Top 10 Best Men’s Merino Wool Base Layer in 2021 Reviews

The best men’s merino wool base layer should be very comfortable and lightweight because it comes into direct contact with your skin. As their name suggests, base layers are designed to keep you warm in cold weather. Ideally, the ones made of merino wool work great because merino has lots of benefits such as odor-resistant and anti-bacterial properties.

Merino wool is also breathable to ensure that you are able to wear these base layers even during summer. Plus it is lightweight to make sure you are not inconvenienced in any way during such outdoor activities as ice fishing, hunting, snowboarding, skiing, and more. Here, we have prepared for you some reviews to help you make correct decisions in the event that you decide to buy one.

List of​​ the Best Men’s Merino Wool Base Layer Reviews

1. WoolX Men’s Merino Wool Base Layer Top – Glacier

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This men’s merino wool base layer top is made for incredibly cold weather. This means it is the go-to clothing when the temperature hits below zero degrees. You can wear it as a mid layer or base layer when you are going on a camping trip or hiking adventure.

Furthermore, this merino wool base layer top is great for playing sports, snowmobiling, running, working, hunting, and skiing. It boasts 400 grams per square meter, meaning it provides warmth without being bulky or heavy. That being said, this men’s merino wool base layer top is the best bet for an active lifestyle.

With it, such things as the wind, snow, or sleet will not hold you back. Since it is made of merino wool, the base layer top is incredibly soft, and it will not stretch or shrink. The manufacturer believes in its quality, and that’s why it is offering a money-back guarantee in case of a mishap.

2. WoolX Explorer Men’s Midweight Merino Wool Baselayer Top – Black

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WoolX has another product that serves its purpose. At 230g/m2, this merino wool baselayer top is incredibly versatile. It is very lightweight, and this means you will find it great for several activities, including skiing, hunting, running, camping, playing sports, and working, among others.

What’s more, this merino wool baselayer top can be worn as a mid-layer or base layer. It works great as a base layer when the snow starts falling plus it can be used as an outer layer for cool weather. The material used to make this base layer top is a quick-drying fabric that dries 30-percent faster compared to synthetic thermal underwear.

The fabric is also breathable to keep you cool even when you are active. Moreover, it will keep you fresh throughout because it is odor resistant, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial. The base layer top comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, and it is very easy to care for.

3. SmartWool Men’s NTS Mid 250 Crew Top

Frigid temperatures need proper clothing that is designed specifically to combat it. And one piece of clothing that keeps undesirable temperatures at bay is the SmartWool Men’s NTS Mid 250 Crew Top. It boasts Slim Fit craftsmanship that makes it follow the natural contours of your body.

It is made of merino wool which is unbelievably soft and offers a next-to-skin feel. With that said, expect this mid 250 crew top to provide you with endless comfort. The fabric weight is 250 grams per square meter, meaning this crew top is not very heavy. You can, therefore, do a lot of things in it.

Some of these things include running, hiking, camping, and many more. The merino wool used to make this base layer is a naturally antimicrobial fabric that prevents odor-causing bacteria from accumulating and being dangerous to health. To care for this crew top, simply machine wash and then tumble dry.

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4. MERIWOOL Mens Merino Wool Pullover Top

Few manufacturers remember to back their products with a warranty or guarantee. And one of them is MERIWOOL. It provides a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers manufacturing and material defects to give you peace of mind knowing you will not lose in any way should the unexpected happen.

MERIWOOL also backs this pullover top with an exceptional 90-day guarantee. We describe it as “exceptional” because most companies normally issue a 30-day money-back guarantee. In a nutshell, spending money on this product is so safe that one should not think twice.

The pullover top is made of merino wool that naturally wicks moisture to keep you fresh and comfortable. The fabric also boasts odor-resistant and anti-bacterial properties, which make it great for cold weather. What’s more, merino wool dries very quickly to let you focus more on what you are doing and less on your comfort.

5. LAPASA Men’s 100% Merino Wool Top Crew Neck

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LAPASA thermal underwear feels super warm, and it is one of the best base layers for cold conditions. It is made of 100-percent 200 grams, 18.5 microns merino wool, which feels soft and is comfortable against the skin. The 100-percent merino wool offers outstanding insulation and warmth when the temperature drops.

This means during winter, one of the things to consider is this merino wool top crew neck. It is a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that resists odor and bacterial build-up to spare you the frustration of having to put up with funky smells during an outdoor adventure.

What’s more, the merino wool is light in weight; hence, making this top crew neck perfect for layering. The top crew neck comes in a variety of colors, including Black, Navy, and Dark Heather Grey. The color choices go with most pants; therefore, we can say that they are great.

6. MERIWOOL Mens Merino Wool Pullover Sweater

Most clothing designed for cold weather tends to overheat during hot weather. But that’s not the case with the MERIWOOL Mens Merino Wool Pullover Sweater. It is made of superfine 18.5-micron 100-percent all-natural merino wool that provides comfort throughout the day and does not cause itching.

It works great as a mid-layer sweater. What’s more, it has raglan sleeves that will not cause overheating and is perfect for cold weather. Another great feature is the half zipper design that allows you to seal this mid-layer sweater up to enjoy extra warmth or to open it up when you want to cool down.

The sweater comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee. All these after-sale services will improve your confidence in buying this product knowing that the manufacturer truly stands behind it. It is a multipurpose pullover sweater ideal for snowboarding, skiing, ice fishing, mountaineering, etc.

7. MERIWOOL Mens Merino Wool Baselayer Pullover Top

The 17.5-micron rib knit construction makes this men’s merino wool base layer pullover top comfortable on the skin. Also, there are raglan sleeves that will give you the freedom of movement, which is highly needed during an active lifestyle.

The merino wool fabric used to make this pullover top is not just all-natural but also it is permeable to ensure that you are not made uncomfortable by overheating. It lets your skin breathe, thereby, making the pullover top for such outdoor activities as ice fishing, mountaineering, snowboarding, skiing, and more.

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Additionally, the merino wool is anti-bacterial and resistant to odor to keep you fresh through and through. The fabric weight of this pullover top is 180 grams per square meter, meaning the pullover top is incredibly lightweight. The pullover top comes in two different sizes, which are small and large. The sizes make it easy to find what works for you.

8. WoolX Explorer Men’s Midweight Merino Wool Baseb mlayer Top – Iceberg Navy

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WoolX stands behind its products, and this merino wool baselayer top is no exception. It is backed by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee to give you peace of mind knowing that you will only use what you are impressed with. Another great thing WoolX has done on this base layer top is to make it with a merino wool fabric. Considering how lightweight merino wool is, expect this base layer top to be great for nearly all outdoor activities.

Its fabric weight is 230 grams per square meter, making it extremely versatile. Besides, merino wool dries really quickly to ensure that you are never inconvenienced by a wet base layer top every time you are far away from civilization. Apart from iceberg navy, this merino wool base layer is available in mariner blue, black, denim, cobalt stripe, cobalt blue, and charcoal heather.

9. LAPASA Men’s 100% Merino Wool Base Layer Top and Bottom

We think that this set is a great deal, especially when you consider the price. It is a full set that will come in handy every time you want to engage in some outdoor activity. Both the base layer top and bottom are made of 100-percent merino wool because this fabric is one of the best when it comes to offering protection against cold. Merino wool offers effective insulation and warmth, making this set the go-to outfit when the temperature drops.

In addition, merino wool is breathable and wicks away moisture to ensure that you do not overheat in this base layer top and bottom. It also makes the top and bottom lightweight, thereby, making them perfect for layering. Although this set is available in just one color and size, worry not because of both the color and size work for many people.

10. Sheep Run Men’s 100% Merino Wool Long Sleeve Base Layer Tops

Made of 100-percent New Zealand Merino wool, these long sleeve base layer tops are the best bet for when the temperature drops. They are available in a plethora of sizes, which are medium, large, X-large, and XX-large. Medium has the following measurements; length 68cm, chest 100cm, sleeve 61, and shoulder 42cm; Large has the following measurements; length 70cm, sleeve 62cm, shoulder 44cm, and chest 105cm; X-large has the following measurements; shoulder 46cm, chest 110cm, sleeve 63cm, and length 72cm, and the measurements for XX-large are as follows; shoulder 48cm, sleeve 65cm, length 73cm, and chest 115cm.

With these numerous sizes, expect to have an easy time finding what best fits you. The tops are machine washable; hence, they are super easy to care for. They are also machine-dryable to ensure that you do not have to wait for a long time for them to dry. Their fabric weight is 200grams per square meter, making them versatile enough to be used for almost all outdoor activities.

SaleBestseller No. 2
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MERIWOOL Mens Base Layer 100% Merino Wool Thermal...
MERIWOOL Mens Base Layer 100% Merino Wool Thermal...
Package Includes: 1 - Men’s 250g/m² merino wool thermal leggings

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Merino Wool Base Layer

Before buying a base layer, the following are worth considering;

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Yes, all the above base layers are made of merino wool but did you know that merino wool fabrics differ in porosity, density, and diameter? Merino wool fabrics with high porosity are very breathable; hence, great for summer and vice versa. Ideally, merino wool fabrics have densities ranging from 130g/m2 to 250g/m2. With that said, fabrics with densities below 160g/m2 are great for summer because they are lighter than those with densities above 160g/m2. The diameter, on the other hand, ranges from 17 microns to 24 microns. Those with 17 microns are ultrafine merino wool fabrics, whereas those with 24 microns are strong merino wool fabrics.


Merino wool has lots of advantages but like any other product, it has drawbacks as well. One of these drawbacks is that it is less durable than synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. For this reason, you may want to buy a base layer that is made of a blend of merino wool and nylon or polyester, or any other durable synthetic material.


Most base layers are tight fitting, and this means anything other than flatlock seams can cause chafing or rubbing, making them uncomfortable to wear for a long period. So, before buying a men’s merino wool base layer, be keen to only settle for the one with flatlock seams because it will not cause chafing or rubbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does g/m2 mean?

This is the density of the fabric. Fabrics with higher densities are heavier while those with lower densities are lighter. Heavier fabrics are great for winter because they retain warmth, whereas lighter ones are perfect for summer.

Do merino wool fabrics stretch out?

Yes, but only when you hang them after washing. Most merino base layers are machine dryable; therefore, this is a problem you are unlikely to experience.

Are merino wool base layers expensive?

This depends on the quality of the base layer. Ideally, the above merino wool base layers are reasonably priced to ensure 100-percent customer satisfaction.


Whether you are going on a camping trip or set to enjoy a hiking adventure, the above men’s merino wool base layers are the best. They are super versatile; hence, great for mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, hiking, camping, ice fishing, etc. Having said that, make sure you pick one immediately you are done reading this.

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