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Top 10 Best Dual Flush Toilets in 2021 Reviews

Studies show that the best dual flush toilets save up to 68-percent in a light mode. This means if you want to conserve water and possibly lower your water bill, then they are the go-to fixtures. They boast dual flush technology that gives you two flushing options to ensure you use the correct amount of water every time.

Besides, these well-thought-out toilets have beautiful designs that blend nicely with any contemporary bathroom style. They work better than standard toilets, and this makes them a must-have for anyone after an improved performance. In this piece, we provide you with every detail about them to make sure you have an easy time choosing a suitable brand.

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1. Swiss Madison SM-1T254 Toilet Dual Tornado Flush

The skirted trap way gives this dual flush toilet a modern design as well as a clean, sleek look that complements a wide range of styles. Additionally, this dual tornado flush comes with a soft-closing seat. Plus it comes with bolt caps and a wax rings to make installation a breeze. Since it is a dual flush, you will be able to choose between full and partial (1.28/.8). And this will let you be environmentally and fiscally conscious without sacrificing performance.

Besides, this innovative toilet has quick-release hinges that allow the seat to be unlatched from it for effortless removal and convenient cleaning. In fact, you do not need tools to clean this toilet. The hinges have a matte chrome finish that further improves the appeal of this dual flush toilet. Another exciting feature the toilet has is the elongated and well-heightened bowl that provides extra comfort.

2. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 One Piece Dual Flush Toilet

The 5-year limited warranty, which protects porcelain parts against fading or staining, shows that the manufacturer believes in the quality of this product. There is also a 1-year warranty on flushing mechanism and soft closing seat to further prove that the quality of this toilet is one of the best. As if that’s not enough, the toilet meets/exceeds ANSI Z124.1 & ANSI A112-19.7. Plus it is US & Canada UPC & CSA certified for peace of mind.

The toilet comes with a pre-installed soft closing seat, installation instruction, premium wax ring, pre-installed water fitting, floor bolts, and special hand wrench tool, which ensures easy tightening of bolts in narrow spaces. The soft-closing toilet seat has a stainless steel seat hinge that is super durable for never-ending performance. The toilet flushes quietly yet powerfully. Therefore, expect no leaks or clogs. Its skirted trap way makes it look sleek and easy to clean.

3. Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Toilet Dual Tornado Flush

A toilet with a bold contemporary look is worth going for. And that’s exactly what the Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Toilet Dual Tornado Flush is all about. It is an innovative one-piece toilet that features a flushing system, which uses two nozzles, unlike standard toilets that use rim holes. The nozzles are powerful and create a centrifugal force to ensure a highly efficient flush.

In addition, the toilet has a fully skirted design, which is extremely easy to clean not to mention improving its sleek look. It is well made and designed to blend nicely with your décor. Moreover, it has a soft closing seat that closes slowly and quietly. Plus it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that protects against defects to give you peace of mind. The toilet also meets EPA flushing guidelines to further convince you that it is of great quality.

4. American Standard 2889518.020 Dual Flush Toilet with Liner, 2-Piece

Although this dual flush toilet does not come with a seat, this should not be a deal breaker, especially when you consider the price. It is a high-performance toilet that is packed with innumerable features so it can work as expected. It is equipped with EverClean surface, which prevents stains as well as inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The toilet also has siphon jet bowl technology that has PowerWash rim and provides optimal UHET performance.

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Since the manufacturer believes that it will meet or exceed your expectations, it provides a lifetime limited warranty on chinaware. The manufacturer has also made sure that this toilet is EPA WaterSense certified. The toilet boasts dual flush, meaning it will provide you with the option for full or partial flush to ensure maximum water savings. It is available in 3 different colors, including white, linen, and bone.

5. TOTO MS446124CEMG#01 Aquia IV WASHLET Dual Flush Toilet

Those who have used this dual flush toilet have been impressed with how it works. It is loaded with all the features you can think of, and this makes it a top performer. It comes with a soft-close seat that eliminates the ever-annoying slamming of lids. Additionally, it has a completely skirted design that gives it a sleek and understated look. The design also makes this toilet much easier to maintain compared to a two-piece toilet.

Another wonderful feature of this toilet is the Cefiontect ceramic glaze that prevents debris and mold from being on the surfaces. Furthermore, the dual flush toilet features a bowl design that minimizes water flow resistance and turbulence, thereby, ensuring a quieter flush. It also boasts Dynamax Tornado flush that uses 360-degree cleaning power to reach every part of the bowl. The toilet is cotton white and measures 27.6 x 15.6 x 29.6 inches.

6. TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia Dual Flush Two-Piece Toilet

Everyone wants a toilet that does not just serve its primary purpose but also improves the aesthetics of the place it is installed in. The TOTO CST412MF.01 Dual Flush Toilet fits the bill. Its elongated skirt, universal height makes it sleek and clean looking. What’s more, this toilet will provide you with a dual flush option to make sure you have a convenient way to conserve water. The toilet also has chrome push-button that makes it more elegant.

It is available in numerous color options including cotton, bone, colonial white, ebony, and Sedona beige. TOTO is a global company committed to creating top quality products that will satisfy their customers. They work tirelessly everyday to enrich the flow of the everyday life of their customers. That being said, we believe that this toilet will work just fine for you. Its two flushing options are 0.9GPF and 1.6GPF.

7. KOHLER K-3987-0 Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet

The overall weight of this dual flush toilet is 86.3 pounds and the dimensions include 29.25” (overall height – top to bottom), 18” (overall width), and 27.75” (overall depth – front to back). The toilet has a canister flush valve that allows water to flow from all sides, thereby, increasing the effectiveness and power of the flush. Ideally, the canister is durable and has 90-percent less exposed material compared to the 3-inch flapper. Well, this ensures leak-free performance.

The toilet also has a left-hand trip lever that provides a choice of 1.6 or 1.1GPF (gallons-per-flush). This will help you conserve water to the maximum. Furthermore, this toilet features a round-front bowl that offers a perfect solution for powder rooms and smaller baths. It comes in a wide range of colors. And these are White, Almond, Black/Black, and Biscuit. Also, this toilet boasts Class Five flushing technology designed for extraordinary bulk-flushing performance.

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8. EAGO TB351 Dual Flush Ceramic Toilet, 1-Piece

No one likes an over-sophisticated fixture. That’s why we are certain that you will like this dual flush toilet. It is simple yet elegant enough to complement your style. The toilet also boasts dual flush technology that gives you two flushing options; 1.6GPF for solid waste and 0.8GPF for liquid waste. Plus it has a wide water surface that keeps odors down as well as allowing for easy cleaning. It is the type of toilet that will make your everyday life a breeze.

It is designed to maintain an optimal balance between proper velocity exit and increased diameter. What’s more, this toilet has an efficient and powerful 3-inch flushing valve, meaning you will not be frustrated by the many issues normally associated with older ball-chain flapper systems. It comes complete with a lid and soft closing toilet seat. It is eco-friendly and has a white finish that blends seamlessly with any style.

9. Fresca FTL2222 Dual Flush Toilet (1-Piece)

Buying a dual flush toilet made by a company, which believes that the bathroom is the most important room in the house, is really great. That’s why we have not hesitated to let you know that this dual flush toilet is available. Its dimensions are 26.75 inches long by 15.75 inches wide by 25 inches high. Since it has dual flush technology, expect to conserve water. The 1.6GPF is for solid waste while the 0.8GPF is for liquid waste.

This means you will be using the right amount of water to flush waste every time you use this toilet. The toilet is UPC approved and EPA water sense certified to give you peace of mind knowing that its quality has been double-checked before it reaches you. It comes with a toilet seat to provide you with great comfort while using it. Furthermore, the toilet has a premium stain-resistant polish with fully glazed trap way.

10. HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet

The HOROW Small Toilet measures 25 inches long by 13.4 inches wide by 28.4 inches high. Well, it is compact enough to perfectly fit small bathrooms. It is a quality toilet that is backed by two warranties; a 5-year limited warranty that protects against fading or staining of porcelain glaze and a 3-year limited warranty, which protects the flushing mechanism from defects. All these warranties are meant to give you peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer stands behind this toilet.

Besides, the toilet comes with a soft closing lid and a wax ring. It boasts siphon flushing technology that allows for extremely quiet yet powerful flush with no clogs. Its self-cleaning glazed surface is easy to maintain and looks really attractive. Talking of attractiveness; the toilet displays a white finish that looks really good. It is exactly what you need, considering that it is eco-friendly and built with convenience in mind.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Dual Flush Valve Replacement Button
Dual Flush Valve Replacement Button
Genuine replacement buttons for Glacier Bay and other Dual Flush Toilets; Easy to install; Chrome finish
Bestseller No. 2
Swiss Madison SM-1T257 Sublime II Compact 24'...
Swiss Madison SM-1T257 Sublime II Compact 24"...
Seamless porcelain one-piece with an easy-to-clean design; Compact bowl ensures plenty of room for comfort in small spaces
Bestseller No. 3
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St....
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St....
Modern design, clean, sleek look and compliment with different styles; Fully skirted trapway - extremely easy to clean
SaleBestseller No. 5
American Standard 7381091-400.0070A Dual Flush...
American Standard 7381091-400.0070A Dual Flush...
For use with American Standard H2 option toilet without an in tank liner; Reliable performance

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Dual Flush Toilets

To further make you more knowledgeable about dual toilets, we offer the following buyer’s guide.

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Water Usage

Research has shown that on average, toilets account for around one-third of the water used in US households. This is a significant number that should not go unnoticed. As a result, you should consider a dual flush toilet that conserves the maximum amount of water. Such toilets are EPA WaterSense certified, meaning they utilize 1.28 gallons-per-flush (GPF) or less.

Flushing Systems

You should choose a dual flush toilet that flushes quietly and powerfully. Although there are several flushing systems, the siphon flush is arguably the best. It is extremely quiet yet powerful enough to leave no clogs.

Toilet Bowls

Dual flush toilets with round-front bowls are among the best. This is because they create enough space on the sides, making them perfect for small bathrooms. Besides, the bowl of your toilet should be designed in such a way that it is easy to clean.

Bowl Height

Do not overlook the bowl height when choosing a dual flush toilet. With that said, go for a toilet that has a perfect height, which will make you more comfortable. Elongated toilets have been proven to be more comfortable than conventional toilets; hence, they make a great purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dual flush toilet?

This is an innovative toilet that allows you to choose how powerful you want the flush to be.

How are dual flush toilets used?

Most dual flush toilets have a button that is divided into two sections, normally labeled “1” and “2” for liquid and solid waste respectively. These buttons are mostly located at the top of the toilet, although some toilets have theirs on the left or right side. Also, some dual flush toilets have a standard lever that is raised for one flushing option and lowered for another.

Do dual flush toilets have benefits?

Yes. By providing you with the option to choose how powerful you want your flush, dual flush toilets greatly help conserve water. And this cannot be overlooked, considering that toilets account for 45-percent of the average water bill in the US. This means when you have a dual flush toilet sitting pretty in your bathroom, then your monthly water bill will drastically reduce, making sure you have more money at the end of every month.


Dual flush toilets help conserve water, and, therefore, should not miss from your household. They are also beautiful and finished well, so they can complement your bathroom. Before choosing one, though, be sure to read this piece. It has everything you need to know about dual flush toilets.

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