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Top 10 Best Outdoor Projector Screen in 2021 Reviews

If you are thinking of a way to take your outdoor entertainment to another level, then the best outdoor projector screen should be right in the mix. These tools of entertainment come equipped with top quality fabrics that work together with their great aspect ratios and large size screens to display colorful, bright, and crystal clear images that will delight the eyes.

Since they are designed for the outdoors, the projector screens come with lightweight frames that are also mostly foldable for optimum portability. Outdoor projector screens are not just great for outdoor movie screenings but also can be used for business meetings and even home theater. Go through the reviews below to see the ones that are currently on demand.

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1. Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen

Great movies should be enjoyed on perfect projector screens. That’s why we are very happy to introduce to you the Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen. It weighs around 6 pounds only, so you can easily carry it anywhere you want. Furthermore, it is compact to let you store it anywhere you find great for storage.

Setting it up is also a breeze and takes less than 3 minutes. This means your patience for enjoying your favorite movies will not be tested. The screen has an adjustable design that will allow you to adjust the width of the frame, which holds it.

The tilt angle of this projector screen can also be adjusted by simply adjusting the height of the back multi-connector found on the back stand pole. The unique rigid support makes this screen stable to the extent that it would seem as if it were fixed on a wall.

2. Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand

This outdoor projector screen can also be used indoors, and this makes it the best for those who value convenience. It sets up in 5 minutes only, so you can start watching your movies as fast as possible. Furthermore, it has a 160-degree viewing angle that eliminates the need to sit directly in front of the screen.

The 160-degree viewing angle enables it to provide a clear image, vivid color, and flicker-free visual enjoyment. The two stable tripods, it comes with, are lightweight and fold able. For this reason, they improve convenience and portability, thereby, making the screen great for traveling, camping, and other outdoor enjoyment.

Vamvo provides professional technical support service to make sure that your experience with this innovative projector screen is great. They also offer a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for their products. The projector is available in 3 different sizes; 100”, 80”, and 120”.

3. Cloud Mountain Projector Screen with Stand – Portable

Buying a versatile projector will go a long to improving your entertainment. That said, it is time you consider purchasing an outdoor projector screen. It is great for indoor home theater, outdoor movie screenings, offices, and schools. You can also use the screen for PowerPoint presentations.

This projector screen takes around 10 minutes to be assembled. Well, the quick, straightforward assembly is as a result of aluminum poles, which are extremely easy to put together. Ideally, you do not need any tools to set up this screen. Cloud Mountain provides a carry bag, which comes in handy in the event that you are done using this projector screen.

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What’s more, this projector is made of thicker PVC Matte White fabric that is flicker-free and boasts a high contrast black background to improve the quality of images. The screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9, and it is available in 80” and 100”.

4. Cloud Mountain Projector Screen with Stand

When setting up this projector screen, the manufacturer advises that you use a rope to prevent it from being blown away by the wind. Assembling the screen is relatively easy and will not take much of your time. Additionally, you do not need tools to assemble this unit.

It is a versatile screen that’s great for outdoor movie screenings, indoor home theater, offices, and schools. It comes with strong aluminum poles to make the stand sturdy enough to hold the HD projection. The stability of this projector screen can be made even better by pounding nails on the bottom intersections’ holes.

The PVC Matte White fabric, used to make the screen, is thicker and has a high contrast black background, 160-degree viewing angle, an aspect ratio of 16:9, as well as 1.3 grain for much improved reflection reflect.

5. JaeilPLM 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen

JaeilPLM was founded in 2009, and since then, all they have done is to meet the high demands of buyers. Their 2-in-1 portable projector screen comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to give you confidence in buying it because the manufacturer fully backs it.

It is a 2-in-1 projector screen in the sense that it can be used both outdoors and indoors. The 2-in-1 design will fit all of your needs. The screen will not be toppled by a gentle breeze or tolerable impact. This is because it comes with a triangle base made of aluminum poles.

The triangular base offers more stability compared to the normal Tripod Base. Like other top quality projector screen, this one is made of PVC Matte White Material that greatly improves its display. It is also equipped with black coated back, so it can provide crystal clear colors.

6. JWST Projector Screen with Stand

There is a reason why every movie enthusiast wants this projector screen. Designed to provide you with the ultimate entertainment, this projector screen boasts an excellent projection display. Its display is made excellent by the 16:9 aspect ratio, Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD, and 160-degree wide viewing angle.

There is also a PVC elastic fabric that provides sharp and high-resolution images. Because of such an excellent display, the projector screen will offer you a supreme watching experience regardless of the viewing angle. The screen comes equipped with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy frame, which is foldable for easy transportation.

In addition, the screen comes with a soft padded carrying bag that further ensures optimum portability. The 1-year manufacturer warranty will give you confidence in buying this outdoor projector screen. The manufacturer also promises Lifetime Technical Support to ensure 100-percent satisfaction.

7. GBTIGER Portable Projector Screen with Bag

The price of this outdoor projector screen is unbeatable, and, therefore, it makes a great purchase for those on a budget. Despite its price, the projector screen is still one of the best on the market. It is easy to set up, just like any other top quality outdoor projector screen.

It is also easy to carry around, considering that it is lightweight and super compact. Its 16:9 screen format means you will not be disappointed by the images it displays. It is made of top quality synthetic fiber that is mildew resistant and cleans easily with soap and water.

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Plus the synthetic fiber is much thicker, much brighter, and capable of projecting sharper images. This projector screen is suitable for business meetings, presentations, home theater, conventions, and exhibitions, among others. It is available in two sizes, which include 100” and 120”.

8. STO-169144 Silver Ticket Indoor/Outdoor 144” Projector Screen

Thousands of customers are impressed with Silver Ticket Products. And we’ll explain why, through a review of this outdoor projector screen. First, it comes with the manufacturer’s Snap System that makes it incredibly easy to set up. Second, it is built with the authentic cinema-screen vinyl fabric that, unlike cheap materials, contributes significantly to making image display much better.

The screen also comes equipped with a 1.1 gain reflectivity to enhance the movie watching experience. Considering how incredibly smooth the vinyl material is, expect this screen to provide you with crystal clear, bright, and colorful images that will please your eyes.

The projector screen comes with eye bolts, stakes, and a rope to help make installation a breeze. Plus it comes with a carry bag to improve portability. It is made by a reputable company; hence, buy it with confidence knowing you are getting a product with great value for your money.

9. EZAPOR 100 Inch Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand

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Another outdoor projector screen on demand is this one by EZAPOR. It is designed to provide a sharp and high-resolution image for maximum enjoyment. It comes with such impressive features as a 160-degree viewing angle, Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD, and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Its screen is elastic and made of PVC to further enable it to provide the much-needed clear images. The fabric used to make this projector screen is mildew resistant not to mention being extremely easy to clean. Talking of cleaning the fabric; simply use water and soap and voila! You have a clean fabric that is ready to display clean images.

The screen is super easy to carry from place to place. This is due to the fact that it comes with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum square tube construction that can effortlessly be folded and carried to any place.

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10. Visual Apex 100hd indoor/outdoor projection screen

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The frame of this projection screen requires no assembly, and this contributes significantly to making the projector screen super easy to set up. The material snaps on the frame effortlessly and tightly to help create a wrinkle-free result. Besides, the projection screen comes with two wall mounts that will allow you to set it up on the wall.

It is one quality screen that is made to last. And that can be justified by the UV protected, mildew-resistant, and washable projection screen. It comes with a 2-year warranty to protect against the unfortunates not to mention being ROHS standard approved.

As if that’s not enough, this projector screen comes with a sturdy carry bag to help make it super easy to travel with. Its view size is 100 inches (diagonal), 87 inches wide by 49 inches high. Although it’s pricier than most projector screens, this unit is worth spending on.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Outdoor Projector Screen

Our buyer’s guide talks about the following factors:


The material used to make an outdoor projector screen should be of great quality since it directly contributes to the performance of the screen. For this reason, make sure that the material used to make your projector screen is one that will improve the display of images. Some of the materials you can focus on are vinyl and PVC fabrics.


Since you are going to use your outdoor projector screen outdoors, it is important to buy with portability in mind. This means that your projector screen should come with a lightweight frame that is super easy to carry from one place to another. If possible, the frame should be foldable to further improve portability.


Although it is advisable to settle for a projector screen with a lightweight frame, make sure that the lightweight construction does not sacrifice the sturdiness of the frame. With that said, go for a frame made of aluminum since aluminum is strong yet incredibly lightweight. A stable frame will enable your projector screen to withstand mild breezes and tolerable impacts, thereby, improving convenience as well as extending the life of the projector screen.

Frequently Asked Questions for Outdoor Projector Screens

What color projector screen works great?

We would advise you to go for a grey outdoor projector screen, given that it strikes ambient light better compared to white projector screens.

Do all projector screens deliver the same results?

No. The performance of a projector screen varies based on the quality of the material used, the size of the screen, and the extra features it might have.

Are outdoor projector screens durable?

The durability of your outdoor projector screen depends on the overall quality. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the services of your projector, try to look for a unit built to last. Durability also depends on how you care for your outdoor projector screen.


If you are finding it hard to settle for one suitable outdoor projector screen, this is the place to be. Here, we have only discussed the best quality projector screens for outdoor use. We have also talked about the factors to consider if you want to take home a great projector screen.

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