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Top 10 Best Hiking Sandals Womens in 2021 Reviews

You need the best hiking sandals womens for a great hiking experience. Top quality hiking sandals for women are designed with women in mind. As such, they combine comfort with style to meet all your needs. They have features like EVA footbed and their heels are well cushioned to provide you with great comfort. Needless to say, you will be able to hike in them for long hours.

Women’s hiking sandals are also sleek-looking and trendy, so they can blend well with various feminine styles. What’s more, they come in a wide range of vibrant color options to choose from. In the following reviews, we managed to find top quality brands. So, go through them and then pick the one you believe will get the job done.

View the Best Hiking Sandals Women Reviews

1. Merrell Women’s Siren Strap Q2 Athletic Sandal

Women who love hiking should definitely go for this sandal. First, it is a product of a reputable company and second, it is packed with several features that enable it to tackle anything that comes its way. Like most Merrell sandals, this one has the Merrell air cushion in the heel to absorb shock and to provide stability.

Furthermore, it has the Lycra neoprene lining that increases comfort, thereby, allowing you to walk in it for an extended period. The QFORM 2 dual-density midsole has heel-centering technology that provides comfort and gender-engineered alignment. Given its quality and performance, this sandal fits the bill for anyone who wants the best footwear.

With it, water or wet surfaces will be the least of your concern. That’s because it has waterproof nubuck. The sandal also boasts textured EVA integrated footbed to further improve its performance. Merrell provides it in numerous color options, so you can easily find what goes with your outfit.

2. Skechers Performance Women’s On-The-Go 600 – Brilliancy

Very few companies can go toe to toe with the quality Skechers provide. With that said, expect this to be your go-to sandal every time you want to enjoy some outdoor adventure. It combines the two things women demand (comfort and style) to provide you with exceptional results on a consistent basis.

Additionally, the sandal boasts soft and smooth pique textured mesh fabric upper that further makes it comfortable to wear. It also features fabric straps that have subtle perforation stripe pattern. Another feature we find impressive is the high-rebound cushioning that’s equipped with responsive feedback to let you walk naturally even on unpredictable terrains.

Besides, the sandal combines Independent Goimpulse with integrated Goga Pillars sensors to offer feedback and flexibility for a more responsive walking experience. Goga Pillars technology is both on outsole and midsole. In addition to delivering results that can be compared to none, the sandal is very affordable.

3. Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Webbing Sandal

This hiking sandal for women is available in innumerable color options, so you can easily find what goes with your personal style and outfit. The color options are Black, Candy Pink, Pearl White, Navy, Pool/White, Tropical Teal, and Paradise Pink/Smoke.

The outsole design is feminine and wave-inspired to further improve the aesthetics and performance of the sandal. In addition, the design has adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit. The sandal also features flex grooves in the outsole to help enhance traction and comfort.

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They are affordable footwear with great quality for 100-percent customer satisfaction. They come in a variety of sizes, including 4 M US, 5 M US, 6 M US, 7 M US, 8 M US, 9 M US, 10 M US, and 11 M US. Therefore, regardless of your foot size, expect to find a pair that fits you perfectly. Please note that the sandal runs small; thus, you should order a size up.

4. Viakix Walking Sandals for Women

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It is only top quality sandals, such as the Viakix Walking Sandals for Women, which give the perfect look. With them, you will get endless compliments that will, in turn, boost your confidence. The sandals have trendy and fashionable webbing that blend with any style.Best of all, they have not sacrificed comfort for style.

Their elastic webbing stretches and adjusts to the size of your foot, so you can comfortable throughout the hiking experience. These sandals also have a cushioned EVA foam midsole that features ergonomic arch support and provides a super comfortable fit not to mention absorbing impact.

The sandals are crafted by hand using premium materials. Their quality should, therefore, not be doubted. Besides, they come with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for worry-free buying. Whether you are going on an off-path hiking adventure or on your way to the Caribbean, this is the footwear for you.

5. Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

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The multiple adjustment options and unmistakable feminine strap configuration combine to make the Teva Tirra Sandal for women capable of tackling any obstacle with ladylike grace. It is a high-performance sandal that’s specifically designed for a woman’s foot.

Therefore, if you are looking for footwear that delivers unmatched comfort without compromising style, this is the sandal to set your eyes on. Its heel features a cushioned Shoc Pad, which absorbs impact, thereby, allowing you to walk on tricky terrains with no issues.

The sandal also features Spider Original rubber outsole that provides great traction to let you maintain your balance and walk with peace of mind knowing that you will not slip, lose balance and injure yourself. Besides, the outsole is extremely durable to stand up to anything the outdoor environment throws at it. Another wonderful feature the sandal has is the easy hook-and-loop closure, which quickly comes on and off and helps improve the fit.

6. Teva Women’s Verra Sandal

Teva was founded in the early 1980s by a Colorado River guide. Since then it has remained an authentic icon in the outdoor industry. It produces lots of quality footwear, including the Verra Sandal, which has all the features women want in their hiking sandals. The sandal is sleek-looking to improve your style and looks.

It is also packed with lots of features that support comfort to make it super comfortable. Additionally, the sandal has other great features like contoured EVA foam midsole that offers outstanding support and cushioned footbed, which features Microban zinc-based antimicrobial treatment for fighting odor-causing bacteria.

It is a water-ready sandal that comes equipped with two hook-and-loop for easy adjustability. What’s more, the sandal boasts Spider Rubber outsole, which is durable enough to conquer any terrain not to mention providing great traction. It is a well-made sandal that comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

7. Teva Women’s W Sanborn Sandal

We like the thoughtful design of this sandal from Teva. It combines elegance and comfort to deliver second-to-none performance. It is a water-ready sandal that when you put on every time you are going on an outdoor adventure, nothing will come between you and fun.

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Its webbing upper is made of polyester; hence, it is extremely durable and more than ready to face the outdoor challenges head-on. The polyester webbing upper also dries quickly should it get wet. And this helps promote convenience.

Additionally, this sandal has injected EVA-foam outsole that provides a cushioned feel for maximum comfort as well as making the sandal lightweight enough to walk in for long hours without foot fatigue. The easy hook-and-loop closure enables the sandal to come off effortlessly plus they help make the fit better. Staying comfortable while on a hiking trip needs a lot of things, and this sandal is obviously one of them.

8. Teva Womens Sirra Sport Sandal

Hiking is likely to expose your footwear to a lot of hardships. That’s why you need this sandal from Teva. Its Durabrasion outsole is rugged, and, therefore, will stand up to all sorts of abuse. Moreover, the innovative outsole supplies this sandal with improved traction to enable it to grip the surface firmly and provide you with the much-needed balance during hiking.

The EVA foam outsole is lightweight for convenience. Plus the sandal features a ladder lock closure, which ensures a customized fit. Like the other sandals from Teva, this one is water-ready; thanks to its polyester webbing upper that is super durable and dries within a cinch.

The sandal is available in several color options, including Black, Spili Grey Mist, Boysenberry, Spili Apricot Multi, Desert Sage, and Tile Blue. It also comes in a variety of sizes. Well, this means finding what’s suitable for your needs will not be a difficult task.

9. KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

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You are definitely looking for a sandal that is super easy to care for. That’s why we recommend the KEEN Whisper Sandal for you. It is machine washable for easy cleaning and care. To clean it, use a small quantity of detergent, wash on gentle cycle, and then air dry. In no time, you will be having a great sandal that’s smelling fresh and looking clean.

It is not just the ease of care that makes this sandal the best in its class but also the well-thought-out, unique features that greatly improve performance. For instance, the sandal has a non-marking rubber outsole and compression molded EVA midsole.

It also has elastic cording that gives it a secure fit. Another exciting feature is the hydrophobic mesh lining, which helps provide extra comfort. The sandal is made of 100-percent polyester; therefore, expect it to be durable and well adapted to the outdoor environment.

10. Merrell Women’s Terran Lattice II Sandal

You want your feet to look cool, right? This sandal from Merrell is the best option. We all know what Merrell has done in the footwear industry since it was founded. Having said that, expect this hiking sandal to deliver when it matters. Its heel has the Merrell air cushion that adds stability and absorbs shock.

The sandal also has a breathable mesh lining that helps wick away moisture to keep your feet cool, so you can cover a long distance without discomfort. As if that’s not enough, Merrell has equipped it with a Bellows tongue, which keeps out debris.

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There is also ace footbed that is removable for convenience. The price of this sandal may be on the higher side compared to the ones we have reviewed earlier. However, you get what you pay for. So, go ahead and choose one from the various available colors and sizes.

Buyer’s Guide for the best Women’s Hiking Sandals

There are a lot of things to consider before buying a pair of women’s hiking sandals. Here are some.


To avoid inconveniences while hiking, it is important that you go for a perfectly fitting pair of hiking sandals. Well, several factors determine the fit of hiking sandals. And one of them is the size. So, be sure to choose the correct size as far as proper fit is concerned. You can also consider sandals with straps, as they help improve the fit.


Hiking can unpleasantly surprise you with unpredictable terrains that can be quite difficult to walk on. With this in mind, the outsole of your hiking sandals should have great traction. This will prevent you from slipping even on the trickiest terrains. Plus it will help improve your balance.


Contrary to what most people think, hiking is not a walk in the park. It has a lot of uncertainties; hence, you really must be ready for it. Well, one way to get ready for hiking trips is to buy a pair of hiking sandals that are very comfortable. With that said, go for sandals that are well cushioned and breathable.


Every woman has her own style. So, picking a pair of hiking sandals at random may not be a good idea because it increases the likelihood of ending up with sandals that will contrast your style. Therefore, before you buy hiking sandals for women, make sure their design matches your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which manufacturers make the best women’s hiking sandals?

Lots of companies produce premium women’s hiking sandals, but the best brands are Merrell, Skechers, Crocs, and KEEN.

Can hiking sandals be used for other activities?

Yes. Most hiking sandals are well made; hence, are great for camping, nature walks, and other outdoor activities.

How do I care for my hiking sandals?

Different sandals are cared for in different ways but the most common one is to wash them. It goes without saying that before you clean your sandals, make sure you are conversant with the care instructions provided by the manufacturer of the sandal.


Using hiking sandals for hiking activities is highly recommended. This is because these pieces of footwear are specially designed for hiking. They will, therefore, protect your foot and provide you with the much-needed comfort. In other words, they make hiking much easier and more fun than ever before.

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