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Top 10 Best Magnetic Car Mount for iPhone in 2021 Reviews

The best magnetic car mount for iPhone contributes greatly to safe driving. It is so essential to driving that some states have laws, which require drivers to have it installed in their vehicles. As its name suggests, a top quality magnetic car mount uses powerful magnetic technology to securely hold iPhones.

By so doing, it allows you to operate your smartphone easily and conveniently. With it, you will not be forced to take your eyes off the road in the name of operating your phone.

At the moment, there are several magnetic car mounts for iPhone, and this has made it quite tricky to find a suitable brand. That’s why we have come up with the following reviews.

Check out the Best Magnetic Car Mount for iPhone Reviews

1. WizGear Magnetic Mount for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets [2 Pack]

Having your cell phone within easy reach has never been easier until the WizGear Magnetic Mounts for iPhones was introduced. Their simple and complementary design makes them among the easiest-to-use car mount holders on the market.

They work with iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, smartphones, and mini tablets. Their base is sturdy and rubbery, and it works with a powerful magnetic head to hold your device securely. This means you will focus more on driving than on the safety of your phone.

The two magnetic car mount holders keep the phones protected from road vibrations and impacts. What’s more, they will let you rotate your device and swivel the display as you please.

They are universal, and, therefore, they work with all smartphones. Their magnetic technology is powerful enough to eliminate any chances of your phone falling.

2. Scosche MAGMAT Magnetic Phone/GPS Mat Mount

Some states require that you have your phone mounted in your vehicle while it is in use. And the Scosche MAGMAT Magnetic Phone/GPS Mat Mount offers a convenient solution to that. It is a universal magnetic car mount that works with smartphones, cell phones, GPS systems, multi-media devices, tablets, and even keys.

It is equipped with undeniably powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets, which offer a secure grip to your phone. Ideally, the magnets are 100-percent mobile device safe.

The magnetic car mount also has a four-axis, 360-degree adjustable head that ensures ultimate viewing regardless of the position you are in. Besides, the head boasts a high-performance rubber lock-nut to help provide secure positioning.

The proper plate placement magnets mean nothing will interfere with your Qi wireless charging device. The car mount for phone comes with a 3-year warranty to offer protection against defects and poor workmanship.

3. VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Dashboard

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VAVA not only offers the best products but also they provide the best services ever seen. These include backing their products with guarantees and warranties. For instance, they protect this magnetic phone holder for car with a 12-month replacement warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

Ideally, the magnetic phone holder is well built and has all the features you would expect in a top-performing model. Its magnet technology is so strong that it supports devices weighing up to 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) without losing grip.

This phone holder also comes with 3M adhesive, which offers a tight and secure hold. Plus it will let you view your phone from any angle, given that it fully rotates 360 degrees. The magnetic phone holder is available in three different colors, which are blue, pink, and red.

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4. Scosche MPVB Magnetic Smartphone/GPS Mount for the Car

They say ignorance is no defense in a court of law. Therefore, (some states have laws, which require drivers to have their phones mounted in their vehicle) to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you have a magnetic car mount in your vehicle.

And one unit you should definitely consider is this one. It comes with two interchangeable trim rings (silver and black) that will provide you with a stunning opportunity to customize its looks.

Furthermore, this magnetic mount for car is wireless compatible in the sense that its proper plate placement magnets will not affect your Qi Wireless device. With it, you will be able to secure your device to any vent type whether it is circular, vertical, angled or horizontal.

The magnetic car mount is equipped with Rare-Earth neodymium magnets, which are 30-percent stronger compared to standard MagicMounts. They are also 100-percent mobile device safe.

5. WizGear Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder

The fact that this magnetic car mount is universal means it works with innumerable smartphone brands. Well, some of these brands include Nokia, Droid, Apple iPhones, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, and Samsung, among others. It is super easy to install, as all you need to do is to attach it to the dashboard or windshield.

Once you are done, stick on the round magnet to your device, and voila! You are done. You can also put the magnet between your phone and the phone’s case. The unit is packed with a strong magnet to make sure that your phone never drops even when the rides become bumpy.

The strong materials also come in handy when you have to operate your phone with one hand because the other is on the steering. In addition, this magnetic car mount for smartphones is rotatable and adjustable to let you use your phone with much ease.

6. Scosche MAGTHM2 Magnetic Phone/GPS/Tablet Mount for Car

We hope that you have now noticed how reputable Scosche is. The manufacturer does not just produce quality magnetic car mounts but also they back them with warranties. For example, they have backed this phone/GPS/tablet mount for car with a 3-year warranty.

As if that’s not enough, they promise reliable, lifetime tech support. This means your purchase and even the use of this magnetic phone mount for car will be a great experience.

The magnetic car mount comes equipped with 4-axis, 360-degree head, which is adjustable and has high-performance rubber lock-nut to provide secure positioning as well as optimal viewing from nearly any angle.

Besides, there is an integrated cable clip, which secures the charging cable to the car mount. Another great feature is the open, cradle-free design that will allow you to safely and effortlessly use your device with just one hand.

7. Scosche MPQHC-XTSP1 Pro Charge 10W Magnetic Mount

Scosche has decided to take the innovation of magnetic car mounts for iPhone a notch higher. That said, they have designed this magnetic phone/GPS mount for the car with a 2-in-1 design.

This means that apart from securely holding phones, the magnetic mount wirelessly charges any Qi-enabled devices, including Samsung AFC (Adaptive Fast Charge) devices. Because of its innovative design, the magnetic mount is not just great for use in the car but also it makes a stunning addition to homes and offices.

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Its neodymium magnet technology is one of the strongest. Therefore, expect a secure hold even for the heaviest phones. It is universal, and, therefore, it works with Android, Samsung Galaxy S8+/S8/S9+/S9, iPhone 8 Plus/X/8, and all the latest Qi-compatible devices.

Scosche protects this gadget against defects by providing a limited lifetime warranty as well as lifetime tech support.

8. WizGear Universal Stick On Magnetic Car Mount

WizGear is another company that delivers when it matters. Their stick-on magnetic car mount holder is insanely affordable yet it has all the greatest features one has ever seen. It works conveniently without blocking the air vent or the windshield.

Moreover, this magnetic car mount is ten times easier to use compared to other mounts. Having said that, all you need to do is to stick it on your car and you are done! It is a universal unit, which delivers an intensive force of attraction that can hold any smartphone.

Due to that, it is compatible with Blackberry, Apple, Android, Microsoft etc. It will let you rotate your phone and swivel your display to ensure convenient use. In addition, the magnetic car mount has a sturdy base that is made of rubber. The base will not move regardless of the intensity of swiveling and phone rotation.

9. Baseus Magnetic Car Phone Mount

In order to fit smartphones of all sizes, the Baseus Magnetic Car Phone Mount comes with both rectangular and circular metal plates. It has wide compatibility that enables it to work with LG, HTC, Samsung Galaxy Series, Google, Motorola, Nexus, Sony, iPhone X/8/8+, and more.

The magnetic car mount for iPhone is extremely easy to use, given that all you need to do is paste the metal plate between your device and its case. You can also stick the metal plate to the back of your cellphone.

The car phone mount rotates 360 degrees through its swivel pivot ball. Through this rotation, the car phone mount will let you switch your phone from landscape mode to portrait mode to get a perfect viewing angle.

Its powerful and strong rubidium magnets work with 3M adhesive metal plates to safely mount your smartphone, making sure that it does not fall even on the bumpiest rides.

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10. TORRAS Magnetic Car Mount for Dashboard Cell Phone

TORRAS has used one of the strongest mechanisms to make this magnetic car mount. As such, the magnetic car mount for smartphones is versatile enough to work with iPhone X, Xs Max, SE, XR, Xs, 6s Plus, 8, 6 Plus, 8 Plus, 6, 7 Plus, and 7.

It is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 9, 3 XL, Google Pixel 2, Note 8, S6, S7, S8 Plus, S8, S9+ Plus, S9, and more. Apart from the powerful neodymium magnets, the magnetic car mount has aluminum alloy and liquid silicone. These materials are reliable and help enhance the overall performance of the magnetic iPhone holder.

The magnetic car mount also has 3M adhesive glue, which is super strong and works with two magnetic sheets to help hold your phone securely. It is very affordable and comes with an 18-month warranty. Plus the manufacturer promises a warm after-sale service.

SaleBestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 5
Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount Magnetic Car Phone...
Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount Magnetic Car Phone...
Dashboard Accessories Included - phone mount, MagicPlates, protective film and user manual

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Magnetic Car Mount for iPhone

The above reviews may not have sufficient information to lead you to what you need. That’s why we have created this buyer’s guide as well. Check it out.

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Before you choose a magnetic car mount for your iPhone, it is imperative that you check whether it is compatible with your device or not. Well, this can be quite tedious, considering the several brands that are in the market. So, we recommend that you go for a universal magnetic car mount if you can. This is because universal magnetic car mounts work with almost all cell phones and smartphones including iPhone.

Magnetic Technology

Different magnetic car mounts for iPhones have different magnetic technologies. But we say, choose a unit with the most powerful and strongest magnetic technology. This is because strong magnets will hold your device securely, making sure that it does not fall due to road vibrations. Some of the strongest and most powerful magnets are neodymium and rubidium magnets.

Rotatable/Adjustable Design

This is another important feature your magnetic car mount should not miss. A gadget that can be rotated, swiveled, and adjusted ensures easy operation and viewing of the phone. By so doing, it will let you focus more on driving and less on viewing/operating your iPhone. That said, consider magnetic car mounts that are fully adjustable and can be rotated 360 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions for Magnetic Car Mounts for iPhone

Does magnetic car mounts for iPhones affect wireless charging?

Yes. They are likely to affect wireless charging because of the magnetic fields. To be precise, they make phones charge more slowly.

Are magnetic car mounts safe for iPhones/GPS systems/other phones?

Yes. Magnetic car mounts may affect wireless charging but they are totally safe for iPhone, GPS systems, and more.

What are the strongest magnets in the world?

The strongest magnets on the planet are rubidium and neodymium.


Reports state that most accidents that happen on our roads are as a result of human error. And one way to eliminate the costly human error is to have a magnetic car mount installed in our vehicles. They hold phones securely, thereby, helping you operate it without necessarily taking your hands off the steering or your eyes off the road.

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