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Top 10 Best Outdoor Propane Burner in 2021 Reviews

The best outdoor propane burner will help you achieve your outdoor cooking goals with much ease. Outdoor propane burners are very light and most of them have removable legs for easy storage and transportation.

They are great for tailgating, family evenings, camping, and outdoor cooking, among others. Most of them output great heat, which makes them the best bet for home brewing as well as other projects.

Besides, outdoor propane burners are built to last, with a good number featuring cast iron or stainless steel construction. They make a wonderful purchase for outdoorsmen. That’s why we have come up with these reviews.

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1. Bayou Classic SP10 Outdoor Gas Cooker – Propane

Whether you are looking for an outdoor propane burner for residential use or commercial application, the Bayou Classic SP10 fits the bill. It is gentle enough to slow chili or stews. At the same time, it is powerful enough to boil large stockpots.

It stands at 13 inches high, which is just perfect. And it has a 14-inch cooking area, which makes it versatile enough to be used for different applications.

The outdoor gas cooker comes with several accessories including full 360-degree windscreen protection that comes in handy when you are cooking in windy conditions.

Other accessories are 10psi high-pressure regulator, 48” stainless braided hose, and brass control valve. The flame of this outdoor gas cooker can be adjusted, and this means you can turn it down to simmer a cup of coffee or manipulate it to obtain a roaring flame.

2. Goplus Outdoor Camp Stove w/Detachable Legs

Enjoy this outdoor camp stove on the deck, in the fish house, camping or anywhere far away from home. Its detachable legs make it a highly portable outdoor propane burner that can be carried and used anywhere. Furthermore, this camp stove works with several types of pots, considering that it comes with a burner bracket.

It also comes with a cast iron head that outputs an incredible BTU of 100,000, so you can enjoy outdoor cooking with your family. Its sturdy design features cast iron construction, which is rugged enough to stand up to everyday use.

The sturdy design also features a powder coating that makes the propane burner rust-resistant as well as waterproof.

In other words, this camp stove is built to withstand the challenges of an outdoor environment. It comes with instructions to painlessly help you set it up and use it.

3. CONCORD Double Burner Outdoor Stove Cooker w/Regulator Brewing

One characteristic of a good outdoor propane burner is durability. And the CONCORD Double Burner Stove Cooker has exactly that. It is made of heavy-duty cast iron, which has a weatherproof coating. This means even harsh weather stands no chance against it.

The cooker will last a lifetime, making sure that it provides you with reliable performance. Its legs are detachable, so you can obtain that small, compact size, which is incredibly easy to carry around.

Each of the burners produces up to 55,000 BTUs. Well, combine that and you have 110,000 BTUs, which is just amazing.Besides, the two burners have separate heat-control knobs, meaning you can operate each of them independently.

The stove cooker comes with a high-pressure regulator, connector, and hose. You will, therefore, be able to start using it immediately it arrives.

4. Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Outland Living has been perfecting the outdoor lifestyle of many outdoor enthusiasts since it was established. Well, they have been achieving that through the production of top quality products like the Outland Firebowl Gas Fire Pit.

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It is a clean realistic propane campfire that will give you a stunning opportunity to bid goodbye to the annoying dirty ash, bothersome smoke, and costly firewood.

Since it is designed with portability in mind, the outdoor propane gas fire pit makes an excellent centerpiece for RV travels, tailgating, get-togethers, camping trips, beach parties, and even family evenings on the backyard patio.

The outdoor propane burner measures 19 inches long by 19 inches wide by 11 inches high, which is compact enough for easy portability.

The size, however, does not make the burner less effective. With that said, the burner outputs 58,000 of BTU in just one hour for efficient cooking.

5. GasOne Single Burner Outdoor Propane Gas Cooker

It sits on four sturdy legs, and it can be used almost anywhere; there is virtually no reason why you should not own this propane gas cooker. Its four legs improve its stability, thereby, giving you peace of mind knowing that it will not topple while you are in the middle of cooking something sumptuous.

Despite its compact size, this outdoor propane burner boasts a high heat output of 200,000 BTUs. Ideally, it is equipped with a heat-control regulator knob that is fully adjustable to help prevent paint chipping, given that, at the moment, no paint can withstand the 200,000 BTUs.

The propane burner is constructed with cast iron, which makes it heavy duty enough to be used for camping, brewing, emergency preparedness, fishing, and outdoor cooking, among others.

The heat-adjustable regulator that comes with this propane burner is CSA certified to confirm to you that it is safe and of good quality.

6. Gas One B-3600H Propane Single Outdoor Burner

If you have more in mind than the average fried egg, this outdoor propane burner from Gas One is for you. It is packed with countless features, which make it ideal for any project.

It is durable, and this is because of the heavy-duty cast iron housing that is more than ready for any task. Gas One has not solely focused on making this propane burner sturdy; they have also paid attention to the efficiency of the burner.

That being said, the unit emits up to 200,000 BTUs. What’s more, Gas One has included height adjustable legs to allow for a comfortable cooking experience.

The height-adjustable legs can be removed to ensure easy portability. There is also air valve controllable feature to give you a consistent blue flame. The high-pressure regulator is CSA listed, so you can use it with peace of mind.

7. Concord 16” Banjo Single Burner Stove

You are buying a burner that will last a lifetime. And, in our opinion, you should definitely get it, especially if you are on a budget. It is made of extremely durable cast iron, which is coated with a weatherproof material for ultimate performance.

The well-thought-out construction means this single burner stove can survive the on-slaughter of the harsh outdoor environment. It measures just 16.5 x 16.5 x 12 inches. Well, this compact design makes the stove easy to transport and store.

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That being said, you will find it handy for many different projects. Although it looks small, the stove can support up to 400 pounds or 200-quart pot filled with liquid. It also produces great heat of up to 200,000 BTUs.

Its high-pressure 20 PSI regulator is CSA certified for worry-free use. Other accessories this burner stove comes with are a connector and hose.

8. Camp Chef EX60LW 2 Burner Outdoor Cooking Stove

It is quite hard to find a durable camping cooking stove like this one. It is made by Camp Chef, which is one of the manufacturers that stand behind the quality of their products. This means the outdoor cooking stove is the real deal for anyone looking for solid performance.

Apart from camping, the stove is perfect for tailgating, back patio, hunting, catering, and many more. Each of its burners packs out 30,000 BTUs to make it possible to come up with those amazing meals you can only enjoy in the comfort of your home.

This stove comes with a regulator for connecting to a bulk tank. And it can be adapted (part sold separately) to disposable propane bottles or natural gas. The propane burner also comes with a 3-sided windscreen to let you cook even when it is windy.

9. Bayou Classic SS10 Cooker with Windscreen

It is no surprise that this outdoor propane burner has dominated the field of propane burners for over two decades. It is a top-functioning propane burner with a cooking surface of 14 inches in diameter. The cooking surface is large enough to perfectly work with any pot.

In addition, the cooker has a welded frame of 12.5 inches tall. It also features a cast iron burner that is 4 inches in diameter. The burner is surrounded by 360-degree windscreen protection to allow you to cook comfortably even in windy conditions.

The 3-leg design offers a wide profile and combines with the overall low height of the cooker to provide extra stability and undeniable safety.

This cooker comes with useful accessories like 48” stainless braided LPG hose, brass control valve, and a 10PSI high-pressure regulator. These accessories make the cooker convenient and super easy to use.

10. Best Choice Products Outdoor Propane Gas Stove w/Removable Legs

No products found.No products found.

Weighing just 15.7 pounds and measuring 15.75 inches long by 15.75 inches wide by 29.5 inches high, this outdoor propane gas with removable legs makes the greatest centerpiece for outdoor cooking. It comes with removable legs to allow for easy storage or transportation.

Given that it is crafted for outdoor use, the propane burner makes an excellent purchase for tailgating, camping trips, parties, and refining of that perfect homebrew you have been dying to have.

It outputs 100,000 of BTU to allow you to enjoy your cooking. The included instructions help make the stove quick and easy to assemble.

Also, there are built-in safety features like a refined O-ring for connecting gas to prevent leakage. The 4-legged design improves the stability and safety of this stove. It is highly rated, and this is because of the features it comes with.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Outdoor Propane Burner

Our buyer’s guide talks about the following factors:

The Amount of BTUs Produced

BTUs are the units used to measure the heat a burner produces. To explain further, one BTU will raise the temperature of one pound of liquid by one degree Fahrenheit. A burner that produces a high number of BTUs is not necessarily efficient. As such, be keen to settle for burners that distribute heat much more evenly.

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Type of Burners

The most common types of burners are single and double. Single burners are great for small, lightweight pots. Double burners, on the other hand, are perfect for heavy pots, given that they are sturdier than their single counterparts. Double burners also come in handy if you want to cook more than one thing at the same time.

Windscreen Protection & other Accessories

We feel that a windscreen protection feature should not miss from your outdoor propane burner. This is because, sometimes, it can be so windy outside that cooking using the burner can be quite daunting. Windscreen protection ensures convenient outdoor cooking even in windy conditions. Your burner should also come with other important accessories such as a high-pressure regulator and hose.


Safety comes first when you are handling an outdoor propane burner. As a result, consider burners that have four legs, as they tend to be much steadier than the 3-legged ones. You should also make sure that the high-pressure regulator is certified by a reputable organization, like CSA, for worry-free use.

Frequently Asked Questions for Outdoor Propane Burners

How many BTUs should my outdoor propane burner have?

This depends on what you plan to use the burner for. For instance, if you plan to boil 5 gallons of wort, you will need 55,000 BTUs; 10 gallons of wort need 100,000 BTUs, and 15+ gallons of wort require at least 200,000 BTUs.

Are outdoor propane burners safe?

Outdoor propane burners are safe when handled properly. And proper handling of an outdoor propane burner is to never use it indoors. Also, despite being portable, an outdoor propane burner should not be transported while it is in use.

What does CSA certification mean?

It means the product that has been CSA certified has passed several tests for safe operation.


Outdoor propane burners have taken outdoor cooking to a whole new level. They are convenient units that can be easily carried from place to place. This means you can rely on them for your camping trips, tailgating moments, and more. In this article, we have talked about the best models with the hope that you will find one that meets your needs.

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