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Top 10 Best Hiking Underwear for Women in 2021 Reviews

The best hiking underwear for women is that which offers comfort as well as keeping you warm and fresh. Most manufacturers tend to focus more on appearance and sex appeal than on comfort and functionality. Well, this should not be the case. Although hiking panties for women should be appealing to the eyes with vibrant colors, this should not be at the expense of their comfort. This is because the most needed thing during a hiking adventure is comfort. As such, hiking underwear for women should not just be made of comfortable materials but also it should hug and move with your body for ultimate comfort. Check out the ones we are giving thumbs up in this article.

Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short (Red,...
Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short (Red,...
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Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short (Red,...
Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short (Red,...
Price not available

List of​​ the Best Hiking Underwear for Women Reviews

1. Icebreaker Merino Women’s Underwear – Siren Bikini

This underwear is very cozy and soft to the extent that you will keep on forgetting you have it on. It is made with the manufacturer’s corespun merino blend, meaning it is comfortable enough to let you hike for long hours without any issues. Best of all, this underwear does not sacrifice durability and strength for comfort. It is super durable; hence, you will be able to use it for an extended period.

It retains softness against the skin, and this will save you time and money by eliminating the need to buy another piece of underwear. Moreover, this underwear has its side seams moved forward to ensure chafe-free movement. You can wear it under your day-to-day denim or active wear. Its style is unique, as it offers an incredible fit without sacrificing comfort at leg openings and the waist. The underwear comes in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

2. Ridge Merino Wool Women’s Ridge Boy Short

Ridge Merino was co-founded in 2014 by Jeff and Susan Russell (husband and wife). The company makes premium quality hiking underwear like the Ridge Merino Wool Women’s Ridge Boy Short. This hiking underwear for women has something most pieces of underwear do not have. It is sun protected with a rating of UPF 50+. This means you can wear it with confidence knowing that such harmful rays as UVA and UVB will not hurt you.

Furthermore, this women’s boy short is cozy enough to wear when going to bed. It also stays put during workouts to make sure you are not inconvenienced in any way. The women’s by short is made with 84-percent merino wool, 12-percent nylon, and 4-percent spandex. It will not sink, and this is because it is made to naturally and permanently keep odors at bay. Having said that, expect to be comfortable throughout the hiking experience.

3. ExOfficio Women’s Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini

A versatile piece of underwear that keeps you cool, fresh, and comfortable should be the first on your list all the time. We are talking about the ExOfficio Women’s Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini. This underwear is great for trekking, trail running, cycling, and, of course, hiking. What’s more, the fabric used to make this hiking underwear dries quickly to let you wash, wear, and go.

The fabric eliminates the need to wait for your underwear to dry. Plus it gives you confidence knowing that even when it is cloudy, your underwear will still dry. Additionally, the underwear has a breathable mesh that will keep you cool and comfortable. It also has Silvadur technology that eliminates odor to keep you feeling fresh. It is one of the best pieces of underwear for hiking, given that it is lightweight to provide you with incredible support without being heavy.

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4. ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs

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Your hiking adventures can take you to places you have never been to before. That’s why you need these bikini briefs. They are designed to keep you fresh and dry, making sure that you are very comfortable on the go. They boast a lightweight diamond knit that stretches to provide you with a comfortable fit. Like the ExOfficio Women’s Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini, these ones are made of a quick-drying fabric to make sure you are not inconvenienced at all while on a hiking adventure.

These briefs also have the odor-eliminating Silvadur technology that reduces odor in fabric to keep you feeling fresh. They are made of 94-percent nylon and 6-percent Lycra spandex. Well, this means they are durable and stretchable for a perfect fit. The breathable mesh will help keep you feeling fresh by allowing for airflow. This underwear is machine washable for quick and easy care.

5. ExOfficio Give-n-go Full Cut Brief

If this full cut brief gets dirty, all you need to do is wash it with water in the shower or sink; wring out as much water as possible and lay flat on a dry towel then rollup with underwear inside before squeezing to absorb water. Lastly, hang dry the underwear; it takes just 2 – 4 hours for the underwear to dry, though, in humid environments, it might take longer. The underwear has an antimicrobial treatment that reduces odor to help keep you fresh.

Moreover, it has a breathable mesh that allows for airflow, thereby, keeping you cool and very comfortable. Still on comfort; the waistband of this underwear is very comfortable and will keep its shape without stretching. The fabric used to make this underwear is 94-percent nylon and 6-percent Lycra spandex. It is easy to care for; hence, eliminating the need to carry several full cut briefs on a hiking trip.

6. Arc’teryx Phase SL Boxer Women’s

Polyester is one of the most durable materials you are yet to come across. Therefore, the fact that this underwear is made of 100-percent polyester means it is really durable and more than ready to serve you for a long period. Despite being amazingly durable, this underwear for women is light in weight to make it easy to move in it during a hiking adventure. It is also comfortable, making it the perfect hiking underwear for high-output activities.

Additionally, this underwear is available in a variety of colors, including Black, Dreamscape, and Macaw. This means you will not have a problem settling for a color that goes with your overall outfit and hiking gear. The underwear is also available in a wide range of sizes such as X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. These several size options make it easy to find underwear that fits you perfectly.

7. SEVIM Women’s 3 Pack Boxer Brief Boyshort

When you buy this package, you will receive a pack of 3 boxer briefs. The 3-pack comes in black colors or in an assortment of colors, which may include black, white, and beige – blue, peach, and dark blue – dark blue, black, and gray-blue – red, gray, and black – light pink, dark blue, and pink or light green, red, and peach. You can also receive 2 pinks and 1 yellow or 2 pinks and 1 grey.

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What’s more, this boxer brief boyshort is made with cotton, given that this is arguably the best material for women’s comfort and health. The fabric is not just comfortable but also breathable. Overall, this hiking underwear has 93-percent cotton and 7-percent elastane. To further provide you with comfort, the boxer brief has no stitches or seams. It is irreplaceable underwear that you can sleep in or wear with a skirt or dress.

8. Kalon 6 Pack Women’s Boyshort Panties

The Kalon 6 Pack Women’s Boyshort Panties are durable enough to withstand anything the outdoor environment throws at them. They are made of 92-percent nylon and 8-percent spandex. While nylon gives them the much-needed durability, spandex enables them to stretch, so they can fit you wonderfully. Moreover, these panties are extremely easy to care for. All you need to do is to cool wash and then tumble dry low or hang dry.

You do not need to iron or bleach them. Although the fabric used to make them is durable, these panties are super soft to make sure you are comfortable. They come in a variety of women’s sizes, which are X-Large (43-45”), Large (40-42.5”), Medium (38-40”), and Small (36-38”). The panties are also available in innumerable color options. These include Basics, Beige, Black, Chocolate, Dark Beige, Mocha, Light Vintage, Sporty Tri-blend, Spring, Winter, and Neons.

9. Caramel Cantina 6 Pack Plus Size Hipster Boy Short Panties

These plus size hipster panties are the best for curvy women. They are made of 92-percent nylon to make them durable and reliable underwear for frequent hiking trips and 8-percent spandex to make them stretchable enough to fit your body nicely. Because of the spandex, these hipster panties will hug and move with your body, making sure that you enjoy the ultimate comfort.

They are perfect for everyday wear or for the gym. Their several sizes include 1X, which is for panty size 10; 2X for panty size 11, and 3X for panty size 12. And like other women’s hiking panties we have reviewed so far, these ones are available in innumerable color options such as Beige, Black, Basics, Fall, Sporty Tri, and Winter. The panties come in a pack of 6 to make sure you have a complete collection hiking panties to choose from.

10. Ruxia Women’s Boyshort Panties – Pack of 5

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The materials used to make these panties are 90-percent nylon and 10-percent spandex. This means the panties are durable without being stiff. The spandex makes them stretchable enough to hug and move with your body, so you can experience maximum comfort during a hiking trip. The panties provide all-day comfort, making hiking adventures unforgettable.

What’s more, they are smooth under clothes as well as soft against the body to keep you super comfortable. For best care, the manufacturer advises that you hand wash the panties with the same color and use cold water. You should not bleach, iron, dry clean or use a dryer. Despite working really great, these panties have incredibly low price points for easy purchase. They are of great quality and have nice features that make them the go-to panties for anyone who loves hiking. Their sizing options are Small, Medium, and Large.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Hiking Underwear for Women

The following factors will further increase your chances of landing a suitable hiking panty for women.

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The material used to make your hiking underwear should be comfortable. This means it should be capable of preventing chaffing and rubber. The material should also be capable of maintaining your body temperature, given how harsh the outdoor environment can be. Moreover, the material should be breathable, easy to care for not to mention being able to dry quickly. Some of the materials you should consider are nylon, spandex, cotton, etc.


A hiking panty that fits too loosely or too tightly is not a good one. All of them are likely to make you uncomfortable as well as to cause all sorts of inconveniences. So, before buying a hiking panty or panties, make sure you know the size that fits you well. After that, check out the size chart to see if your size is there.

Ease of Care and Antimicrobial/Anti-odor Technology

It is important to buy a hiking panty with technology that resists bacteria and odor. Such panties will keep you feeling fresh and even confident mingling with people during a hiking adventure. Also, consider a panty that is easy to care for. In other words, underwear, which requires simple washing (no bleaching) and drying are the best.

Comfortable Seams

In addition to choosing hiking underwear with a soft fabric, you should make sure that the underwear also has flatlock seams. This is because the seams reduce irritation and chafing, thereby, allowing you to hike for a long time. Ideally, it is recommended that you avoid underwear with vertical seams going down your middle. Well, such panties are likely to cause irritation on the front or back or both.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pairs of underwear must I bring on a hiking trip?

It is advisable that you carry at least two pairs of hiking underwear. Be keen not to carry very many hiking panties that will make your backpack heavy.

Chafing is a common problem during hiking. How do I prevent it?

To prevent thigh and butt chafing, it is recommended that you consider a hiking panty made of synthetic underwear.

How often should I wash my hiking underwear?

Hiking is a strenuous activity that’s likely to make you sweat a lot. Therefore, it is important to wash your underwear after every hiking session or strenuous activity like running or gym.


The need for wearing the best hiking underwear should not be overlooked. This is because a high-end hiking panty plays a huge role in determining whether your hiking experience will be successful or not. With that said, go through the above reviews, buyer’s guide, and FAQs to know what’s really suitable for you.

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