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Top 10 Best Off Road Go Karts in 2021 Reviews

Instead of spending a lot of money every weekend to take your kid to go-kart racing, simply invest in the best off road go karts to enjoy the fun at home.

Driving off road go karts is not only a great recreational activity but also it will make you enjoy quality time with your family.The karts are available for kids and adults alike, so each member of the family can enjoy. However, not all go-karts are designed equally.

Such that to make the most out of it, you need to get the best one the market has to offer. That is why we have included the following top 10 best reviews in 2021 to help you identify the best off road go kart.

Lists of​​ the Best Off Road Go Karts Reviews

1. Kandi 2-seat Go Kart-150cc

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Get ready for some fun and serious go-karting experience with the Kandi 2-seat Go Kart-150cc. It is made out of heavy gauge steel frame to be a durable unit that can last a lifetime with limited use. The kart is available in beautiful extensive color selections to enable you to find your absolute favorite.

It is fueled by a smooth 150cc single cylinder, air cooled engine that can produce up to 10.5 horsepower to move as fast as 36mph. The kart is one of the easiest to drive; thanks to the conveniently located floor shifter for forward, reverse, and neutral as well as a fully automatic transmission.

It boasts rugged suspension and high traction wheels to offer excellent ground clearance for driving on logs, rocks, and other obstacles easily. Besides, the kart is packed with safety features including padded frame guard bars, 4 point seat harness, a horn, headlights, and side rear view mirrors among others.

2. Powersportsgalaxy 2-Seater Go Kart-110cc

The Powersportsgalaxy 2-Seater Go Kart-110cc is the best go-kart choice for pre-teens and youths. It is powered by1100cc single cylinder, 4 stroke air-cooled engine to make you drive as fast as 24mph.

The kart comes 80% assembled so you only need to assemble a few parts including the handlebar, seats, and tires. It runs on high-traction wheels that are sturdy to enable you to drive over rugged terrains.

The seats have a bucket style design with poly foam and all-weather vinyl construction to provide comfortable and long-lasting performance. They are equipped with individual seat belts to keep the riders safe throughout the ride.

For added safety, this kart features headlights, speed limiter, and kill switch. It has an overall weight of 280 pounds to give it the stability not to topple easily. And it comes in black and red colors for you to choose from.

3. Razor Ride-On Ground Force Drifter Fury

Unleash the fury in you when you go karting with the Razor Ride-On Ground Force Drifter Fury. This unit features low profile cast aluminum wheels, sturdy steel construction, and an upgraded rear axle for increased durability and maneuverability.

It is powered by a chain-driven motor and a powerful variable speed to help you reach speeds of up to 12mph. The kart runs on upgraded wheels with solid rubber tires and super slider POM rear wheels to make you the neighborhood’s drift king.

It boasts thumb trigger acceleration control and hand operated rear brakes to give the driver optimum drifting control. This kart is recommended for kids aged 8 years and older with a maximum weight of 140 pounds.

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Additionally, it has a bucket style seat with shoulder strap, battery charger, flag, and replaceable spark cartridge for added safety.

4. Best Choice Products Go-Kart Kids Racer

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Operated by a practical foot pedal accelerator and a flexible steering wheel, the Best Choice Products Go-Kart Kids Racer offers a real racing experience. It features a 12-V motor with speed selecting-buttons to enable you to switch from low to high between 1.5 mph to 2.8 mph.

There is a push-to-start function to ensure this kart is easy to start and to stop for easy operations. The kart is built with 3 high traction racing wheels to allow you to ride on various kinds of terrains for ultimate racing fun.It has in-car steering complete with a spring suspension system to ensure a smooth ride all through the town.

Not only does the kart have a sleek design but also it has a working horn and a convenient cup holder to enable your little one to ride in style. What’s more, it comes in two colors (red and yellow) to pick from, depending on your child’s taste.

5. Hauck Thunder II Pedal Go Kart, Orange

Equipped with an adjustable bucket seat, the Hauck Thunder II Pedal Go Kart fits a wide variety of kids with various heights. It is equipped with high-quality rubber wheels to offer better grip and smooth ride on various kinds of terrains.

The raw acceleration design and two hand power steering make taking corners easy and fun. The kart seems well-built to offer long-lasting durability with frequent use. There is no doubt it is built with kids in mind, especially with the race-style pedals and 8 ball style brakes for easy operation.

It comes in a nice orange color that is bold and nice for your kid to love. It is equipped with two headlights to allow your little one to see ahead when darkness is approaching. Besides, there are brakes to help your kid control his speed to stay safe while riding.


If you want a useful and fun oriented go-kart for your adolescents, there is no better option than the TRAILMASTER XRX-R 200cc KIDS GO KART. This unit has a simple design that makes it very easy to operate by kids who have no extra knowledge. It is made of a heavy-duty frame and hydraulic disc brakes to give your kid the perfect ride.

The 2-seat kart can be adjusted at the back with the paddles, according to the height of your kids. The seats are sturdy, comfortable, and safe with the included safety belts. Thus, this model makes the right kart for off road racing experience.

It runs on a dynamic 200cc with a minimum speed of 30mph, making it fit for residential rides. Furthermore, the kart comes with heavy-duty high traction wheels to allow for smooth rides on various terrains.

7. Taotao GK80 Go Kart-79cc

Consider the Taotao GK80 Go Kart-79cc for the best gas-powered go kart that will introduce your child to a lifelong hobby. It is designed with 4-stroke single cylinder engine that can produce 79cc of power. With this power, your child can only attain a maximum speed of 15 mph, which can be adjusted according to individual needs.

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The kart is equipped with hydraulic brakes that work to bring you to an immediate stop whenever need be. Plus it comes with huge high traction wheels that will literally take your child places.

The transmission is automatic with no clutch required and there is no reverse function to accidentally switch on. This kart is ideal for kids aged 9 and below. And it is available in neat black and red colors that your kid will absolutely fall in love with.

8. ScooterX Go Kart Sport Kart 163cc

If your child loves speed racing, then the ScooterX Go Kart Sport Kart 163cc is a nice gift for him. The kart has a rustic tubular steel design with rear coil suspension that makes it ideal for on and off road fun with his siblings and friends.

It is powered by a 196cc engine that delivers 6.5hp for more speed. There is also an easy 4 stroke pull start and centered clutch for easy operation and safe rides. This go kart is crafted with butterfly steering wheels and hand brakes for easy movements and abrupt stops respectively.

Remember, the kart is not for entry-level beginners, and it is only recommended for riders aged 12 years and above. Besides, you should always ride while wearing full protection of a helmet, pants, and long sleeve tops.

9. Power Wheels Dune Racer, Green

Blessed with kids who are into rugged-looking go-karts? Gift them with the Power Wheels Dune Racer. This unit is equipped with monster traction wheels to enable your kids to drive smoothly on rough terrains, hard surfaces, and even wet grass.

It is operated by a 12-V battery that comes with its own charger for utmost convenience. This go-kart boasts innovative metal sidebars to offer hand support for your kid to ride in style. It rides at 2.5 and 5mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse.

At the same time, there is a power lock brake system to bring you to an instant brake while at high speed. This kart has a sturdy steel frame with appealing chrome accents and an open design that is roomy enough to accommodate two riders. Also, it is available in three interesting colors that most kids will love.

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10. MotoTec Go Kart 49cc-Sandman

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Built tough with front and rear bumpers, the MotoTec Go Kart 49cc-Sandman is just perfect for on-road and off-road riding.

It features 9-inch direct and ground clearance chain drive to deliver higher top speed. The kart is operated by a 49cc 2-stroke engine to offer a maximum speed of 30mph. It is what is referred to as a power kart, as it is meant to be driven with your legs over the low mounted handlebars while your hands are seated under your knee.

The kart is recommended for kids and adults alike. It is constructed of a high-tensile frame, powerful axle mounted vented rear brakes, and 8-inch knobby tires to foster high-speed racing.

Additional features include foldable seatbelt and a safety flag for greater visibility. It is advisable that you always ride this kart while wearing protective gear for you to be safe.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best off Road Go Kart

Consider the following features if you want to arrive at the best off-road kart with a minimal search.


The off road go-karts are available with different speed limits. Therefore, if you are buying one for yourself, ensure the speed is high enough to allow you to enjoy the optimum racing experience. However, if you are purchasing a go kart for your child, make sure you get one with speed control to keep your child safe.

Balance and Ergonomics

When shopping for the best go-kart, ensure it is ergonomically designed to give you the needed support and comfort. At the same time, it should be well-balanced in order to prevent you from toppling over, especially when taking corners. Massive wheels are just examples of proper balance and ergonomics.


The capacity of a given go kart has to do with the number of riders it can accommodate at ago. Normally, this is determined by the number of seats and the maximum weight limit of a particular unit. If you are looking for a kart to ride in with your child, it should be large enough to accommodate both of you. Likewise, if you want to ride with a friend, the kart should be large enough to hold both of your weights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a driver’s license to drive a go-kart?

No. you do not need a driver’s license to drive a go-kart. All you need is the willingness and the ability to control the steering as most karts are easy to operate.

How old should you be to drive a go-kart?

For kids’ go karts, you need to be at least 8 years old to drive. While for adult go karts, you need to be at least 13 years old to drive.

Do you need to wear race-wear when driving a go kart?

Not necessarily. However, it is recommended that you wear protective gear including long-sleeved clothing, pants, and a helmet so you are safe just in case you topple over.


Off-road karting is absolutely fun, especially if you have the right machine. There is no limit to where you can go; thanks to the massive high-traction wheels. Besides, they are very easy to operate and you do not need any special skills at all to drive them. So waste no more time, and make a purchase of the best off-road kart from our top 10 reviews.

Best Sellers: Best Off Road Go Karts

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