Analog Sports Watch, LED Military...
Best For Value
Men's Military Watch Outdoor Sports Electronic...
Best expensive
AOSLSI Watch Compass, Altimeter Barometer...
MJSCPHBJK Men's Analog Sports Watch, LED Military...
Men's Military Watch Outdoor Sports Electronic...
AOSLSI Watch Compass, Altimeter Barometer...
Our Top Pick
MJSCPHBJK Men's Analog Sports Watch, LED Military...
MJSCPHBJK Men's Analog Sports Watch, LED Military...
Best For Value
Men's Military Watch Outdoor Sports Electronic...
Men's Military Watch Outdoor Sports Electronic...
Best expensive
AOSLSI Watch Compass, Altimeter Barometer...
AOSLSI Watch Compass, Altimeter Barometer...

List of​​ the Best Outdoor Watches under 100 Reviews

1. Men’s Analog Sports Watch by Aposon

Do you find it stressful to remove your watch? If so, buy this Men’s Analog Sports Watch by Aposon and all your needs will be met. This outdoor watch is easily removable, thus saving you the hassle when you want to wash your hands.

The outdoor watch has a waterproof design that prevents water from penetrating in side. Due to the waterproof design, it can’t be damaged or destroyed by water. The LCD screen on it enables you to easily read the time and location if you want to.

Moreover, the dual dial time display supports two different time zones. Silicon rubber that is on the watchband makes you comfortable throughout. Apart from showing the time, it serves other various roles like a stopwatch, alarm, calendar, and light source.

2. SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor

This watch is the most ideal as it serves several legit functions. Unlike other watches that play offer a few functions, SUUNTO Core has gone the extra mile. It tracks the weather for you; thus, you can plan your activities, knowing how the weather will be.

Moreover, it has an altimeter that helps you track your vertical movement. Besides, it also has a barometer that tells you the trend in air pressure. The SUUNTO Core outdoor watch comes with a rechargeable battery that can serve you for a maximum battery of 10 months.

Compass direction is included to give you guidance in case you need any leads. Not forgetting how the watch can sense drops in air pressure and notify you if there is any storm approaching. Hence, you can keep safe and avoid harsh weather conditions.

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3. Kids Digital Sport Watch by cofuo

This watch is for kids and can be worn by both girls and boys. It’s waterproof; thus, your child can swim or take a shower while wearing it. Worry not about comfortability; it will offer your kid. It has a Soft PU Resin Strap that is environmentally friendly and comfortable. Hence, it’s suitable for kids playing outdoors.

The watch has a dual time display, including; analog and digital time display. With this Kids Digital watch, you can wear it the whole day without feeling nay discomfort. Its great comfort is as a result of the high-quality resin straps that are soft and comfortable.

Moreover, the time display is super easy to read for kids. Talking of it being multi-functional, it has a calendar, light watch display, and stopwatch. In case your child finds difficulty in waking up early in the morning, there is an alarm that can serve. It is durable, thanks to the waterproof and shock-resistant design.

4. Digital Sports Watch Water Resistant by SNE

This watch is designed in a sports style with the resin bezel, case, wear-proof, and lightweight design. Even though the watch is waterproof, you’re advised against swimming or taking a hot shower while wearing the watch as it may cause defects.

When using this Digital Sports Watch, it’s advisable not to press any button when in water as it might get damaged. It has a sport stylish design that will perfectly blend with your outfit. The watch is among the few stylish watches on the market.

Despite the watch playing a role in helping time, it can also serve you in other ways. These ways include a stopwatch, calendar, and alarm. It also has a night light that can help you see time in darkness. The watch is much comfortable thanks to the soft and ventilated band.

5. MJSCPHBJK Men’s Digital Sports Watch

MJSCPHBJK is a simple slim design that has a night light. This light comes in handy when you want to look at the time when it’s dark. It’s for men who indulge in sports most of the time. Its waterproof state makes you comfortable swimming or bath with it. However, you are advised to take a shower with cold water if you are putting it on.

The MJSCPHBJK Men’s Digital Sports Watch has a slim and a very attractive design that will leave your friends and colleagues asking where you got it. It’s designed with shock resistance features that make it suitable for running, climbing and fishing.

For the active ones, this watch has got your back as it is shock resistant. Thus, in case of any fall, it cannot break easily. It serves several roles. Therefore, it has a calendar, stopwatch, and alarm that can help you keep time.

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6. Men’s Military Watch by Yihou

This watch features an army design, so it will certainly complement your look. The time displays are either analog or digital. Moreover, it’s effortless for you to read and reset in case of any need. Worry less about water splashes, rain, sweat, or washing hands because the watch is waterproof.

The durability makes it ideal. Its great durability will ensure that you get long time of service when you buy it. This watch is known for being shock-proof thus won’t be damaged under high impact effect. It’s among the best watches on the market.

Also, it’s it multi-functional watch with calendar, alarm, and stopwatch. Not forgetting how this watch has got your back in the dark. It has a night light, so you can use it night without any issues. Besides, the watch is comfortable thanks to the soft band.

7. KXAITO Men’s Watches Sports Outdoor

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KXAITO presets to you a military-grade outdoor watch. This model is robust, so it can withstand constant use in several outdoor activities. Also, it features an elegant design that will match the personality of most stylish men.

With the high-quality resin band, you shouldn’t have any worries about scratching. The straps of this watch are made by high-quality resin material that is soft and comfortable thus allowing you to wear it even the whole day.

Moreover, it contains the analog and digital time display; thus, you can tell the time quickly. It serves purposes like; calendar, alarm, and stopwatch. It also got you covered in the dark with the night light feature. Apart from that, this watch has a shock absorber in case your watch falls.

8. VIGOROSO Men’s LED Analog Digital

Are you looking for a gift for your loved one? If yes then, look no further than VIGOROSO watch. This watch can bring a smile to him. Thus, he will be able to keep time. It has a dual time display that is; analog and digital.

The VIGOROSO Men’s watch is known for its great durability, thanks for is the unbreakable glass screen. It’s soft, comfortable and light thus won’t feel any weight wearing it. This watch has an amazing casual design that makes it to be loved by many.

It is comfortable as it has a stainless steel band that cannot cause harm to your body. Besides, it’s convenient to use with the stainless steel clasp, free buckle that makes it easy to put on. When talking about durability, the watch is water-resistant and wear-resistant.

9. Watch Compass, Altimeter Barometer Thermometer by AOSLSI

This watch is known to be playing several roles that others don’t. The features include; having a barometer, pedometer, thermometer, and compass. Thus, the watch is mainly for people who do sports. The barometer shows both local pressure and sea level while pedometer tracks your moving speed.

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Moreover, it has a stopwatch, alarm, and calendar that can help you do your things on time. The dual time display is used in this watch. If you are a fashion lover, make this watch your watch and you won’t regret it.

It includes; the analog and digital time display. Besides, it’s easy to tell time using this watch. It also has a night light that comes in handy when in the dark. The watch is durable as it is waterproof and contains the breathable PU hollow band. The lightweight feature makes it comfortable.

10. Sport Watch, 50MWaterproof Watch by SKMEI

Are you looking for extra detail on your fashion style? If yes, then, you have no choice other than this watch. The watch is for both men and women and comes with a night light function that can help you read the time in a dark place.

Besides, it can be best for those people who hate putting on and off the watch when using water, due to its waterproof design. The watch is among the few durable watches on the market that will give you a long time of service before it fails.

However, it’s advised not to use hot water or steam. The multi-functional position makes it more convincing. It has an alarm, calendar, and a stopwatch that helps you to keep track of time. The watch is shock-resistant, which makes it durable and long-lasting.


We all know choosing an outdoor watch is not a walk in the park. However, it can only be easy if you know the kind of features you want your watch to have. Several brands exist; hence, you will be able to get a versatile watch if you keenly go through the reviews.

Make the best decision and settle for what will suit you. Improve your fashion sense by purchasing any of the above-listed top 10 best outdoor watches under 100.

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