Top 10 Best GPS Watch for Running in 2021 Reviews

Like a good pair of running shoes, the best GPS watch for running plays a critical role in improving your running experience. It is particularly handy for beginners, who may not know exactly what to do to get the most out of their running experiences. It is great for keeping tracks of your running or for measuring your walk/run intervals.

Besides, these watches are equipped with GPS features that enable them to track how far, how fast, and where you run. They are not just great for beginners but also can be used by more experienced runners. Here, we provide you with comprehensive reviews about them.

Check the below the Best GPS Watch for Running in Reviews

1. Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit


Sweat all day while working out with your phone safely tucked away when you have the Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch. It is equipped with built-in sports apps to help track your running, cycling, snowboarding, skiing, rowing, and golf, among others.

There is a GPS tracker included to help give you the price, distance, pace, and location when on runs. This watch comes with a heart rate monitoring technology to keep you in check all day and night. It is compatible with Android 4.4 or later, Apple IOS 10.0 or later, and Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

This means you can connect the watch to any of these devices to receive any notifications from your phone. This watch has a sunlight-readable and high-resolution touchscreen display for easy reading. It operates on a long-life battery that lasts up to 8 hours when fully charged. And the watch is water-resistant for optimal performance.

2. Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch, Black/Gray


Measure the distance, pace, and time covered in running using the Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch. It is loaded with innovative sports features to help you count steps and calories burnt throughout the day with a move bar vibration to alert you when you have been sitting for too long.

There is a VO2 maximum estimate to calculate the maximum volume of oxygen you can use during an activity. On GPS mode, this watch can run for 11 hours while keeping you updated with the exact location, distance, and pace on the real map.

You can pair this watch with a compatible smartphone to receive text message, call alerts, calendar reminders, and even see incoming calls. This watch comes with a sunlight-visible large screen, so you can clearly see the displayed information. Moreover, there is a user’s manual included to provide you with all the information you need to get started.

3. Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire – Black

With a rugged design that features stainless steel construction buttons and a rear case, the Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire is fit for any adventure. It has a bright high-resolution display with LED backlighting that guarantees readability in all ambient conditions.

This watch features a premium multisport GPS with elevated wrist heart rate to take you further with your running data. It comes with VO2 estimator that crunches data to show you running speed, beats per minute, and heart rate variability. Plus there is a race predictor that estimates the ideal finish time based on your current VO2 estimator.

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This watch is lightweight and comfortable around the wrist; hence, you can comfortably wear it while running, cycling or hiking without feeling the weight. You can customize this watch with free downloads from Connect IQ store. Moreover, it is available in a variety of colors to suit different needs.

4. Garmin Forerunner 35, GPS Running Watch, Black

Monitor key aspects of your running and fitness progress by tracking distance, pace, and calories with the Garmin Forerunner 35, GPS Running Watch. It is equipped with run/walk mode to tell you when you need to slow down or speed up.

Also, there is an elevated wrist heart rate technology that monitors your heart rate, so you can run comfortably without a chest strap. There is a built-in GPS that acquires satellites quickly to track how far, fast, and where you run. This watch features a high resolution display that is perfect for indoor and outdoor viewing.

It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. It also works with Garmin Connect Mobile, and it has a display size of 0.93 x 0.93 inches. Other smart features of this GPS watch for running are music controls, smart notifications, auto uploads, and automatic sw updates.

5. Garmin vivoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch

This is the GPS running watch for your active life. Its battery life lasts up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and up to 13 hours in GPS mode. For this reason, expect this GPS watch for running to be very reliable. In addition, this device works with both iPhones and Android devices.

When you connect it with a compatible smartphone, this device will provide you with great features like smart notifications, LiveTrack, and automatic uploads to Garmin connect, among others. The GPS watch boasts over 15 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps such as swimming, running, and yoga.

As such, expect it to be the go-to smart device for all of your outdoor activities. This device is made of premium quality materials that enable it to withstand the rigors of everyday use. It is available in many different colors to choose from.

6. SUUNTO Ambit3 Running GPS Unit

The SUUNTO GPS Watch for Running will guide you every step of the way. It is a high functioning device that deserves a place on this competitive list. It will provide you with accurate and stable weather and altitude information to make sure that you get the best out of your running activities.

It has a built-in barometer, compass, altimeter, and, of course, GPS. Therefore, expect it to deliver peerless performance regardless of the environment. Additionally, this innovative watch boasts 100-meter water-resistance, and this means you can rely on it even for such activities as swimming.

You can also have it on when you are showering. Ideally, the battery of this watch is high performing, considering that it works up to 200 hours and has 1-minute accuracy. This watch is available in two color options, which are black and sapphire.

7. Garmin Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit

You need this GPS watch for running if you want to take your running experience to another level. It is a handy device that will evaluate your training status to let you know whether you are overtraining or under doing it.

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What’s more, it has additional performance monitoring features to make sure that it provides you with nothing but exceptional results. This running GPS unit will also provide you with advanced dynamics for swimming, running, and cycling.

The device is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows. Ideally, it is well constructed, and this can be proven by the silicone material used to make the strap. With that said, the device will hold up well to your high demands. Apart from using this device as a running watch, you can use it as a triathlon watch. It offers elevation changes with its built-in barometer.

8. Garmin Forerunner 735XT

The Garmin Forerunner 735XT will make you a better athlete today than you were yesterday. This is because it has a number of great features that will provide you with everything you need for an excellent running experience.

It is built with versatility in mind, and, therefore, it is not just ideal for running but also you can use it for swimming, cycling, xc skiing, hiking, paddle sports, and many more. The device has connected features such as automatic uploads to Garmin connect, audio prompts, Live Tracking, smart notifications, and social media sharing.

This device comes equipped with Elevate Wrist Heart technology to help monitor your heart rate 24/7. That being said, you will not need any additional strap when you have this device. The watch looks attractive, and it is made of comfortable silicone bands, so you can wear it for long hours without any discomfort.

9. Suunto Traverse

Born in 1936, Suunto knows exactly what to add to a GPS watch for running to make it one of the best. With that being said, the Suunto Traverse is loaded with numerous features like GPS timekeeping, incoming calls, texts and push notifications.

Besides, it has a barometric trend that helps predict weather changes, making sure that you are not caught off-guard when you are outdoors. This GPS watch for running also has a storm alarm that will alert you when it is time to take shelter.

Ideally, you will be kept informed of the available daylight hours with the sunrise and sunset times. The battery life of this watch goes up to 100 hours, thereby, ensuring that the watch remains totally reliable. The watch’s GPS will make sure that you are more than ready to explore new terrains. Plus you can always upload routes to this watch.

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10. Garmin Fenix 2 GPS Watch (Certified Refurbished)

This GPS watch for running is considered one of the best because it is a combination of a fitness and outdoor watch. It makes a good training partner of any multisport athlete who values convenience.

It is made to be really handy for running, hiking, climbing, riding, skiing, and swimming. Since it is designed to make your life more convenient than ever before, the GPS watch can effortlessly be switched between feature sets for quick access to the information required.

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This means you will be able to easily switch from advanced fitness training features such as Virtual Partner, VO2 max, and a recovery advisor, to super sensitivity GPS features like TracBack, 3-axis compass, and worldwide basecamp. You can also switch to a completely different feature set for any of your separate activities. The watch is also equipped with a Smart Notification, which ensures that you are always up to date.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best GPS Watch for Running

Considering the many brands on the market, going through a buyer’s guide like this one will really be helpful.

Experience Level

Buy a GPS watch for running based on your level of experience. This means if you are a more experienced runner, consider a GPS watch with advanced features and vice versa. By choosing a GPS watch with the right features, you will be able to get the most out of your running sessions.


In our opinion, you should consider a GPS watch for running that is waterproof or at least water-resistant. Well, such devices will let you use them for water-related activities like swimming and snorkeling. Additionally, waterproof GPS watches can be used even in the shower. And this means you can rely on them 24/7.

Battery Life

Whether it is in GPS mode or smartwatch mode, the battery life of your GPS watch for running should last really long. This is because a device with a long battery life will be reliable. And a reliable device helps improve convenience. With that said, consider those GPS watches with batteries that last at least 100 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have prepared for you the following questions and answers.

Why are GPS watches for running more expensive than other smartwatches?

GPS watches have a feature that most smartwatches do not have – the GPS feature. Well, with the GPS feature, the watch will not just track how fast you run but also where you are exactly.

Are all GPS watches for running waterproof?

No. But if you need a waterproof GPS watch for running, you must make sure that it is described as waterproof/water-resistant.

Which company produces the best GPS watches for running?

Numerous companies are committed to making sure that their customers are 100-percent satisfied by making top quality GPS watches for running. However, one company that seems to exceed expectations is Garmin. Its GPS watches never disappoint.


If you want to settle for the best GPS watch for running, look no further than this platform. Here, we have done more than enough to make sure that you do not just get a top-notch GPS running watch but also learn a few things about these advanced devices.

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