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Top 10 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Flood Lights in 2021 Reviews

You need the best outdoor motion sensor flood lights to upgrade security at your place. Top quality motion sensor flood lights are designed with a waterproof housing, so they can stand up to outdoor elements.

They also have high functioning motion sensor technologies that enable them to turn on automatically for some seconds once motion is detected. This technology means you will always be alerted whenever something is amiss.

The lights are also energy efficient, with some being powered by solar to spare you the hassle of having to sort out electricity bills in order to enjoy their services. In the following reviews, we shed more light on them to give you the much-needed extra knowledge.

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1. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights

When motion is detected, these outdoor flood lights will turn on automatically. By so doing, the lights provide illumination, which is greatly needed for security and safety at night.

The motion sensor is activated when there is movement within 3 – 5 meters.The motion angle is 120 degrees to help turn dark places into well-lit areas. Besides, the lights are packed with 28 powerful LEDs that enable them to provide excellent illumination as well.

They are highly efficient and eco-friendly outdoor lights, which you only need to expose to the sunlight for 8 hours to get them working perfectly at night.They are made of IP65 water-repellent and heat-resistant housing.

As such, they work well at the patio, garden, yard, deck, outside wall, driveway, and fence, among others. What’s more, the lights come with a 90-day limited warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

2. GLW 50W Motion Sensor LED Outdoor Flood Light

The infrared sensing distance of this flood light is 1 – 6 meters. This means the light will turn on automatically when someone walks within that range. The sensor technology works up to 20 – 40 seconds, which is great.

Besides, the sensing angle is 110 degrees, and this makes it more sensitive. The flood light is humanized and will not require you to press any button.

It has 4500 lumens, and it turns on and off automatically to save up to 80-percent of energy. Since it is designed for outdoor use, the flood light boasts strong IP65 waterproof construction.

It is ideal for garden, warehouse, driveway, garage, and yard, among others. The 18-month warranty and manual will give you the best experience using this flood light. The manufacturer also encourages consumers of this product to get in touch ASAP should they be dissatisfied with it.

3. GLW 30W LED Motion Sensor Flood Light

This is another great outdoor motion sensor flood light from GLW. Its sensing technology is activated when someone walks within a distance of 1 – 6 meters. And the sensing technology works up to 20 – 40 seconds.

Like other outdoor motion sensor flood lights, this one is crafted with IP65 weatherproof housing, so it can stand up to extreme weather conditions like snow, rain etc.

The IP65 waterproof design is, however, not meant to be flooded or submerged into the water. This flood light is equipped with 2700 lumens; thus, it provides enough to illuminate the entire outdoor environment.

It turns on and off automatically, and this enables it to save up to 80-percent of energy. GLW provides an 18-month warranty when you buy it to protect against any unfortunates. We are certain that you will love it, considering how it works.

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4. STASUN Motion Sensor Security Light

We recommend STASUN products because their manufacturer stands by them. That being said, they back this motion sensor security light with a worry-free 36-month warranty. They also provide 24/7 friendly customer service. Ideally, their motion sensor security light is well made.

The sensor technology of the light works well at sensing any movement within 27 feet and at an angle of 120 degrees. The light is also packed with 90 lumens per watt, and this makes it insanely bright.

In fact, its brightness can only be compared with a 180-watt incandescent light. Because of its brightness, expect it to provide efficient illumination for your outdoor environment.

Talking of outdoor environment, the light is housed in robust die-cast aluminum construction, so it can stand up well to extreme weather conditions the outdoor environment may have in store for it.

5. FAISHILAN 10W Motion Sensor Flood Light

Despite consuming only 10 watts, this light’s brightness can only be matched by a 60-watt halogen lighting system. In short, it is an efficient light that saves up to 80-percent of energy without sacrificing its brightness. It turns on automatically when it senses motion within a range of 12 meters (40 feet).

Ideally, the motion sensor technology works up to 30 seconds, which is enough time to let you contemplate what’s going on. In order to handle snow, sleet, and rain, this 10W motion sensor flood light has an IP65 water-resistant design.

This great build quality means you can install it on your driveway, yard, deck, garden, patio, hallway, outer walls, fence, or anywhere you need adequate lighting at night.

The model is safe to spend on, given that the manufacturer backs it by a 90-day full money back guarantee as well as a 2-year warranty.

6. GLORIOUS-LITE 100W LED Flood Light

GLORIOUS-LITE understands that customers need top quality and energy-saving products. That’s why they have not hesitated to introduce this 100W LED Flood Light. At 100 watts, the LED flood light produces brightness that is an equivalent of 500W halogens.

With such much lower consumption compared with traditional halogen lamps, the flood light saves over 80-percent of energy. Furthermore, the light comes with UL-listed three prong plug and On/Off switch for safety and convenience.

Plus it is equipped with a multiple groove shape design on the back side in order to speed up the dissipation of heat by increasing air contact area. The IP66 waterproof body allows the light to work for long hours outdoors and stand up to any weather hostility.

The light is protected against defects by an 18-month warranty plus there is a 2-month money back guarantee. It is ideal for lighting up a garage, lawn, garden, and yard.

7. W-LITE 10W Outdoor Motion Sensor Flood Light (With US 3-Plug)

You don’t need to be an enemy of the environment to illuminate your exterior environment. With that said, consider this 10W motion sensor flood light for your outdoor illumination needs.

It contains no mercury, lead, radiation or any other pollutants. In addition, it emits light that is an equivalent of an 80-watt traditional halogen bulb.

Well, this low consumption of energy saves up to 80-percent of energy. The light comes with a US 3-plug to make it very safe to operate. Its motion sensor technology enables it to light up automatically when it detects movement within 12 meters (40 feet).

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It lights up automatically up to 30 seconds. W-LITE has included customized settings to help you get the most out of this flood light. The settings include detection distance, the sensitivity of the sensor, and the lighting time.

8. Brinks 7166BZ-1 Motion Sensor LGT Flood

This outdoor motion sensor flood light is not just designed to illuminate your outdoor environment but also it is crafted to compliment it. It has a bronze finish that brings elegance and uniqueness.

It also has a selectable light timer that includes test, 1 min, 5 min, and 10 min. The selectable light timer works with the adjustable detection zone sensitivity to provide you with customized results.

Ideally, this fixture comes with a 5’ heavy-duty cord, and it does not require wiring. You will, therefore, be able to use it immediately out of the box; simply mount it to any wall, plug it in, and voila! Let there be light.

Once you have installed it, the light will activate automatically at dusk and deactivate at dawn. It detects motion up to 70 feet and within a 240-degree zone. It is the perfect fixture for lighting up dark and secluded areas or anywhere light is needed.

9. Sunix Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light

With a holder that is 360-degree adjustable and a 120-degree wide motion sensor, the Sunix Outdoor Motion Sensor Flood Light will provide you with a full range of lighting and sensing angle. Its motion sensor detects movement up to 10 – 26 feet away.

The motion sensor light also has an updated solar panel, which absorbs light for just a few hours under the sunlight during the day and lights up throughout the night.

When fully charged, the light works up to 6 – 8 hours in Steady mode. It is suited for the outdoor environment as seen through the IP65 waterproof and durable housing, which is also heat resistant.

Still on durable construction; the light has double layers that combine with a tightly-sealed loop to deliver long-lasting performance. Sunix has packed it with 16 LEDs to enable it to offer super bright lighting in a wide area.

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10. W-LITE 20W Outdoor Led Motion Sensor Flood Light

When it comes to sturdiness, few fixtures can go toe to toe with this model. It has sturdy housing that consists of 85-percent aluminum, 10-percent tempered glass, and only 5-percent plastic. This combination means you will have a well-built lighting system that will illuminate your yard, deck, hallway or patio for years to come.

The light comes with a free US 3-plug to make sure you have an easy time operating it. It also has an ON/OFF feature to further make it super easy to operate.

Furthermore, it is loaded with PIR (Passive infra-red) motion detection technology that enables it to detect the movement of people, animals or other objects.

The technology makes the fixture lights up automatically whenever movement is detected. The housing of the light has a waterproof rating of IP65, while its motion sensor boasts a water-repellent rating of IP44.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Flood Light

The following factors will make your work of finding the best quality outdoor motion sensor flood light much easier.


Your outdoor motion sensor flood light should be made of waterproof housing to perfectly withstand such weather extremities as the rain, snow, sleet etc. The construction should also be heat-resistant to allow for great heat dissipation. Lights made of aluminum and tempered glass are sturdy and waterproof; hence, worth considering.

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Motion Sensor Technology

Different outdoor motion sensor flood lights have different motion sensor technologies. That is to say, there are some with motion sensor technologies, which detect up to 6 meters of movement and others with motion sensor technologies that can detect more than 12 meters. It is, therefore, advisable that you consider a model with powerful motion sensor technology.


The brightness of a fixture is mainly determined by the number of lumens the fixture has. This means the higher the lumens, the brighter the fixture. So, if possible, try to settle for a fixture with as many lumens as possible.

Energy Consumption

An outdoor motion sensor flood light can be very bright without necessarily consuming too much energy. Therefore, be sure to only choose those lighting systems that are energy-efficient. You can also look for solar-powered fixtures to prevent your electricity bills from skyrocketing.

Frequently Asked Questions for Outdoor Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Can I customize the settings of my motion sensor flood light (s)?

Yes. Most outdoor motion sensor flood lights have customized settings to help you get desirable results.

How does motion sensor technology works?

Motion sensor technology looks for changes in infrared radiation. This means when a human being or animal comes into the range of the detector, the technology will sense the heat from the body, and then raise the alarm.

Do motion sensor works during the day?

Motion sensors are designed to make fixtures turn on automatically when motion is detected after dusk. Ideally, there are some flood lights that can be adjusted to make motion sensors work during the day.


It is necessary that you stay safe anywhere, anytime. Well, one convenient way to upgrade your home security is to use an outdoor motion sensor flood light. The lights have motion sensor technologies that enable them to turn on automatically when motion is detected. They are affordable, eco-friendly, and energy efficient. So, go ahead and choose one from the reviews above.

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