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Top 10 Best Earmuffs for Winter in 2021 Reviews

The best earmuffs for winter provide protection against cold and wind. Best of all, they are able to do that without blocking sound. Besides, these earmuffs are ultra-lightweight, and, therefore, you can wear them for long without feeling any discomfort. The earmuffs are also designed with portability in mind.

They have adjustable headbands that allow you to fold them and store them anywhere you want. This means traveling with them is extremely easy. Additionally, these ear warmers have sleek styles that make them go with nearly any outfit. We have discussed them in detail in the following reviews to make it easier to choose a suitable brand.

Our Top Pick
Knolee Unisex Classic Fleece Earmuffs Foldable Ear...
Best For Value
Tough Headwear Ear Warmer Headband - Winter Fleece...
Best expensive
Luther Pike Seattle Ear Muffs for Winter - Women &...
Knolee Unisex Classic Fleece Earmuffs Foldable Ear...
Tough Headwear Ear Warmer Headband - Winter Fleece...
Luther Pike Seattle Ear Muffs for Winter - Women &...
Our Top Pick
Knolee Unisex Classic Fleece Earmuffs Foldable Ear...
Knolee Unisex Classic Fleece Earmuffs Foldable Ear...
Best For Value
Tough Headwear Ear Warmer Headband - Winter Fleece...
Tough Headwear Ear Warmer Headband - Winter Fleece...
Best expensive
Luther Pike Seattle Ear Muffs for Winter - Women &...
Luther Pike Seattle Ear Muffs for Winter - Women &...

List of​​ the Best Earmuffs for Winter Reviews

1. Knolee Unisex Classic Winter Outdoor Earmuffs

The materials selected to make these earmuffs are first-class and that’s what has really impressed us. The outside of the earmuffs is made of premium knitting, while the inside is made of comfortable plush, which is a combination of polyester and acrylic. Because of these materials, the earmuffs are comfortable and warm. For this reason, it is safe to say that they are a must-have when winter comes.

They shield the wind from the ears without blocking the sound. Moreover, these winter outdoor earmuffs are adjustable and, therefore, can fit different head sizes. This means when you wear them, you will not be bothered by any form of discomfort.

They are great for hiking, hunting, running, biking, skiing, and other outdoor winter activities. What’s more, the winter outdoor earmuffs are unisex and make a great Christmas gift for parents and friends. When you are not using these ear warmers, simply fold them into a smaller size and then store them somewhere safe for future use. Ideally, these ear warmers are lightweight, meaning you can easily carry them when traveling.

2. Knolee Unisex Winter Outdoor Earmuffs

These winter outdoor earmuffs are made of two materials. The first one is the soft knit material, which is used on the outside of the earmuffs. The second is the plush furry texture material, which is used on the inner lining. These materials work together to keep your ears warm as well as to protect them.

The ear muffs are one size fits most. They have an adjustable band that stretches slightly to fit you perfectly. That being said, these outdoor earmuffs will work great for you even when you have a lot of hair. They will not mess up your hair, and this is another reason why you should go for them.

They are great winter accessories that make an excellent gift for lovers, family, and friends. The cute knit design combines with the stylish pure color and lovely headband to make these earmuffs great for all wears and occasions. The earmuffs are well built; therefore, you do not need to worry about them getting distorted and losing shape.

3. Tough Headwear Fleece Ear Warmers Headband

No one likes it when their ears are numb and frozen. That’s why the Tough Headwear Fleece Ear Warmers Headband is not something you should pass when you bump into it. It is made of 94-percent polyester and 6-percent spandex. Polyester provides ultimate softness and comfort, whereas spandex enhances fit by making the headband stretchable. The headband retains heat to keep your ears toasty and cozy.

It is a quality headband that works as advertised and is very affordable so you can easily acquire it even when you are on a tight budget. It comes with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind knowing that the company fully stands behind it.

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Tough Headwear is from California, and it is loved by many because it does not just back its products with a warranty but also tests the products before selling them. For instance, it tests this headband in every condition possible before it reaches you. The headband is ideal for daily wear, running, cycling, and sports, among others.

4. Simplicity Women’s Winter Faux Fur Ear Warmers Earmuffs

Since these ear warmers are seam-sealed, they are able to keep wind and moisture out. By so doing, the earmuffs keep your ears toasty and super comfortable. They are made with top-notch natural faux fur that makes them very warm, breathable, and soft. In addition, these earmuffs have an adjustable head circumference that makes them easy to wear. They are designed for men, women, and teens.

They can be used anywhere at any time; thanks to their foldable design that saves space and their convenient, lightweight craftsmanship, which makes them easy to travel with. Besides, these ear muffs are ideal for traveling, skiing, shopping, and winter casual.

They come in various colors and patterns so you can easily find what blends well with your outfit. Some of these colors are Star_blue, Purple, Paw_rose/Pink, and Star_purple. Given their performance and quality, these earmuffs are exactly what you need for cold days.

5. TopRush Foldable Ear Warmers/Ear Muffs

These ear warmers are more expensive than most brands on the market. However, this should not be worrisome because they work as advertised. They have an adjustable size that most people find very comfortable. The well-thought-out adjustable design allows you to adjust them so they can fit your head perfectly. On the inside, the ear warmers feature soft, smooth, and plush material.

The material provides amazing comfort, thereby, allowing for long hours of wear. Besides, the frame of these ear muffs is made of top-notch materials as well. These materials promote comfort without sacrificing durability. Plus they prevent the frame from oppressing the ears should the ear warmers be worn for a long time.

Weighing 80 grams only, these ear warmers will not make you feel uncomfortable at all even when you wear them for long hours. The ear warmers also boast a portable design. They are foldable, and this means you can easily store them in your bag or pocket when you are not wearing them. Moreover, the ear muffs are made by a reputable manufacturer that provides excellent after-sale services to ensure 100-percent user satisfaction.

6. Livingston Men/Women’s Faux Furry Winter Outdoors Ear Muffs

Livingston knows that material plays a huge role in determining the comfort of earmuffs for winter. Therefore, it has tried to make these winter outdoor earmuffs with the most comfortable material ever. The material is of high-quality; therefore, expect excellent performance from it.

It is ultra-soft thick padded faux fur that keeps the ear warm when it is agonizingly cold outside. Wearing these winter outdoor earmuffs is a cakewalk, as all you need to do is to wrap it around your head or top of your head. They can be worn with helmets, hats or glasses.

They are not cumbersome and this makes them easy to deal with. When not in use, these ear warmers can quickly be folded into small and round pebble shape for quick and easy storage. You can keep them in your pocket, jeans, coat, etc. Needless to say, these earmuffs can be relied on even when traveling. They are stylish and very versatile. As such, you can use them during skiing, riding, hiking, outdoor work, hunting, and many more.

7. Lauzq Fleece Ear Warmers/Muffs Headband

Ears tend to get really cold during winter. But with a high-performance set of earmuffs, like the Lauzq Fleece Ear Warmers/Muffs, cold ears are a thing of the past. The Lauzq Fleece Ear Muffs Headband is made of 75-percent fleece and 25-percent polyester. Both of these materials promote comfort without sacrificing durability.

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The headband works both during cold and windy days. During cold days, it keeps the ears warm and during windy cold days, it protects the ears. It is super soft, breathable, skin-friendly, and anti-static. It is also super lightweight to the extent that you will feel as if you are not wearing anything.

You can use it both indoors and outdoors. When used outdoors, the headband is perfect for snowshoeing, running, workout, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, yoga, and skiing. The headband is one size fits most. Its length is 19.6” and the width is 5.9”. What’s more, this headband has good elasticity that helps promote a perfect fit. Once worn, it stays in place even when you engage in more demanding activities.

8. LUTHER PIKE SEATTLE Headband Warm Ear Muffs

Luther Pike makes lots of accessories for all ages. Therefore, we are confident that these ear warmers for men & women will work great for you. Since they are made by a reputable manufacturer, they have all the great features to make you a happy buyer. These features include an adjustable design that ensures one size fits all. All you need to do is to adjust the ear muffs so they can fit snug and comfortably.

Another feature is the fleece fabric used to make the ear warmers. The fabric is skin-friendly, incredibly warm, and super soft. Having said that, expect to wear these ear warmers for a long time without feeling any discomfort. Ideally, these ear warmers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get a full refund in the event that they fail to meet expectations.

Plus these ear warmers are available in 5 different color options, including Grey, Black, Cable Knit-White, Cable Knit-Grey, Red Plaid, and Cable Knit-Black. The colors are great and somewhat low profile. Therefore, expect them to go with your personal style.

9. LETHMIK Outdoor Foldable Winter Earmuffs

No products found.

LETHMIK simply stands for “let’s make it”. It makes premium products, including these outdoor and foldable winter earmuffs. The earmuffs are made of the finest and highest quality knit shell. They are also made of super warm thick fleece lining material. The two fabrics combine to enable it to provide ultimate comfort without being burdensome. The foldable winter earmuffs are designed for both men and women.

They have a sleek style; hence, they will not compromise your general look. Instead, they will take it to a whole new level. The earmuffs also have a foldable and packable design that allows you to easily fold them and fit them into your bag so you can use them anywhere, anytime.

They are perfect to wear during winter while skiing, hiking, snowboarding, camping, skating, sledding, and snowshoeing. Given their unique purpose and amazing quality, these earmuffs make an exciting gift for Christmas. They are affordable, and this is just another reason why you should have them or buy them for a loved one.

10. Kedofe Ear Warmers For Men Women

Ear warmers should keep your ears warm and that’s exactly what the Kedofe Ear Warmers for Men and Women do. They are made of several premium materials, which include premium acrylic and polyester. Acrylic has been used to make the outside of the warmers while a combination of acrylic and polyester has been used to make the inside of the warmers.

These materials make the ear warmers a great performer in the sense that they enable them to shield cold without blocking sound. They also combine with the unique style of the ear warmers to promote versatility. That being said, these ear warmers are perfect for outdoor work, casual, morning runs, hiking, hunting, travel, skiing, and more.

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The ear warmers are suitable for all ages plus they have an adjustable design that makes them easy to store even in the tightest spaces. Caring for these ear warmers is a walk in the park, as all you need to do is to hand wash and then dry flat. The ear warmers are available in one color only, but the color is black. Therefore, this should not trouble you.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Earmuffs for winter

We provide you with the following factors as well because reviews alone might not help as expected.

Adjustable Band

Your earmuffs should have an adjustable band. This is because such earmuffs fit snug and stay in place even when you engage in more demanding activities. Besides, ear warmers with adjustable bands are one size fits most, and this makes them convenient to deal with.


Adjustable bands promote comfort. Another feature of ear warmers that promote comfort is the material used to make the ear warmers. So, if you want to end up with a comfortable set of ear muffs, make sure you go for something made of premium materials such as polyester, fleece, and more. The material should be skin-friendly, breathable, soft, and capable of providing optimum warmth.


It is obvious that during winter, you would like to carry and use your ear warmers everywhere you go. Therefore, make sure the ear muffs you settle for are designed with portability in mind. This means they should be lightweight and foldable. They should fold compactly and small enough to fit anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you care for earmuffs for winter?

Most earmuffs should be hand washed and then dried flat. But since the word “most” and not “all” has been used, it is advisable that you check with the manufacturer before cleaning your ear warmers.

Are ear warmers designed for women only?

No. Although there are ear warmers specially made for women, some brands are unisex and, therefore, can be used by both men and women.

Do ear muffs block sound?

No. Ear muffs are designed in such a way that they shield cold and protect the ears from the wind without blocking sound. This means you will not struggle to communicate with the person/people near you when you have them on your ears.

Which materials are ear warmers for winter made of?

Ear warmers are mostly made of polyester, fleece, acrylic, and/or spandex. These materials are super comfortable, soft to the touch, skin-friendly, breathable, and easy to care for.


The ears are among the most affected parts during winter. For this reason, your wardrobe should not miss a pair of ear warmers when winter starts to approach. Ear warmers or ear muffs are designed to cover the ears and provide the necessary protection against cold and the wind. They are comfortable to wear and perfect for all winter occasions.

Best Sellers: Best Earmuffs for Winter

SaleBestseller No. 3
TALONITE Winter Ear Muffs for Men & Women Foldable...
TALONITE Winter Ear Muffs for Men & Women Foldable...
【WASH EASY】If the earmuffs are dirty, wash them with water, preferably by hand
SaleBestseller No. 5
Luckkyme 4 Pack Multicolor Winter Outdoor Sports...
Luckkyme 4 Pack Multicolor Winter Outdoor Sports...
Packing Include: Set of 4 earmuffs, black, blue, gray, brown

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