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Top 10 Best Ice Packs for Coolers in 2021 Reviews

The best ice packs for coolers are quickly gaining popularity across the globe. This is because they have proven time and again that they are better than ice. That being said, top quality ice packs for coolers preserve food longer than ice. This means they will keep your food fresh and tasty for a long time.

In addition, premium ice packs for coolers not only fit inside coolers but also can be used with various lunch bags, lunch boxes, and more. They are a must-have for anyone who goes to the office or school every day. That’s why we have brought you the following reviews to ensure an easy buying experience.

Check out the Best Ice Packs for Coolers in Reviews

1. Cooler Shock 4 Mid Size Freeze Packs 10” x 9”


Although the Cooler Shock Freeze Packs were originally developed to transport blood, they have become one of the best ice packs for coolers. They have lots of benefits to ensure 100-percent satisfaction. They are very easy to use since all you need to do is add water to the formulation that is already in the pack, and then seal the pack. When filled with water, these packs weigh just 8 pounds as opposed to ice, which is 12 pounds.

As such, you will have zero problems carrying them for your outdoor activities. These freeze packs are reusable; hence, you will be able to get the most out of them. Ideally, they help cut costs, given that you will not have to visit Amazon time after time in the name of acquiring a new one. These ice packs for coolers are great for such outdoor activities as tailgating, parties, and boating.

2. Bentology 3 Pack Ice Pack for Lunch Boxes (6” x 4.5”)


Lunch is one of the meals that most of us look forward. Therefore, the thought that Bentology wants to make it even more special is more than welcome. The manufacturer is committed to making fun and stylish quality products that will let you express your creativity and style. One of these products is the 3-pack ice packs, which are specially designed for lunch boxes.

They are made out of a non-toxic biodegradable gel that stays frozen for hours. With that said, you can freeze the ice pack flat overnight or until it is solid to help keep your lunch fresh throughout the day. The ice packs come in a wide range of designs and patterns, meaning there is something for everyone. These designs and patterns include Doodle, Stripes, and Paisley. The ice packs are reusable; thus, great for anyone on a budget.

SaleBestseller No. 2
SaleBestseller No. 4
Amazon Basics Reusable Hard Sided Rectangular Ice...
Amazon Basics Reusable Hard Sided Rectangular Ice...
Heavy-duty BPA-free plastic casing for leak-free durability; Place in coolers, lunch boxes, bags, storage cases, and more to keep items cold
SaleBestseller No. 5
Amazon Basics Reusable Ice Pack, 6.7' X 4.3',...
Amazon Basics Reusable Ice Pack, 6.7" X 4.3",...
BPA-free vinyl casing offers durability and flexibility; Place in coolers, lunch boxes, bags, storage cases, and more to keep items cold

3. Bentgo Ice Lunch Chillers Ice Packs (4 Pack)


The Bentgo 4 Pack Ice Packs are great for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle. They are designed to keep food fresh longer. Each of this ice packs measures 6.5-inch by 4.25-inch by 0.3-inch, meaning they will not take up much space. In addition, the ice packs have a super slim rectangular design that enables them to fit anywhere. They are made of a convenient non-toxic, BPA-free material that makes them safe to use.

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Plus they come with a 1-year warranty to protect them against the unfortunate. With these ice packs for coolers, you will rest easy knowing that your favorite meals, beverages, and dairy snacks will stay cold all day long. The ice packs are designed to not just fit Bentgo Bags but also they are compatible with several lunch coolers, lunch bags, and lunch boxes. They are available in 4 different colors (blue, purple, green, and gray) to choose from.

4. OICEPACK Ice Packs (Set of 10)

What will impress you about this set of ice packs for coolers is the thick and flat design. It enables these cooler ice packs to fit perfectly into all types of lunch bags, bento boxes, coolers, and lunch boxes. The design does not take up much room, and that’s what makes it super versatile. The ice packs promise to keep your food fresh, tasty, and cool for hours; thanks to their wide base that enables them to retain enough coldness.

They are durable and reusable; thus, you can make them dry after a hand wash, and then put them back into the freezer. Each of the 10 ice packs is made of a hard plastic material that will not wear. They have 4 main uses, which are keeping food cool; storing afternoon snack; keeping beverages in lunch bags, and transport medical medicines that need to be kept cool.

5. Techni Ice 4 Ply Ice & Heat Packs 6 Sheet Special


What makes these ice packs for coolers one of the best is the 4-layer construction. That being said, the ice packs have two outer layers that are made of heavy-duty plastic. They also have 2 inner plies that resist puncture. The two puncture-resistant inner plies hold the main ingredient. This means that even if the outer layer rips, the inside layer will still hold the ice.

The Techni Ice comes in super thin sheets, which require heating or freezing. And activating the cells is much easier than you can imagine. Well, all you need to do is fill a sink or bucket with warm water. Although you can use cold water, warm water is always preferred because it works best. Once you are done filling the bucket/sink, immerse the sheet in warm water for around ninety seconds while, at the same time, scrunching the Techni Ice.

6. Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Ice Packs (Set of 8)


The primary aim of Fit & Fresh is to make sure that both you and your family live a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we feel honored to bring you one of their products, which is a set of ice packs for coolers. The set has up to 8 ice packs to make sure that you have more than enough for convenient living. Each ice pack measures 4.75-inch by 4.75-inch by 0.25-inch.

That said, these ice packs are great for everyday use. The ice packs are reusable to spare you the hassle of having to buy a new set every now and then. As if that’s not enough, they are made of a non-toxic, BPA-free material to give you confidence knowing that you will not be putting your health on the line. The slim design enables these ice packs to fit perfectly in tight spaces.

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7. Icy Cools Penguin Ice Mat (6 Pack)


You will not just be supporting American-made products but also you will be making your life much convenient when you go for the Icy Cools Penguin Ice Mat. The set has up to 6 ice packs for coolers, which are just enough to help keep any meal, beverage or snack fresh. The ice packs are made of a BPA-free material, which is free from harmful substances.

In addition, they are made with purified water to further improve their performance in keeping your foodstuffs cold. These ice packs for coolers get the job done without creating a mess. They are great for use with most lunch boxes. Ideally, the ice packs are affordably priced for easy buying experience. These ice packs boast a high rating, and this is because they work as expected. This means you will not regret spending your money on them.

8. Healthy Packers Ice Packs for Lunch Box (Set of 4)


To make sure that no harmful substance gets into your body, Healthy Packers has made these ice packs with 100-percent BPA-free and non-toxic materials. They have also backed these ice packs with a 100-percent money back guarantee to give you peace of mind knowing that you can be refunded if you do not like the product.

All of the 4 ice packs have a special formula that will keep your food fresh and cold for longer. Furthermore, they are slim and each of them measures 7 x 4.7 x 0.5 inches, so they can easily fit even the tightest spaces. The ice packs are reusable; hence, you can rely on them for everyday use in your cooler, lunch bag or bento box. You can carry them to the office or school for an endless supply of fresh food.

9. Rubbermaid Blue Ice Brand Weekender Pack (3 Pk)


Rubbermaid Blue Ice Brand Weekender Pack (3 Pk)No products found.

Using ice to keep things cool can be quite messy. That’s why we recommend the Rubbermaid Blue Ice Brand Weekender Pack (3 Pk) for you. The ice packs for coolers are 3 to give you enough packs to keep your foods fresh longer. They are non-toxic so no worry about them becoming eventually dangerous to your health.

We can confidently say that they are better than the traditional ice. And that is because they stay frozen for longer. They are also reusable, so you can use them time and again. Since its introduction, Rubbermaid has done an excellent job in producing premium quality products. Therefore, we are certain that this 3-pack of ice for cooler will not be a letdown. Each ice pack measures 7 x 1.63 x 6.75 inches, and this is just fine.

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10. Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes (Set of 4)


If you have a school-going kid, the Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Ice Packs should be a frontier for you. They are also great for adults who go to offices almost every day. They come in a pack of 4 and all of them have a slim design. Well, this means you will not have problems fitting them in tight spaces. Additionally, you can take advantage of the slim design to stack several of these ice packs to get a greater cooling power.

The ice packs for coolers are designed with convenience in mind, given that they fit into all types of lunch boxes, grocery totes, lunch bags, and coolers. They are reusable, and, therefore, great for everyday use. Each of the ice packs measures 4.75-inch by 4.75-inch by 0.25-inch. They are made of a non-toxic and BPA-free material.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Ice Packs for Coolers

In the second section, we bring you the following factors.

The Number of Ice Packs

We hope you have noticed that different sets of cooler ice packs have a varying number of packs. That said, you should choose a set based on the number of things you plan to keep fresh and cool. For example, if you plan to use your set of cooler ice packs for keeping many different foods, then it is recommended that you go for one with several packs and vice versa.


Most ice packs for coolers are reusable. However, you may not have the opportunity to enjoy the reusability of your ice packs if they are made of a flimsy material. For this reason, make sure that the brand you are set to buy is made of a durable material that will not tear easily even when used time and again. Also, make sure that the material is free of BPA and any toxins.


Like the number of packs, there are different sizes of ice packs. Nevertheless, do not go for overly large ice packs because they are likely to take up much space not to mention being incompatible with many lunch boxes, lunch bags, and coolers. You should also not go for extremely small ice packs since they are highly unlikely to retain coldness for long.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ice packs stay cold in a cooler?

Ice packs stay in a cooler or insulated container for around 24 – 36 hours.

Do ice packs work better than ice?

Yes. Ice packs stay frozen longer than ice, and this enables them to deliver a much better result.

Do ice packs work with all lunch bags, lunch boxes, and coolers?

No. You must check the measurement of the ice packs to be certain that it will work with your lunch bag, lunch box or cooler.


Ice packs for coolers are designed to make your on-the-go life much more convenient. They come in various numbers, colors, and sizes. As such, getting a top quality one for your needs will not be a hassle. Furthermore, ice packs for coolers are within an affordable range for easy buying.

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