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Top 10 Best Figure Skating Pants in 2020 Reviews

The best figure skating pants are a must-have because they are proven to directly improve performance. They are also durable, given that most of them are made of polyester and/or nylon. As such, these skating pants will let you practice with peace of mind knowing that regardless of how strenuous an exercise becomes, they will stand up to it.

First-class figure skating pants also stretch nicely and have a good fit. For this reason, they will keep you comfortable, thereby, allowing you to focus more on practice and less on your comfort. If you are looking for a pair, we hope that the following reviews will be helpful.

Our Top Pick
Figure Skating Spiral Polartec Polar Fleece Pants...
Best For Value
ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Pants with 2-Tones...
Best expensive
ChloeNoel P83 - Polar Fleece Figure Skating Pants...
Figure Skating Spiral Polartec Polar Fleece Pants...
ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Pants with 2-Tones...
ChloeNoel P83 - Polar Fleece Figure Skating Pants...
Our Top Pick
Figure Skating Spiral Polartec Polar Fleece Pants...
Figure Skating Spiral Polartec Polar Fleece Pants...
Best For Value
ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Pants with 2-Tones...
ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Pants with 2-Tones...
Best expensive
ChloeNoel P83 - Polar Fleece Figure Skating Pants...
ChloeNoel P83 - Polar Fleece Figure Skating Pants...

Check out the Best Figure Skating Pants Reviews

1. ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Fleece Pants

These fleece pants have scooped the number one spot because they are made with Polartec. Polartec is one of the best materials an outfit can be made of. This is because it has a number of impressive qualities such as quick-drying and superior durability. The quick-drying quality gives you confidence when washing the pants knowing that it will not take long before they dry.

Furthermore, Polartec is durable and this further makes it great because the outfit that has it as its main fabric will stand the test of time. Best of all, despite being durable, Polartec is soft and super comfortable. For this reason, you will be able to wear these figure skating pants for hours without having any issues.

Still, on comfort, these fleece pants have a 2-inch waistband, which, in turn, features a soft elastic band. Moreover, they are fully breathable to allow moisture to escape and provide the much-needed coolness when you are very active. Other features include odor-resistant technology and the ability to hold shape.

2. Chloe Noel Figure Skating Spiral Pants P06

The Chloe Noel Figure Skating Pants are made of a blend of two fabrics; polyester and spandex. Polyester takes around 87-percent, and this means the durability of these pants cannot be doubted. Furthermore, polyester is super easy to care for. Plus its comfort is acceptable. Spandex, on the other hand, takes the remaining 13-percent, and its role is to make the figure skating spiral pants stretch as expected.

Stretch is key to the performance of figure skating pants. That being said, those pants that cannot stretch as needed can as well be considered very poor and, to some extent, should be avoided. The pants are made in the USA and we think this is further proof that they are quality pants that will meet all your needs.

What’s more, they have a 2-inch solid color waist and a 1-inch cuff & spiral. The fleece pants are available in several color options, including Turquoise, Purple, Pink, Fuchsia, Light Green, and Gold. They also come in many different sizes such as adult small, child medium, small child, adult large, child large, etc.

3. ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Pants with 2-Tones Waistband

ny2 is here again with another pair of premium figure skating pants. Although it has not made these particular figure skating pants with Polartec, the manufacturer has still used a good combination of fabrics to make sure the figure skating pants have all the amazing qualities. ny2 has used 88-percent polyester and 12-percent spandex to give the pants the comfort and stretch they need.

What’s more, polyester is incredibly durable, and this is both cost-effective as well as super convenient. It is cost-effective and convenient in the sense that you will not have to buy figure skating pants every now and then. The pants are fully breathable and feature odor-resistant technology to make sure you are always fresh.

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Additionally, they have a 4-way stretch, which helps supports muscles as well as allowing for freedom of movement. They are heavyweight pants that retain warmth during practice. By so doing, the pants allow you to focus more on the training process and less on your comfort. They are made in the USA and are available in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

4. Chloe Noel All Black Figure Skating 3” Waist Band Pants P22

If you love all black, then investing in these figure skating pants will go a long way. They are black pants that you can put on with a black top for a timeless all black look. You can also put them on with other colors and they will go with those colors just fine. The bottom line is these pants take convenience to a whole new level.

While they are only available in one color option, this should not be a concern because, as we have said, black goes with anything. The pants are made in the USA; hence, expect to get it in a snap after you have made your order.

It is made with 87-percent polyester for durability, comfort, and ease of care and 13-percent spandex for comfort and optimum stretch. Moreover, these pants are available in innumerable sizes so everyone, including kids, can find what fits them perfectly.

5. Chloe Noel Figure Skating Polar Fleece Pants P83

One thing we find amazing about these polar fleece pants is the fact that they are brushed inside to provide you with extra comfort and warmth. They are the type of pants you can put on for a long time without being bothered by any form of discomfort. They are made of 49-percent poly, 38-percent nylon, and 13-percent spandex.

This blend of fabrics is impressive because with it, comes durability, comfort, and stretch. The blend of the three fabrics also makes the polar fleece pants easy to take care of for worry-free wear and wash. Like other figure skating pants by Chloe Noel, this pair is made in the USA.

And it comes in a wide range of sizes so you can have an easy time picking the perfect size for your kid or yourself. Some of these sizes are Child Large, Adult Small, Child Extra Extra Small, Adult Extra Large, and many more.

6. ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Practice Pants

After 20+ customer reviews, the ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Practice Pants have a rating of 4.6, and this is very good. Best of all, we are confident that the ratings will improve over time. Another thing we find impressive is the fact that these pants are among the cheapest on the market.

As such, if you are on a budget and looking for a quality pair of pants for skating, these ones should be a frontier for you. Moreover, these pants are made in the USA and are fully breathable to allow moisture and water vapor to escape so you can stay comfortable and cool even when the practice becomes more strenuous.

The pants are made of 88-percent SUPPLEX and 12-percent LYCRA so they can provide you with all the comfort and fit you need. They are able to hold their shape, which is great, given that their price point is much lower than most pants in the same class.

7. ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Practice Pants with Rhinestones R52

The 4-way stretch is an important feature, which, if possible, should be there in all figure skating pants. It supports the muscles and gives the freedom of movement. That being said, figure skating pants that have it are easy and comfortable to practice in. Well, one of those pants is the ny2 Sportswear Figure Skating Pants.

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These pants are no ordinary skating pants. They have rhinestones that make you stand out during practice as well as enhancing their aesthetics. The pants are made of 88-percent SUPPLEX and 12-percent LYCRA, making them comfortable.

The thoughtful blend also ensures a perfect fit. Plus these pants have a cotton-feel soft touch for improved performance. Their price is not exaggerated despite having the rhinestones. They are made in the USA and are available in innumerable sizes such as child large, adult extra small, child extra small, adult medium, and child medium, among others.

8. Ice Fire Figure Skating Crisis Cross Pants – Rainbow

The price of these criss-cross pants may be heftier than those other pants we have already reviewed, but we don’t think this should be a concern, given that the pants have lots of amazing features. For instance, these pants feature a new criss-cross design that improves their look.

Needless to say, these pants will make you stand out from the crowd. Another feature we must talk about is the over-the-boot style that makes it extremely easy to wear these pants. Furthermore, these pants feature a wide waistband that combines with the bottom hem to give a new sharper look as well as to promote comfort during movement.

Besides, these criss-cross pants have a glittery rainbow pattern fabric that features bright colors for enhanced visual appeal. They also boast a high-performance brushed poly spandex fabric that offers soft to the touch inner surface and on the outer side, the pants feature spandex, which dries quickly for ultimate convenience. The pants are available in two sizes; Adult X-Small and Child Medium.

9. ChloeNoel Figure Skating Skinny Skate Pants P11

Not so many figure skating pants are made with versatility in mind. Therefore, we are pleased to note that the ChloeNoel Figure Skating Skinny Skate Pants are suitable for several occasions. You can use them for travel as well as for practice on and off the ice.

They are made in the USA with durable and quality fabrics to give you a complete satisfaction. The fabric includes 87-percent polyester and 13-percent spandex. Polyester is known for superior durability and that’s exactly what it brings to these pants. Polyester is also comfortable as well as easier to care for than most comparable fabrics.

The other fabric, which is spandex, has its good qualities too and contributes greatly to making these pants among the best in their class. Spandex is stretchable; hence, it enables these pants to fit perfectly and comfortably. Moreover, the pants feature durable flatlock stitches for rises and inseam.

10. ChloeNoel P23-2 Contrast Waist Figure Skating Pants

One of the companies you can turn to for good figure skating pants is ChloeNoel. This company is dedicated to making first-class skating pants that will satisfy each of your needs. And one of these pants is the P23-2 Contrast Waist Figure Skating Pants. They are made in the USA, meaning by buying them, you will definitely be improving the economy of the country.

They are made with two fabrics, which are 87-percent polyester and 13-percent spandex. Polyester, as expected, promotes durability and comfort not to mention making the pants much easier to care for. Spandex, on the other hand, improves the fit of the pants. Ideally, the waistband and the bottom hem of these pants have zebra prints for enhanced visual appeal.

Since everyone may not like these prints, the pants are available in other colors as well. These are black and Black. The pants are also available in a variety of sizes, including Child Extra Extra Extra Small and Child Extra Extra Small. They are reasonably priced and have all the features that make a pair of figure skating pants the best.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Figure Skating Pants

These factors will help you settle for a top quality pair of figure skating pants.


The material used to make your figure skating pants should have all the qualities that promote comfort, convenience, and performance. In other words, the materials should be stretchable, comfortable, and able to dry quickly as well as to hold its shape. Well, some of those materials are polyester, nylon, and spandex.


A pair of figure skating pants should not fit you too loose because, although this offers great freedom of movement, it may limit you when it comes to doing certain moves. It is also likely to let in cold air, especially when you are practicing on ice. Ideally, figure skating pants should not fit too tight because this is likely to take away the much-needed freedom of movement.


Figure skating pants are available in innumerable colors. For this reason, it is expected that you choose a color that will go with other outfits you plan to wear the pants with. The color of your pants should also block with the colors and finish of your skates.


If you want to enjoy skating to the fullest, one of the factors you should consider is comfort. And comfort in figure skating pants is mainly brought by the material used to make the pants. For instance, polyester and spandex are known to improve comfort. Another feature that improves comfort is the elastic waistband. It enables the pants to fit you perfectly and comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you practice ice skating?

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you practice ice skating once or twice a week for 45 minutes or 1 hour. It is believed that if you do that, you will get more comfortable on the ice.

Which companies make the best figure skating pants?

These are Chloe Noel and ny2. These companies are all out to make sure skaters have an easy time on the ground. As such, they produce high-quality skating pants.

Are good quality figure skating pants expensive?

The prices of figure skating pants range greatly to make sure there is something for everyone. Having said, expect to find a good pair of skating pants if you do your research well before purchase.

Do manufacturers produce figure skating pants for little kids?

Yes. Figure skating pants are available in many different sizes, including sizes for kids. For example, figure skating pants made of Chloe Noel are available in such sizes as Child Extra Extra Extra Small, Child Extra Extra Small, Child Medium, and Child Large.


If you want to enjoy skating on ice, the first thing you should consider is to have the right gear. And the right gear, in this case, is not just a good pair of skating shoes but also skating pants. Well, skating pants can be the difference between knowing how to skate faster and finding the entire thing daunting.

Best Sellers: Best figure skating pants

Bestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 2
NY2 SPORTSWEAR Figure Skating Practice Pants -...
Adult Medium ( Women Size: 4 - 6 ); Waist(inches): 28.5; Lower Hip(inches): 33; Thigh(inches) : 18
Bestseller No. 3
Chloe Noel P23-2" Contrast Waist Figure Skating...
Made in U.S.A; Fabric: 87% Polyester - 13% Spandex
Bestseller No. 4
CRS Cross Padded Figure Skating Shorts – Youth...
CUSHION your hips, tailbone and butt with built in pads; STRETCHABLE Spandex shorts with 2 way stretch and elastic waist

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