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Top 10 Best Mens Winter Vests in 2021 Reviews

Every man’s wardrobe should have the best mens winter vests. Warm but not too warm, these winter vests are the perfect purchase for any man who wants to look cool without sacrificing warmth and comfort. The winter vests are obviously sleeveless, and this enables them to go with many different clothes.

You can wear them with a tee shirt, jeans, sports pants, sweatshirt, and many more. Besides, these vests are water-resistant; hence, they are great for misty or rainy weather. To make sure you stand a better chance to get one, we have compiled the following reviews.

Our Top Pick
ZSHOW Men's Winter Vest Removable Hooded...
Best For Value
Wantdo Men's Winter Quilted Vest with Removable...
Best expensive
Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight...
ZSHOW Men's Winter Vest Removable Hooded...
Wantdo Men's Winter Quilted Vest with Removable...
Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight...
Our Top Pick
ZSHOW Men's Winter Vest Removable Hooded...
ZSHOW Men's Winter Vest Removable Hooded...
Best For Value
Wantdo Men's Winter Quilted Vest with Removable...
Wantdo Men's Winter Quilted Vest with Removable...
Best expensive
Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight...
Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight...

Check out the Best Mens Winter Vests Reviews

1. ZSHOW Men’s Winter Removable Hooded Padded Vest

One of the main things you should consider before buying a mens winter vest is durability. The ZSHOW is the first on this list because, when it comes to durability, no vest matches its performance. Its durability comes from the material it is made of. The shell is made of 100-percent polyester, the lining is made of 100-percent polyester, and the filling is made of 100-percent polyester as well.

The durability improves its versatility by making it reliable. Needless to say, the winter vest is great for daily wear, camping, work, skiing, shopping, snowboarding, and more. The vest looks nice and goes with tee shirts, boots, heavy coats, sport pants, jeans, and other casual.

Apart from winter, this vest is perfect for spring and fall. It is machine washable, and this means it is very easy to care for. What’s more, this men’s winter padded vest is packed with up to 3 pockets. These include 1 inside pocket and 2 side pockets. The pockets keep valuables secure and hands warm.

2. Vcansion Men’s Outdoor Collar Padded Vest Coats

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Like the first men’s winter vest on this list, these padded vest coats are super durable. Their shell, lining, and filling are all made of 100-percent polyester. This means they can stand the test of time. Their design is zipper closure; hence, putting them on and taking them off is a breeze. The padded vest coats are also easy to care for.

You can hand wash or dry clean. After that, hang dry and voila! You have a clean vest. The care instructions advise against bleaching these vest coats. So, every time you are cleaning the vest coats, make sure you observe that. That stand collar design increases visual height as well as helping to keep your neck warm.

Another thing that makes these vest coats popular is the fact that their durability does not depend on polyester only but also craftsmanship. The parallel quilted design featuring fine sewing craft makes the vest coats incredibly durable and at the same time prevents leakage of imitation cotton stuffing. The vest coats look nice and are perfect for several occasions.

3. Wantdo Men’s Winter Puffer Vest

The Wantdo Puffer Vest is the perfect men’s vest for winter. Its shell is made of 100-percent polyester, the lining is made of flannel, and the padding is made of 100-percent polyester. This is a good combination of materials, considering that it offers both durability and comfort. As if that’s not enough, this winter puffer vest boasts a solid quilting pattern, which, in turn, features narrow horizontal quilt lines that stabilize insulation during cold days.

The winter vest for men also features a detachable hood with drawstring to help keep your head insulated. The hood is detachable for convenience. Plus it is adjustable to protect your ears from frostbite and the wind. Another feature that improves the windproof performance of this vest is the center front zipper that is snap-placket covered to seal out the wind as well as to retain warmth.

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The vest also features a straight hem that combines with polyester lining to provide you with maximum comfort. Furthermore, there is a hip length that gives you the freedom to move. The winter vest is for hiking, climbing, everyday wear, casual, snowsports, traveling, and other outdoor activities.

4. Amazon Essentials Men’s Packable Puffer Vest

Amazon Essentials is loved by many because it listens to customers and always tries to make changes where necessary. This enables them to produce quality, comfortable, and well-fitting outfits. For instance, this men’s packable puffer vest is of high-end quality.

Both the shell and the lining are made of 100-percent nylon, whereas the fill is made of 100-percent polyester. The vest is machine washable, and this means caring for it is not daunting. It comes in multiple color options, including Olive Heather, Navy, Grey, Black, and Charcoal Heather. These materials are unique and match the personalities of most men.

Besides, this winter vest has a packable design that allows you to easily carry it in your luggage when you are traveling. You can use it anywhere at any time. It has a stand-up collar that helps protect your neck from frostbite. It also features a full-zip front, which makes it easy to put on and take off. Another thing to say about this winter vest is that it is water-resistant; meaning light showers, spills, and splashes will not bother you when you have it.

5. Heihuohua Men’s Padded Thick Warm Vest

This is one of the most versatile mens winter vests you have ever come across. It is made of 100-percent polyester, which is a strong material. That being said, this fabric plays a huge role in making the vest one of the most durable on the market. The fabric also combines with the stylish look of the vest to increase versatility.

Needless to say, the vest is great for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, camping, and more. It is also perfect for daily wear, work, dining, date, and a day/night out with friends. The vest features a zip closure design that makes it easy to wear and to take off. It also features 2 slant pockets that help keep your hands warm; one chest pocket for keeping those small items you are likely to use regularly, and one inner pocket for keeping valuables.

The vest is ultra-lightweight; hence, it will keep you warm without weighing you down. It has sandwich quilting, and it is available in several sizes to choose from. Besides, this winter vest has a stand-up collar that provides extra warmth around the neck area.

6. Escalier Men’s Lightweight Puffer Vest Coats

The urban lifestyle can be very demanding in terms of what to wear. That’s why we urge you to try the Escalier Men’s Puffer Vest Coats. These vest coats look nice and will bring something unique to your wardrobe. You can pair them with tee shirts, sport pants, jeans, boots, heavy coats, and other casual.

They are great for winter, spring, and fall. What’s more, they are suitable for several occasions, including outing, holiday, daily wear, shopping, and work. They have two slant pockets where you can “hide” your hands when it gets extremely cold. They also have a stand-collar design that keeps your neck warm as well as increasing visual height. Furthermore, the vest coats have a zip-up closure design for easy on and off.

They are made in the USA and are available in 3 different sizes, which are Small, Large, and Medium. They are, however, available in one color (navy) only but this should not be a concern because the color goes with any apparel. Both the shell and lining are made of 100-percent polyester, whereas the filling is made of 100-percent cotton.

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7. Wantdo Men’s Puffer Vest with Removable Hood

The fabric used to make this puffer vest for men is 100-percent polyester. It is, therefore, evident that this vest is durable and easy to care for. The fabric also makes the vest coat water-resistant. Ideally, the vest coat can work under over 3000mm pressure head. Having said that, expect this vest coat to keep you dry and comfortable. The vest coat can fight misty and rainy weather.

It also provides maximum warmth, given that it has cotton padding that helps with heat retention. Moreover, the puffer vest comes with a knitted hood that provides extra warmth. The hood is removable for convenience. The hood also has a drawstring to protect your ears from frostbite and wind.

Another feature that does a good job of making sure you stay warm all through is the center front zipper that features a high collar to keep out the wind. The vest coat has a total of 5 pockets, including 1 chest pocket, 2 inner pockets, and 2 hand pockets. These pockets provide a secure place to store your valuables. What’s more, some, such as the 2 hand pockets, offer a perfect place to keep your hands warm.

8. Wantdo Men’s Hooded Winter Vest Jacket

Wantdo knows that the best fabric is polyester. Therefore, it has made this vest jacket with 100-percent polyester. The 75D polyester does a great job of keeping you dry and comfortable in misty mornings and light rainy weather. Besides, it improves the versatility of this vest jacket.That being said, the vest jacket is ideal for daily wear, work, casual, and more.

The vest jacket also features enough cotton padding. As such, you can rely on it to help you get going in cold weather. Additionally, it has 2 slant hand pockets that offer great warmth during cold days. The zipper is of high quality and locks the temperatures, thereby, further justifying why you should get this vest for winter. Another pocket is one inner pocket, which is excellent for storing small valuables.

There is also an earphone line fastening & supporting fixture inside the vest that ensures ultimate convenience. It is a well-made vest jacket that will keep you warm without taking away your style. It can be worn with a sweatshirt, shirt, sweater, and suit.

9. Gihuo Men’s Padding Winter Puffer Vest

We like the sizes this puffer vest comes in. They include XS, S, M, L, and XL. These sizes make it easy to find what fits you perfectly. We also like the fact that the winter puffer vest is available in several colors. These are Black, 02 Grey, 02 Wine, Army Green, Khaki, Navy, and 02 Black.

These colors also make sure you have an easy time choosing what will go with your personal style. The jacket is made of 100-percent polyester. Therefore, like others on this list, expect it to be durable and more than ready to stand up to the harsh outdoor environment.

The fabric is machine washable although bleaching is not recommended. The puffer winter vest will keep you warm in cold weather. In addition, this jacket has 2 slant zipper pockets that help keep your hand warm. Plus there is one inner pocket, which comes in handy when you have a number of valuables to carry along. The winter vest is ideal for home, school, casual, street, work, and outdoors, among others.

10. APRAW Men’s Winter Puffer Down Vest

APRAW likes it when you look cool even during the coldest months of the year. That’s why it is pleased to bring you this men’s winter puffer down vest. It is made of 100-percent polyester; hence, its durability cannot be questioned. The down vest is unisex; meaning you can get two – one for you and the other for your wife or girlfriend. It is available in many different sizes, including small, large, medium, and x-large.

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This wide range of sizes ensures you do not struggle to find what fits you as expected. Besides, this winter puffer vest is ultra-lightweight so it can keep you toasty and cozy without being a burden. It is ideal for exercise, fishing, and gardening, among others.

The jacket will also keep you dry; thanks to its waterproofing performance. It comes with a 7-day quality guarantee to give you confidence in buying it knowing that you are getting a top-notch product that the manufacturer fully stands behind. Moreover, this jacket has up to 3 pockets (2 side zipper pockets and 1 interior pocket) for storing valuables and keeping hands warm.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Mens Winter Vests

In this section, we have talked about the factors to have in mind when buying a winter vest for men.


The design of your winter vest should be functional and practical. It should feature a stand-up collar to help keep your neck warm. Also, if possible, you should choose a hooded winter vest. This is because hoods keep the head warm and comfortable. Ideally, the hood should be detachable to make sure it is only there when you need it.


Pockets in men’s winter vests are very important. This means the more the pockets, the better. Multiple pockets will provide you with a place to hide your hands when it gets extremely cold. They will also offer you more than enough room to store valuables and other small items.


Most winter vests for men are made of polyester because polyester is durable and easy to care for. However, this does not mean you should only choose a winter vest made of polyester. There are other materials, like nylon, that are equally of good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should winter vests be water-resistant?

A winter vest does not be water-resistant. But if there is one that is water-resistant, don’t think twice about getting it. A water-resistant winter vest is very versatile and can even be worn in misty or rainy weather.

Which winter vest has the highest number of pockets?

The Wantdo Men’s Puffer Vest with Removable Hood has up to 5 pockets, including 2 inner pockets, 2 hand pockets, and 1 chest pocket. Most winter vests have just 3 pockets, making this particular brand number one when it comes to the number of pockets a winter vest has.

Which winter vest is unisex?

Although APRAW Men’s Winter Puffer Down Vest is advertised as a winter vest for men, it has a unisex design. It is, therefore, perfect for men and women.


Winter is around the corner, and you know what that means – it is time to upgrade your winter wardrobe. Well, this is where a winter vest for men comes into play. It is a modern piece of outerwear designed to keep you warm without compromising your style. It is affordable; therefore, getting it should not be daunting.

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