Top 10 Best Ice Fishing Rods in 2021 Reviews

Ice fishing enthusiasts know how important it is to use one of the best ice fishing rods. Well, top quality ice fishing rods are built with comfort in mind, so you can hold them in your hands for long hours. They are also durable, and, therefore, they deliver solid performance.

Additionally, some of the best quality ice fishing rods come with other accessories such a bag for easy transportation and storage, as well as a reel to further improve their performance. Nevertheless, you cannot expect to get a top quality ice fishing rod by picking the first one you come across. That being said, you need to go through reviews like the ones we have here.

Chek out the Best Ice Fishing Rods in Reviews

1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik


Ice fishing is an exciting outdoor activity that is even better when you have a top-class ice fishing rod like the Shakespeare Ugly Stik. The rod is equipped with loads of features that enable it to deliver second-to-none performance.

It has an EVA foam handle to give you maximum comfort, so you can hold it for long hours without hand fatigue. The rod also has a twist-lock reel seat that helps enhance its performance. Furthermore, Shakespeare has equipped it with a ported aluminum spool for added durability as well as to enable it to deliver a lightweight performance.

This ice fishing rod works great yet it is one of the most affordable items you have ever come across. It is made by a manufacturer with vast experience; hence, expect it to be really handy for your ice fishing activities.

2. Frabill 26-Inch Light Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


This 26-inch light ice fishing rod is complete to give you 100-percent satisfaction. It comes with a solid carbon fiber blank that helps increase its sensitivity. It also has a machined aluminum spool to give it lightweight performance as well as to improve its durability.

The special single foot ice guides of this ice fishing rod and reel combo is made of stainless steel for solid performance. Other features of this ice fishing rod & reel combo include a 3 plus 1 ball bearing reel and a reel seat that features a cork grip.

Well, like any other features of the combo, these ones help improve performance. Moreover, the ice fishing rod has a Left/Right ambidextrous quick-fold handle to allow for easy use. It measures 26 inches, and it is under the light category.

Bestseller No. 1
Shakespeare USGXICE28MCBO Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Combo,...
Shakespeare USGXICE28MCBO Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Combo,...
Size 20 spinning reel suited for ice applications; Ported aluminum spool; Genuine ugly Stik blank with clear tip design
Bestseller No. 2
VL2-28M Vital Ice Rod Medium - Locking Reel Seat,...
VL2-28M Vital Ice Rod Medium - Locking Reel Seat,...
Solid Fiberglass Blank; Stainless Steel Guides with Polish Inserts; Evolve Cushioned Reel Seat
SaleBestseller No. 3
Sougayilang Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Ice...
Sougayilang Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Ice...
DT500 spinning reel equipped with 5 ball bearings with aluminum spare spool weight 4.9oz.
Bestseller No. 5

3. Frabill Ice Fishing Rod (30-Inch Medium)


Looking for a top-notch selection? The Frabill Ice Fishing Rod (30-Inch Medium) is exactly what you should try out. It is equipped with efficient and long-lasting features, so it can provide you with the performance you are seeking for.

It has a machined aluminum spool that seems durable and more than ready to enable it to deliver exceptional results. It also boasts special single foot ice guides that are made of stainless steel for solid performance. In addition, this ice fishing rod has a solid carbon fiber blank that helps increase its sensitivity.

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Another of its feature is the 3 plus 1 ball-bearing steel. Well, with all these features, expect this ice fishing rod to be undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. It is a product of a manufacturer that has done enough to make sure that it has all the features for a great performance.

4. Piscifun 4 Pieces Spinning Fishing Rods


No products found.No products found.

There are a lot of reasons why you should buy your ice fishing rod from Piscifun. First, the manufacturer will give you a free braided fishing line when you buy their product. Second, they produce up to 4 pieces of ice fishing rods.

The rods are easy to put together to create a 4-piece design travel spinning rod that is great for backpacking trips. Besides, the manufacturer has included a multi-purpose hook keeper to let you snug in a dropshot weight, spinner bait, crank bait, or rigged warm.

When fully assembled, the spinning rod measures 6’6” and works with 8-17LBS braid, fluoro, mono or super lines and ¼ to ¾ of an ounce lure. The manufacturer has also included top-notch ceramic guide sets that are wonderfully spaced for virtually zero friction line flow as well as optimum casting performance and sensitivity.

5. Forfar Ice Fishing Rod 60CM


No products found.No products found.

Forfar is another company that puts customer satisfaction before anything. That’s why we are pleased to let you know that they have a top quality ice fishing rod as well. The rod features a two-joint design, so you can have an easy time manipulating it to get the best results.

What’s more, its hand jack is made of stainless steel. And this means that it is not just stable but also strong enough to deliver the expected results. Another stunning feature of this ice fishing rod is the ceramics threaded guide loop, which also contributes to its performance.

To be precise, the loop ensures durable and smooth performance. This fishing rod is comfortable to hold; thanks to its foaming handle. Ideally, the length of the handle is 11 inches/24 centimeters, and this is just fine. You will be able to effortlessly carry this fishing rod because it is small and portable.

6. Berkley AmpTM Ice Spinning Rod


There is something for everyone as far as this ice fishing rod from Berkley is concerned. Well, the price of this rod ranges widely, so you can settle for one that suits your needs without having to dig too deep into your pocket.

Additionally, this ice fishing rod is available in several sizes that include 24” – Light, 28” – Medium, 28” – Medium Light, 32” – Medium Heavy, and 38” – Medium. The solid glass construction used to make this ice spinning rod helps improve its durability.

In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the rod with split grip EVA handles to improve comfort. There are also stainless steel guides and inserts for improved performance. We are positive that this ice fishing rod will be a great investment, especially if you want to improve your ice fishing skills. This is because it has everything in its locker.

7. Vexan ICE Fishing Rod & Tackle Bag


We are certain that this combination of an ice fishing rod and a tackle bag for the price is a deal you can never meet anywhere. The bag is soft-sided and measures up to 36 inches. Well, it is large enough to fit up to eight rods safely.

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It is equipped with a water-resistant and lightweight denier shell, so it can provide great protection to your ice fishing rods. In the inside of the bag, there is a double storage pocket that has a Velcro strapping system for keeping all the rod/reel combos.

The Velcro strapping system prevents the rod/reel combos from getting tangled with each other. The bag also has external storage pockets for keeping such extra gear as lures, tip-ups, and gloves. Moreover, it has an adjustable storage strap for effortless transportation. If you are a serious ice angler, then this combo should be a frontier for you.

8. Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Fishing Rod 4 Piece


Built with high performance in mind, this ice fishing rod is exactly what you need to take your fishing experience to another level. It is a 4-piece fly fishing rod that is made with IM7 Graphite for unrivaled accuracy, durability, and, of course, performance.

The rod also features a machined aluminum reel seat that has double lock rings for super sturdy reel attachment. Furthermore, there are ceramic stripping guide inserts that work with chrome guides to ensure smooth gliding fly lines. The 4-piece design makes this fly fishing rod an all-around ice fishing rod for all fly anglers.

You can pair this rod with a long-lasting PVC rod tube that will protect and even make it portable. The rod has white dots that will help you align the guides accurately and without much effort. It also boasts a half wells cork handle, which helps enhance casting accuracy.

9. Baitrunner Noodle Ice Fishing Rod


Whether you want to catch a perch, trout, crappie, panfish or light biting walleye, the Baitrunner Noodle Ice Fishing Rod is the item to consider. It not only looks but also feels like a high-end custom ice fishing rod. And this is because of the top quality and unique coloration.

In addition, this ice fishing rod boasts a cork handle that is comfortable to handle. The cork handle is equipped with a built-in/interchangeable bait cup to ensure quick access and storage of tackle and bait. The bait cup is O-ring sealed to allow for secure storage of loose tackle, jigs, plastics, and live baits, among others.

The ice fishing rod also features a sturdy backbone for a solid hook setting. It is a super sensitive 24-inch E-glass noodle ice fishing rod that will exceed your expectations; thanks to its many incredible features.

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10. TICA WIGA Spinning Fishing Rod


TICA likes it when you are able to get the most out of your ice fishing rod. And that explains why they have come up with this spinning fishing rod. The fishing rod is made out of a high modulus graphite material that has strong fiberglass composite.

For this reason, expect the rod to deliver solid performance time after time. The rod also has a light and sensitive blank that boasts high strength and perfect action to further improve performance. Plus it is equipped with top-notch titanium oxide ring guides as well as FUJI o-ring tip guide.

The casting models of this spinning fishing rod have graphite cushioned hood trigger reels seats while the spinning models feature a TICA designed APS integrated hood graphite reel seat. Also, there is a unique graphite palm trigger that has a hook keeper. The ice fishing rod is available in several sizes to choose from.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Ice Fishing Rod

The following factors will help you end up with a desirable product. So, check them out.


As you have noticed, different ice fishing rods come in different sizes. Ideally, the number of sizes a fishing rod has depends on the manufacturer. Some of the sizes you can choose from are light, medium, medium-light, medium-heavy, and medium. When choosing an ice fishing rod based on the size, be sure to go for a size that will work best for you.

The Material

The most common materials used to make ice fishing rods are graphite and stainless steel. Well, in our opinion, you should go for a fishing rod made of stainless steel. This is because stainless steel seems more durable than graphite. It also feels more comfortable to use than other materials.

Extra Features

If you want to get the right ice fishing rod, then you should not ignore the extra features. Well, these extra features include the handle cover, guides on the rod, ergonomic design, and many more. It is important that you choose an ice fishing rod with as many extra features as possible. This is because such rods will not disappoint as far as performance is concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Also, go through the following Frequently Asked Questions to further know how to settle for a top quality ice fishing rod.

Why must I read a buyer’s guide on how to find the best ice fishing rod?

A buyer’s guide lists important factors that will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the highest performing ice fishing rod.

Are ice fishing rods with 4-piece design better than ordinary brands?

Yes. This is because a 4-piece ice fishing rod is more accurate and durable. It also delivers amazing performance.

What is the best ice fishing rod?

Although there are several brands that are doing really great, we would recommend the Shakespeare Ugly Stik. This is because of its price as well as the features it is equipped with.


Choosing the best ice fishing rod has never been easier. That’s why we have come up with this comprehensive list. We believe that it will provide you with all the information you need. That being said, it makes the buying experience of an ice fishing rod much easier than expected.

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