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Top 10 Best Hiking Pants for Women in 2021 Reviews

The best hiking pants for women should always be seen as a necessity. This is because top quality women’s hiking pants are made of high-performance fabrics that offer maximum protection throughout the hiking adventure.

The fabrics are usually waterproof, windproof, and even have sun protection features to keep your skin safe from sun damages and the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Some premium hiking pants for women are also convertible in the sense that they can be used as shorts as well. In these reviews, we have given you a little insight into the matter. So, make sure you go through each line.

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1. Camii Mia Sportswear Hiking Fleece Pants


Women love simplicity, and that’s what these pants are all about. They are produced by Camii Mia; a company that combines Korean, British style, European, and American fashion to produce an exceptional sports outfit. They have an inner layer fleece to make them very comfortable to wear. They also have multiple pockets that come in handy when you have a number of items to store.

These pockets include two front slant pockets, two knee pockets, and two back pockets. The surface layer of these pants is weatherproof, so it can keep you comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. Besides, these pants are machine washable and hand-wash for convenience.

They are the perfect wear for winter outdoor sports such as cycling, hunting, snow skiing, hiking, traveling, and camping, among others. They are made of 97-percent nylon and 3-percent spandex. That’s why they have all these good qualities.

2. Nonwe Women’s Warm Water-Resistant Fleece Pants


Like the first hiking pants for women in these reviews, the Nonwe Water-Resistant Fleece Pants are made of polyester and spandex. Only that here, the manufacturer has used 95-percent polyester and 5-percent spandex. The pants are versatile, and, therefore, ideal for winter outdoor camping, cycling, climbing, skiing, and hiking, among others.

The pants have a side elasticated waist, meaning they will fit you perfectly. Additionally, they have a zipper pocket, which is great for keeping valuables. Plus they boast a Velcro pocket that further provides a convenient place to keep other items.

The combination of polyester and spandex makes them water-resistant and windproof. As such, expect to have a comfortable time hiking. The fabric will also let you breathe freely as well as preserve the body heat. We are positive that you will love these pants, especially for winter activities.

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3. Geval Women’s Outdoor Fleece Snow Pants


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Geval is another brand that makes high quality yet affordable outerwear. Their apparel is rigorously tested in harsh conditions. That’s why we give these hiking pants for women a nod in these reviews. They are made out of a 100-percent polyester fabric; hence, expect them to stand up to all the outdoor unfortunates.

Furthermore, they have two zip pockets, which allow you to have an easier time carrying stuff. Like the first two hiking pants on this list, these ones are designed with versatility in mind. That being said, they are ideal for camping, snow skiing, hunting, hiking, traveling, climbing etc.

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Although the polyester used to make them is rugged, it is still comfortable to wear. The pants also have a surface layer water-repellent breathable coating that makes them much more comfortable. It is advisable to buy from a trusted and affordable brand like Geval.

4. Diamond Candy Women’s Lightweight Waterproof Pants


Purchase these hiking pants for women without risk. Well, that’s because the pants come with a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee. Plus the manufacturer offers 24-hour customer support to help solve all of your problems in due time. The pants are made of quality waterproof fabric, meaning even the rain will not interfere with your hiking experience.

Moreover, the fabric is lightweight to let you hike comfortably. It is also flexible and wear-proof, so you can rely on your pants for hiking year in year out. The manufacturer has included an elastic waist to make these pants fit great. Also, they have equipped the pants with one front pocket and two large side pockets to give you an easy time to carry things.

Use these pants for camping, tourism, mountaineering, and hiking, among others. Their prices are very affordable, making them a great purchase if you are on a budget.

5. Jessie Kidden Women’s Outdoor Cargo Trousers


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Jessie Kidden knows that consumers deserve the best. That’s why they provide them with first-class services and first-class quality apparel like these outdoor cargo trousers. They have a zipper closure, which is great for keeping valuables or just ordinary small stuff. They are made of top quality fabric with UPF sun protection to keep your skin safe from sunburns and other skin damages caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

The fabric also breathes freely to provide you with the comfort you need while you are hiking. In addition, it is water-resistant, so it can keep you dry in light showers, making sure that your hiking trip is not made difficult and inconveniencing.

The trousers are great for casual and outdoor recreation wear such as climbing, hunting, walking, camping, mountaineering, skiing, riding, hiking, and more. They can effortlessly be changed from pants to shorts using the zip-off pant legs.

6. IN’VOLAND Women’s Hiking Cargo Pants


If you do not find these hiking cargo pants impressive, you can return it, provided the 30 days from the period of purchase has not elapsed. The cargo pants are very versatile; thus, you will find them useful for hunting, fishing, hiking, snow skiing, camping, mountaineering, traveling, and motor riding.

What’s more, they have an elastic hem that comes with a drawstring to make sure you have an easy time changing them from pants to shorts. They also boast Omni-Shade UPF 40+ Sun Protection to keep your skin safe from the prolonged exposure to the sun.

The fabric used to make these pants is breathable to provide you with the much-needed comfort outdoors. It also dries to ensure that you are always warm. Despite delivering such a stellar performance, these pants are unbelievably affordable. So, get them even when you are on a budget.

7. Nonwe Women’s Outdoor Hiking Cargo Snow Pants


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Another apparel that you should consider for your hiking trips are these cargo snow pants. They are machine washable and can also be hand washed. This means they are extremely easy to care for. They are made of 95-percent polyester and 5-percent spandex, so expect them to perform when needed. Moreover, these snow pants have a side elasticated waist for a universal fit.

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The fleece fabric that they are made of is stretchy and comfy to keep you warm. With that being said, these snow pants are the best bet for winter. They have multi-function zipper pockets that provide a convenient place to keep your items. Plus they are windproof and water-resistant to let you hike for quite a long time without any inconveniences.

Whether you are on a hiking trip or camping adventure, these cargo snow pants are for you. You can also use them for skiing, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

8. Jessie Kidden Women’s Outdoor Zip Off Cargo Pant


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Convenience matters a lot when you are on a hiking trip. And one piece of apparel that will ensure that you are very much convenient while hiking is this pant. It comes with a hip-mounted D-ring that holds IDs and keys to make sure that you are able to reach for these items with much ease.

What’s more, the hiking pant is made of water-repellent fabric to make sure that you are dry and comfortable even when you are hiking in a wet environment. The fabric also boasts a UPF sun protection feature to help reduce exposure to dangerous UVA and UVB radiation.

The zip-off pant legs of this pant will help you change the pant to a short when need be. There is also a side elastic waist that fits really comfortably. This hiking pant is not just perfect for hiking but also ideal for hunting and other outdoor activities.

9. Hopgo Women’s Quick Dry Outdoor Hiking Pants


Hopgo knows what makes every hiking trip a success. That’s why we are really happy to introduce their hiking pants for women on this list. The hiking pants are made with ultimate comfort in mind. With that said, they have a comfortable fabric that is relaxed and breathable to make the skin breathe freely.

They also boast a convenient length that will protect your knees. Plus they have a good number of pockets to help keep your stuff. They will keep your skin from sun damages and UV rays with their UPF 50 sun protection feature. The pants will fit you perfectly regardless of your size.

And that’s because of the belt-loop waistband that has side elastic. Size small fits 29/30W, Medium fits 31/32W, Large fits 33/34W, and extra-large fits 35/36W. These pants dry quickly and are wrinkle-resistant to allow for easy travel.

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10. Zeagoo Women’s Outdoor Hiking Cargo Pants


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Hiking pants made of 100-percent polyester should be you go-to apparel. And that’s exactly what these outdoor hiking cargo pants are all about. Their polyester fabric is perfect for an outdoor adventure. It is breathable, durable, lightweight, and very soft to make sure you are super comfortable on a hiking trip. It also dries quickly to keep you convenient.

These pants are also equipped with Omni-Shade UPF 40+ Sun Protection to keep the fabric working as intended even after prolonged exposure to the sun. The sun protection feature also ensures that you are totally safe by protecting your skin from sun damages. These hiking pants come with a front pocket and two large zipper pockets to allow for easy carrying of stuff.

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Additionally, there is a 30-day money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer to ensure 100-percent satisfaction. The pants are great for motor riding, hunting, fishing, snow skiing, hiking, traveling, camping, mountaineering etc.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Hiking Pants for Women

The following should be a frontier for you when buying a pair of hiking pants for women.


It is recommended that your pants be as lightweight as possible. This is because the lighter a pair of hiking pants is the easier it is to put on and walk in. There is, however, an exception, and this is when you are looking for a hiking pant for winter. Winter hiking pants should provide warmth; hence, they are a little heavier.


Choosing a pair of hiking pants loaded with features is a good move. With that mind, consider those pants that you can convert to shorts through a system of cords and zippers. Also, if possible, consider pants side zippers, as they (the side zippers) allow for a better flow of air.


A hiking pant made of polyester and/or nylon is the best. This is because polyester dries quickly and helps wick away moisture. Nylon, on the other hand, helps improve durability by enabling the pants to withstand abrasion. You can also consider a pair of hiking pants made of spandex since spandex makes them stretchable and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pants should I wear for hiking?

You should consider those hiking pants that are breathable, durable, and weatherproof.

What gear do I need for hiking?

Of course, you need hiking pants. Other items you can consider are hiking boots, a backpack, hats/caps, sunglasses, and emergency kits like knives.

Where do I get the best advice on how to choose the best hiking pants for women?

Right here on this page. In this place, you will come across the best hiking brands of the year as well as factors to consider before or when choosing a hiking pant.

How should a hiking pant fit?

A hiking pant should not fit you too tight to the extent that it prevents you from moving freely. It should also not be too baggy to the extent that it bulges in a windy condition, thereby, hindering your movement.


Hiking pants should not be understated. They make every hiking experience a success by offering comfort and ultimate protection to hikers. So, when you are buying a pair of hiking boots and a backpack for hiking, do not forget to include hiking pants in the mix. And the best place to get one is right here.

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