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Top 10 Best Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers in 2021 Reviews

Kids love to play outdoors. Therefore, all you need to get them is the best outdoor playsets for toddlers. Top quality playsets for toddlers are designed with solid materials that can withstand both winter and summer seasons. By so doing, they provide kids with endless fun. These playsets also help little ones learn skills like climbing and balancing.

Besides, they have such features as an activity table that improves the kids’ ability to socialize as well as building their confidence. Since they make such a great positive impact on a kid’s life, it is important that you buy your child one. So, go ahead and check out the products we have reviewed in this article.

Check out the Best Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers Reviews

1. Backyard Discovery All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

You definitely want an outdoor playset that will look really great in your backyard, right? Therefore, consider the Backyard Discovery Outdoor Playset. It is made of wood, and, therefore, will really improve the aesthetics of your backyard while providing toddlers with a wonderful place to play and have fun.

The set includes an upper backyard fort, 2 belt swings, a lower clubhouse, a slide, and a glider swing. The set also features an observation pouch out front, a kids’ fort with a wooden roof, and sunburst gables. Its playground is 8 ft. long to provide little ones with real fun.

Furthermore, the set has two belt swings to provide toddlers with plenty of room. Also, there is a snack window that will inspire your kids to play an imaginative restaurant game. The set meets/exceeds the toughest safety standards to give you peace of mind knowing that your family is always safe when using it.

2. Swing-N-Slide Winchester Wood Complete Play Set

Neither you nor your kid will be disappointed with this outdoor playset for toddlers. This is because it has an adorable playhouse façade with awnings and windows to make playtimes unforgettable. It is not just for taking happy hours to the next level but also it plays a significant role in improving the aesthetics of a backyard.

It has lots of features such as a climbing rock wall with colorful rock holds, an activity table center with awning, bench, and table, and two swing seats featuring swing hangers. Your kid will be able to socialize with friends on the activity table and even go the extra mile to share snacks.

In addition, this playset comes with a plastic cool wave slide for unmatched fun. When assembled, the entire playset measures 19 ft. long by 9 ft wide by 10 ft high. With that kind of size, expect it to accommodate more than a few kids in one go.

3. Lifetime A-Frame Adventure Playset

If your kid is between 3 and 12 and you are looking for a good outdoor playset for them, the Lifetime A-Frame Adventure Playset is for you. It is a free-standing playset that will provide your little one with a lot of fun, making sure they have a great time every day.

It has a 9ft wavy slide, propeller swing, cargo net, activity board, 1 trapeze bar, and a climbing wall. The playset is made of powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene. This means it is super durable and capable of withstanding any weather conditions.

The construction will also prevent it from cracking, rotting, warping or splintering. The hard edges of the products in this set are either covered with plastic or rounded to give you peace of mind knowing that no one will be injured when playing on the set. Moreover, there are soft grips on chains to prevent pinching.

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4. Big Backyard F23290 Magnolia Cedar Wood Swing Set/Playset

The sun will never set for your little ones when you get and introduce them to this magnolia cedar wood playset. It needs just two people to assemble it and once assembly is over, the fun times will begin. The playset is big enough to accommodate up to 8 kids in one go, and it is loaded with creativity galore.

It has a high-rail wave slide that excites lots of kids. It also has kid-friendly rock climbing wall that will provide extra fun. As if that’s not enough, the set boasts a café area where kids can order up some delicious play treats. Furthermore, it has a phone with “unlimited minutes”.

Kids can, therefore, ring for pizza delivery or contact aliens to know whether they also have a playset exactly like this one. Since this is a product of KidKraft, expect great customer service every time the playset has an issue.

5. Swing-N-Slide Scrambler Playset

Compared to the products we have looked at on this list, the Swing-N-Slide Scrambler Playset has a lower price point. But this does not mean it is less flimsy or unsafe. Well, it is solidly crafted just like any other higher performing playset out there. It also meets/exceeds ASTM safety standards.

Additionally, its yellow cool wave slide comes with a lifetime warranty that protects its parts against cracking or breaking. The set is packed with several exciting features that will keep your kids engaged and active all day long. These features include a cool wave slide, oversized canopy, rock wall, picnic table, and coated chains.

Because of a smaller footprint, this set is perfect for someone with a smaller backyard. It is also highly recommended for someone on a budget. Its assembly can be finished in one day and that’s because of the manufacturer’s award-winning, patented bracket system that will save you lots of time.

6. Swing-N-Slide Mont Eagle Play Set

Safety is the number one priority of Swing-N-Slide. That’s why we are positive that this outdoor playset will work a treat for you and your toddler. The playset is rigorously tested before it goes to the market to make sure its safety is top-notch.

It features a wooden roof with sunburst gable, steering wheel, climbing wall with six durable rock holds, non-magnifying telescope, and decorative window. It also features two cool wave slides with smooth waves to provide your little one with exciting rides. Best of all, each of the two cool wave slides is protected by a lifetime warranty that offers protection against defects in materials and workmanship.

The features of the playset are two swing sets and trapeze/ring combo swings. The set also comes with pre-cut lumbar, fully illustrated instructions, and hardware to make it super easy to set up. It is a complete set that will add giggles and laughter to your backyard.

7. Lifetime Monkey Bar Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide

Lifetime has designed this outdoor playset with all-weather materials that will not warp, rot, splinter or crack. In other words, the playset will last a lifetime. The materials are also UV-resistant; hence, they will not discolor even after years of being exposed to the sun.

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All the hard edges of the pieces in this set are rounded or covered with plastic caps to improve safety. Other features that improve safety are the soft rubber grips on swing chains. They prevent snagging or pinching, thereby, making the swing chains safe to use.

Ideally, all the pieces of this set do not contain any lead-based material. The entire set requires zero maintenance, given that it will not stain; thus you will not need to paint it. It is a free-standing playset that does not require gym rings or cement. So, go ahead and choose one from the two available colors (Primary and Earthtone).

8. Swing-N-Slide Swing Set (Mountaineer Cedar Play Set)

No products found.No products found.

Sliding has never been fun; thanks to this mountaineer cedar playset from Swing-N-Slide. It comes with Alpine Wave Slide as well as Extreme Tube Slide for the most exhilarating sliding action. The fun does not stop there; this set also has a climbing rock wall with rope, tic tac toe, sandbox, entry ladder, picnic table, and rope ladder, among others.

It also has two swings, telescope, steering wheel, and ring/trapeze combo. Its Tongue and Groove Wood Roof features a chimney, dormer, and sunbursts to add flair and more fun. The set is totally safe to use, and that’s because it meets and/or exceeds ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials).

Moreover, its swing chains are UV protected and have a soft rubber plastic coating, which not only prevents pinches but also keeps chains cooler during hot days. The several styles mean you will be able to find what your kid really likes.

9. Swing-N-Slide Outing Play and SwingSets

The Swing-N-Slide Outdoor Playset for Toddlers is recommended for kids aged 3 to 11 years. It features solid 4 by 4 wood framing and a 4 by 6 swing beam. The two enable the swing set to have a total weight of 800 pounds. Although this playset is made of Gorilla Playsets’ cedar, it is important to note that the material is naturally resistant to decay, rot, and insect damage.

Besides, this playset has 3 stations, which offers space for the trapeze bar and belt swings. The 3 stations are capable of accommodating any component of a standard-sized swing to allow for multiple playset configurations. For long-lasting performance, the swing chains are UV protected. Plus they are made with safety in mind, as they have a soft rubber plastic coating, which prevents pinches as well as keeping chains from getting hot during bright, hot days.

10. Swing-N-Slide Sun Place Cedar II Swing and Play Set

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Kids crave for lots of excitements; hence, this outdoor playset for toddlers is the best fit. It is packed with features to provide kids with ultimate fun. Best of all, it meets the toughest standards of ASTM to give parents peace of mind that it is tested for safety and quality.

When assembled, the playset measures 21 ft. wide by 12 ft. deep by 12 ft. high. For added safety, the manufacturer advises that you observe a 6-foot perimeter around the playset. So, basically, the total recommended footprint should be 33 ft. wide by 24 ft. deep.

For the price, the playset should have lots of features and playing platforms.Well, it has not disappointed; thanks to such features as 2 Belt Swings, a combo of Safe Entry Ladder & Metal Rung Ladder, Rock Wall with Climbing Rope, Alpine Wave Slide, and more.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers

We also provide you with the following factors to further make your work of finding a suitable playset for kids easier.


Because these playsets are to be used outdoors, it is important that you go for those made with super sturdy materials. This means you should consider playsets made of UV and weather-resistant materials. Also, the material used to make your kids’ playsets should be easy to maintain.


Outdoor playsets with lots of features provide toddlers with different forms of fun. However, such playsets are likely to be expensive. So, if you are on a budget, you can settle for a playset with basic features, which are swings, slide, and a climbing rock wall.


Safety comes first, right? So, before you buy a playset for your young one, make sure it is built with safety in mind. This means you should check whether the hard edges are rounded and/or covered with a soft rubber/plastic material. Also, you should make sure that the playset meets and/or exceeds the safety standards set by ASTM.

No. of Kids

If there are lots of kids going to play on the playset you plan to buy, go for a larger unit with a high weight capacity. The features should also be many to keep every child engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a playset as safe as possible?

In addition to following the manufacturer’s maintenance and care instructions, you should cover the ground under and 6ft. around the playset with 6” – 12” play sand, pea gravel or rubberized mulch.

How far apart should swings be set?

Swings should be at least 8” apart and seats at least 8” from the ground, according to Good Housekeeping.

What is the best manufacturer of playsets?

Most manufacturers do a great job of making top quality playsets. However, one that usually comes out on top is the Swing-N-Slide Company. Their outdoor playsets for toddlers are very safe, have lots of features, and are well priced.


An outdoor playset for toddlers has a lot of benefits to kids. It helps them develop abilities and skills as well as providing them with great fun. However, you must consider a lot of things before spending money on one. And that’s where this article comes in handy. Playsets reviewed here are well researched, and, therefore, will make you and your toddler very happy.

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