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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses in 2021 Reviews

The best motorcycle riding glasses do more than just giving you that super cool bad-boy/girl look. They have high-performance lenses that offer maximum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Their lenses also ensure that dust particles do not get into your eyes. Plus they are windproof to make your motorcycle rides one of the smoothest in town. Another feature of top quality motorcycle riding glasses is the comfort design.

Yes, they have well-padded frames, so you can wear them throughout your riding experience. Here are the ones we have selected in the following highly competitive reviews.

Lists of​​ the Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses Reviews

1. Private Label Motorcycle Riding Glasses – 3 Pair

The sun’s harmful rays will be the least of your concern if you have these motorcycle riding glasses. This is because they are equipped with mirror-coated UV400 lenses, which offer great protection against dangerous UV rays. The lenses are made of polycarbonate material, and, therefore, they will deliver a solid performance.

Each of them is 1-1/4 inches high at the center and 3” across, which is just fine. Ideally, these riding glasses for motorcycles have rubber padding around the lenses to provide you with excellent comfort. They also have vents that prevent fogging, so you can always have a clear vision.

And with arms that are 5 inches long (each), expect the riding glasses to fit you perfectly while enjoying a ride on your motorcycle. The riding glasses are available in 4 different colors, which are Clear, Smoke, Yellow, and Yellow-smoke-clear.

2. AULLY PARK Motorcycle Riding Glasses with 4 Lens Kit

Waterproof, sand-proof, dust-proof, and windproof; there is nothing that can subdue the AULLY PARK Motorcycle Riding Glasses. These riding glasses for motorcycles come with four interchangeable tinted lenses with different colors to provide you with amazing results.

The lenses include a neutral gray lens, which offers true color definition, and it is perfect for all purpose as well as everyday use; copper lens, which increases contrast, and it is great for strong sunlight conditions, playing golf, and cycling/daytime driving; Clear MLC lens, which has a special multi-layer coating and helps improve visual acuity in conditions with dim lighting, and lastly, Cadmium Yellow lens that is perfect for the super dim light condition such as evenings and cloudy days.

All 4 lenses offer 100-percent protection against the dangerous UVA/UVB rays. These riding glasses can also be used for driving, climbing, and outdoor sports.

3. Besti Motorcycle Glasses (3-Pack)

Settle for nothing but the best; that’s the main rule of Besti. With that said, expect their products, including these 3-pack motorcycle glasses, to have outstanding quality. The glasses come in a variety of colors including Clear, Pink Assorted, Smoke, Yellow, and Yellow-Smoke-Clear.

This means finding a set that best suits your needs will be easy peasy. Furthermore, each of these glasses features UV400 grade lenses to offer the ultimate eye protection against dust particles and wind.

They also have a clever design that makes them the perfect accessory for motorcycle riders. They are designed for all four seasons and made of polycarbonate, so they can deliver solid performance year in year out.

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With them, your eye vision will always be at 100-percent capacity; thanks to their non-fogging vents. The riding glasses are not just great for motorcycles but also they are ideal for snowmobiles, ATVs, and scooters.

4. The Fresh 3 Pairs Motorcycle Riding Glasses

The Fresh offers a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee to make sure you only use what you like. Besides, the motorcycle riding glasses are well designed and have great features. One of these features is the high-functioning lens that blocks 100-percent of both UVA and UVB radiation.

By so doing, the lens helps keep the eyes healthy as well as free from long-term UV exposure. Another feature is the rubber padding around the lenses to provide you with exceptional comfort.

Plus there are vents that prevent fogging to make sure your vision is not tampered with in any way. The lens width of these glasses is 65 millimeters, while the lens height is 42 millimeters.

Their arms, on the other hand, are 121 millimeters (each). Moreover, the lens of these motorcycle riding glasses is made of poly carbonate for ultimate durability.

5. Killer Whale Men’s Motorcycle Glasses, 3 Pairs

These men’s motorcycle glasses are the best bet for boating, trekking, cycling bicycle, motorcycling, driving, climbing, running, skiing, racing, and other outdoor sports activities. They have a lightweight design that helps make them comfortable to wear.

The motorcycle glasses also feature inner foam padding, which blocks out dust and wind to help maintain your vision. They are available in clear and yellow colors, which make them perfect for night riding.

The mirror coated UV400 lenses means these motorcycle glasses can be heavily relied on to offer protection against the dangerous rays from the sun. Also, there are vents that prevent fogging.

These motorcycle glasses are durable, comfortable to wear, and versatile. Plus they are really affordable. We, therefore, believe that you should try them out. They come in 3 pairs to suit many different environments.

6. Choppers 3 Pairs of Glasses for Outdoor Activity Sport

Choppers Company understands that different people have different preferences and tastes. That’s why their 3 pairs of motorcycle riding glasses are available in different colors. These colors are Smoke-Yellow-Clear, High Definition-Smoke-Amber, Hd-Silver Revo-White Revo, and Hd-Silver Blue-White Blue.

The lens of these motorcycle riding glasses is made of plastic; hence, it is very tough. What’s more, the lens is non-polarized and has a width of 2 inches.

The great build quality of these motorcycle riding glasses has been extended to their frame, which is made of plastic as well for superior durability. To make these riding glasses for motorcycle comfortable, the manufacturer has provided enough padding.

The riding glasses for motorcycle may be expensive than most brands we have reviewed earlier. However, they are worth the price, considering how tough they have been built.

7. WYND Blocker Polarized Riding Sunglasses

One unique feature of the WYND Blocker Polarized Riding Sunglasses is the quick-release button, which allows these sunglasses to effortlessly transform from glasses to goggles. Another unique feature is the removable foam wind block liner that helps improve the overall performance of the riding sunglasses.

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In addition, we are impressed with the dimensions of these sunglasses. They include a 50mm lens height, 65mm lens width, 150mm temple length, 150mm frame width, and 19mm nose bridge. The sunglasses are really designed for riding.

And this can be justified by the lightweight design that makes them ideal for motorcycle and cycling bicycle, boating, trekking, driving, climbing, running, skiing, fishing, and racing.

They also have rubberized ear pieces that will help maintain stability and grip on your head. Their polarized lenses have Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) technology not to mention being equipped with 100-percent UV400 protection coating. With that being said, the lenses will protect you 100-percent from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

8. Global Vision Outfitter Motorcycle Glasses

Another set of motorcycle riding glasses we think you should know is this one from Global Vision Eyewear. The motorcycle glasses meet the industrial standards set by the ANSI Z87.1-2003. With that being said, these glasses can be used in almost any place.

Their matte black nylon frame looks neat, and it is stylish enough to perfectly blend with your motorcycle outfit. Moreover, it has fabric-covered soft airy foam for unrivaled comfort.

These motorcycle glasses also have polycarbonate lenses that are resistant to shatter and boast UV400 Filter for maximum protection from the harmful UV rays. Lenses are made with scratch-resistant coating, so they can offer durable performance.

Also, there is a double-sided anti-fog coating to help maintain your clear vision. These motorcycle glasses are available in different colors, which are Smoke Lens, Yellow Tint Lens, and Clear Lens.

9. Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles with Clear Lens

Performance meets protection with the Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles. They are well-engineered motorcycle riding glasses that will no doubt destroy dirt tracks and provide you with the performance you are seeking. Their durable frame is made of urethane construction for maximum flexibility even in unimaginably cold weather.

The flexible frame also offers a maximized peripheral view. In addition, these goggles come equipped with triple-layer face foam that works with a silicon lining (found on the inside of the strap) to offer a stable and secure fit on your face.

Plus they are equipped with an elastic strap that is adjustable and easy to wear for long hours of use. Given that the lenses of these goggles are clear, you will get a maximum amount of light for an effortless riding experience.

The goggles are available in an assortment of colors, which are Jet Black, Yellow Blue, Jet Black & White, True Carbon Fiber, Matte Carbon Fiber, Red Yellow, Orange Gunmetal, and Red.

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10. Global Vision Eyewear Stray Cats Motorcycle Glasses (Set of 3)

The tenth product on our list is a set of these quality motorcycle riding glasses. They have managed to be here because of their great build quality and outstanding performance. Their clear, smoke and yellow tint lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate, which offers unrivaled durability.

The lenses also boast UV400 filter that allows them to offer maximum UV protection. Another feature that contributes to the peerless performance of these motorcycle glasses is the scratch-resistant coating that helps increase the lifespan of the lenses.

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There is also neoprene foam, which offers comfort while you are on the road. Other features include a double-sided anti-fog coating as well as durable and sleek aerodynamic frames. A set has 3 different motorcycle glasses to make sure you are 100-percent satisfied with your purchase.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses

This piece also provides you with factors to consider when buying motorcycle riding glasses.


To benefit from your motorcycle riding glasses, you must make sure that its lenses will deliver. This means you should be keen enough to settle for motorcycle riding glasses with lenses that offer 100-percent protection against the harmful UV rays. The lenses should also be durable, shatterproof, and have the right coloring.

The Frame

Like the lenses, you should go for motorcycle riding glasses with a durable frame. Such a frame will provide you with long-lasting performance. In addition, the frame should be built with comfort in mind. With that said, consider frames that are well padded since they offer maximum comfort, thereby, allowing you to wear the glasses for long hours.

Vents and Anti-fog Coating

Vents are very important in motorcycle riding glasses. As such, they should not be overlooked when purchasing glasses. They help prevent fogging, thereby, maintaining your clear vision throughout the riding experience. Ideally, the lenses of your motorcycle riding glasses should have an anti-fog coating to further keep the fog at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions for Motorcycle Riding Glasses

What are the advantages of HD lenses?

HD lenses are ultra-modern lenses with innumerable benefits. Some of these benefits include unmatched clarity, reduction of distortion by up to 20-percent, and increment of the field of vision by up to 30-percent compared to standard lenses.

Can motorcycle riding glasses be used for other activities?

Yes. Some motorcycle riding glasses are also great for trekking, riding snowmobiles/ATVs, boating, driving, climbing mountains, and many more.

Should I consider the dimensions of motorcycle riding glasses before purchase?

It is very important to check the dimensions of motorcycle riding glasses you are about to buy, so you can get a perfectly fitting set.

What color lens is the best for motorcycling?

Amber and copper tints increase contrast; hence, they are the best for motorcycling and driving.


It is advisable that you consider wearing motorcycle riding glasses whether you are a serious biker or an occasional rider. This is because motorcycle riding glasses are made to protect you from the dangerous UV rays. They also offer protection from the wind as well as keeping dirt particles away. That said, take a look at the above reviews, buyer’s guide, and Frequently Asked Questions to know which one fits the bill.

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