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Top 10 Best Mens Leather Backpack in 2021 Reviews

Men who are always on the go are required to have the best mens leather backpack. Well, backpacks made of leather are really durable. They can, therefore, cope well with the active lifestyles of men. They are anti-wear and tear, making the super reliable.

Ideally, leather backpacks for men are not just designed with durability in mind but also display flashes of fashion. And it is the fashion that combines with their incredible style to make them highly versatile. That said, men’s leather backpacks are great for travel, college, gym, business, weekend adventures, and many more. Check out the ones we have listed in these reviews.

Lists of the Best Mens Leather Backpack in Reviews

1. Handmade_World Vintage Leather Backpack for Men Women


Apart from the 11-by-15-inch size, this mens leather backpack is available in size 12” x 16”. The backpack sits pretty on the top because its quality is unrivaled. It is made of top-notch leather, so it can deliver the performance expected from it. In addition, this backpack has top-class inner stitched canvas that further improves its durability.

It also has a long-lasting zipper. In general, it is a quality and durable backpack that will provide you with peerless performance. It comes with steel buckles that are 100-percent rust-resistant. And its sling can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

Additionally, this backpack boasts amazing versatility. That said, you can use it as a messenger bag or briefcase. It has four outer small pockets, which are handy for keeping a number of items. At 11” by 15” by 5”, expect this backpack to hold up to a 15-inch laptop.

2. Kemy’s Waxed Canvas Backpack for Men


Kemy’s products are built to last. That’s why this waxed canvas backpack has claimed the number two spot. The backpack is made out of heavy oil wax canvas, and it features a genuine leather trim that gives it a stylish and distressed look.

Because of such impressive build quality, this mens leather backpack is great for campus, office, college, school, gym, weekend adventure, weekend trip, the jungle, the cruise, hiking, camping, and many more. It is unisex, meaning you can get it for your sister, daughter, mother, aunt or sister-in-law.

It is large enough to perfectly accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop/15-inch Mac and iPad Pro. Moreover, it has other compartments that you will find useful for keeping accessories, folders, cameras, school books and supplies, large binders, and more. The backpack has a coffee color; hence, it goes with many outfits. It is exactly what you need because it will not be out of fashion.

3. Leather Native 16” Genuine Leather Backpack


We know you are looking for a durable mens leather backpack that can stand wear and tear. That’s why we are proud to introduce to you this leather backpack from Leather Native. It makes a great backpack for both professional and college life; thanks to its amazing build quality.

Well, the incredible build quality is from the high-end goat leather material that will no doubt prove worthy regardless of the situation the backpack is in. In addition to a very strong build quality, this backpack has a fashionable yet durable frame.

You will, therefore, feel very proud to carry and walk with it around. The backpack measures 16 inches long by 8 inches high by 8 inches deep. Well, in our opinion, this is just a perfect size for any purpose. It is compact, lightweight, and elegant, making it great for men of all ages.

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4. FRYE Men’s Logan Backpack


FRYE is arguably one of the world’s oldest companies. The manufacturer was founded in 1863, meaning you cannot go wrong with its products. Talking of FRYE’s products, the Logan Backpack for men is one of them. And it has rightfully gained its place in these reviews.

The backpack is 17 inches and 11.5 inches wide. As such, expect it to perfectly fit most items. It is made of 100-percent leather, so it can provide you with the much-needed durable performance. It also has a leather lining that further improves its durability.

Like other top-notch backpacks, which are not durable but also stylish, the FRYE Men’s Logan Backpack has antiqued brass-tone hardware that combines with the logoed charm found at the top handle to give it an elegant look. Although the price of this backpack is a bit on the higher side, we think that it is worth it.

5. Tumi Harrison Bates Backpack (Black Nylon)


Since Harrison collection is a sophisticated series of unmatched functional accessories and day bags, we feel that this backpack is worth a spot on this list. It displays both a modern and timeless style; hence, you will no doubt love it.

Additionally, this backpack will come in handy during traveling. And this is because it is equipped with multiple pockets, which are useful for keeping everyday essentials. Plus it has a dedicated space for a tablet or laptop. It is the kind of backpack that you will be able to carry for a long time; thanks to the comfortable padded straps.

It measures 12 by 11.5 by 2 inches, so expect its size to be just fine. Ideally, it is equipped with a flat base that offers an upright structure. This backpack has everything and we believe that it is exactly what you need for your daily on-the-go activities.

6. Sharkborough The Entrepreneur Genuine Leather Men’s Backpack


The Entrepreneur is distinctive, and that’s because of its unique shape. It is probably one of the best-selling backpacks you have ever come across. It stands out because it features a bicolor mix of contrasting edge dying with Calfskin leather. It also features a top handle that makes it really easy to carry.

Plus it has adjustable leather shoulder straps that further make it effortless to carry. Its exterior has a front pocket, rear pocket, and side pockets. For this reason, expect to have a nice place to keep anything you want to access quickly.

Its interior, on the other hand, has zipper/flat pockets, which comes in handy for keeping essential items. Also, there is a laptop compartment in the interior of this backpack. The backpack measures 11 by 5.1 by 16.5 inches (28 by 13 by 42 centimeters) and fits up to a 15-inch laptop.

7. Sharkborough Christopher Genuine Leather Men’s Backpack


Most men have an active lifestyle. That’s why we feel that this backpack is worth a place in these reviews. It is roomy yet lightweight. That said, expect it to be useful for your on-the-go lifestyle. It also has an incredible build quality, which is as a result of signature Calfskin leather that has a refined textile lining.

The backpack also has adjustable textile shoulder straps, which make it very easy to carry from place to place. On its exterior, there are side pockets and front pockets, while the interior has zipper/flat pockets and a laptop compartment that fits up to a 14-inch laptop.

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Despite having so many pockets, this backpack is compact to give you an easy time handling it while you are on the go. It measures 30 centimeters long by 15 centimeters wide by 39 centimeters high (11.8 inches long by 5.9 inches wide by 15.4 inches high).

8. Kenox Vintage PU Leather Backpack


While a new mens leather backpack is a joy to have, sometimes, they come with a weird smell. However, the Kenox Vintage PU Leather Backpack does not have any smell. It is a gender-neutral backpack that you can share with your wife, sister or even your mom.

It also looks very classy; hence, we are certain that you will be more than proud to walk with it in the street. Because of its stunning looks, the backpack is great for business, travel, and college. Besides, this backpack boasts padding on its straps, and its back support is amazingly comfortable.

With that said, expect to walk with the backpack for long hours without fatigue. Unlike standard backpacks, this one has sturdy zippers for maximum dependability. It measures 17 by 13 by 5 inches and comes in two different colors (black and brown) to choose from.

9. BOPai Anti Theft Leather Backpack for Men


There is a reason why more than a few people view BOPai Company an international leader. Well, the manufacturer sells fancy travel goods, bags, and accessories all around the globe. One of these products is the anti-theft backpack for men.

It measures 11.8 inches long by 4.7 inches wide by 15.4 inches high (30 centimeters long by 12 centimeters wide by 39 centimeters high), and it fits up to a 15-inch laptop. In addition, it has one main compartment, which is great for keeping books, clothes, A4 documents, and umbrellas, among others.

Its handle is made of synthetic leather, so it can offer a performance expected from a backpack of this caliber. The backpack will protect your belongings not just from elements but also drizzles. And this is because it has water-resistant synthetic leather as well as a ballistic nylon material.

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10. Bopai Business 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack


If you want to rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe not just from elements but also theft, go for this 15.6-inch laptop backpack. It has smooth zippers on the back side that are extremely easy to operate. What’s more, this backpack has a high-tech waterproof bottle pocket that prevents bottles from wetting out.

It also has an external USB charging port as well as a built-in cable that connects with your power bank inside to charge your phone effortlessly. Its back has an invisible zip pocket, which is great for keeping an iPhone, wallet or keys. The backpack can protect a 15.6-inch laptop and iPad.

This is because it measures 12.6 inches long by 6.3 inches wide by 17.7 inches high, and it has a handy laptop compartment. It is made of water-resistant microfiber leather that works with durable ballistic materials to keep your items water-free even in wet weather conditions.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Men’s Leather Backpack

In this section, we have discussed the following factors.

Quality of Leather

Yes, all leather backpacks are made of leather, but did you know that the quality of leather varies from one backpack to another. With that said, try to only focus on those backpacks that are made of 100-percent genuine leather. Well, genuine leather may have some unwelcoming smell when the bag is new, but this is nothing compared to the performance they deliver.

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Ease of Caring for Leather

There are some leather materials that are really difficult to care for. For this reason, you must make sure that the leather backpack you are going for will not take much effort from you as far as caring for it is concerned.

Empty Weight

Since you are likely to use your leather backpack on the go, it is recommended that you go for a backpack that is light when empty. This helps improve comfort and convenience, given that nothing will tend to drag you back, especially when you are in situations that require you to use much effort like hiking and mountaineering.

Overall Capacity

This depends on the number of things you plan to carry. It also depends on the size of your laptop. With that said, go for a mens leather backpack that will fit all of your essentials. You should also consider a men’s leather backpack with external pockets because such pockets help improve convenience by placing items within easy reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last but not least, we have comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions, which talk about the following:

Do men’s leather backpacks have warranties?

Unfortunately, most leather backpacks for men do not have a warranty. However, this does not mean you will be risking by purchasing them.

Why are some leather backpacks for men very expensive?

In most cases, the price of a leather backpack depends on the brands and quality. That being said, the costly backpacks are likely to be of higher quality than other brands.

Are all leather backpacks water-resistant?

No. Well, this depends on the features of a backpack. For example, water-resistant backpacks are equipped with a nylon lining, which a company may decide to add or not.


If you have a problem settling for the best leather backpack for men, this platform is for you. Here, we have talked about quality brands of men’s leather backpacks to make sure that whatever you will settle for will not be a letdown. We have also talked about a buyer’s guide as well as FAQs to further broaden your knowledge about men’s leather backpacks.

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