The 10 Best Cycling Shorts for Women Reviews For 2021

The type of cycling short you choose can make or break your cycling experience. That’s why it is advisable that you go for the best cycling shorts for women. Specially designed for women, women’s cycling shorts have been carefully cut, so they can complement the body shapes of women.

They are also designed with comfort in mind. In other words, the fabric used to make them is breathable and wicks away moisture. By providing comfort, cycling shorts for women help make cycling even for long periods a breeze. In our reviews, we have talked about a number of brands with the hope that you will find the right one for your cycling adventures.

List the Best Cycling Shorts for Women Reviews

1. beroy Womens Bike Shorts with 3D Gel Padding

1. beroy Womens Bike Shorts with 3D Gel Padding
Buy now from Amazon What’s so amazing about these women’s bike shorts is the fact that they come with 3D gel padding. This means they deliver maximum comfort to ensure that you have zero problems when cycling. Apart from being thick, the padding is breathable, and this makes these shorts great for long-distance cycling.

Another feature that makes these shorts amazing is the fabric used to make them. To be precise, the shorts are made of 80-percent polyester and 20-percent spandex. Well, these two materials have good elasticity; hence, they will be close to the skin. They are also quick drying to eliminate any inconveniences.

The hem of these shorts has silicone to further provide comfort. As expected, these shorts are available in numerous colors. And this means you will not have a hard time settling for one with a suitable color. They are well made, and they make cycling a memorable experience.

2. Baleaf Women’s Cycling Padded Shorts

2. Baleaf Women’s Cycling Padded Shorts
Buy now from Amazon These shorts are designed for optimum comfort in the saddle. With that said, they are made of 80-percent nylon and 20-percent spandex. These two materials combine to give these shorts a UPF rating of 50+.

They also combine to create a breathable and moisture wicking fabric that will no doubt keep you cool and dry. This means you will be able to ride your bicycle for long periods without being inconvenienced with any discomforts. The waistband of these shorts is arc-shaped and wide to avoid ride-up as well as to provide you with great comfort.

Also, there are leg grippers that have silicone dots inside to prevent the shorts from riding up. The flatlock stitching helps reduce irritation, which is caused by chafing. These shorts are also equipped with reflective elements to make them visible in low-light conditions. Their multi-density chamois minimizes vibration on long rides.

3. Baleaf Women’s 3D Padded Underwear Shorts

3. Baleaf Women’s 3D Padded Underwear Shorts
Buy now from Amazon This is the second Baleaf product in these reviews. And this is owed to the fact that many customers like Baleaf products. These shorts are made with a high performing fabric that is breathable, soft, and stretchy.

This means the fabric will be close to your skin yet it will not cause any discomfort. If anything, it will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable, considering that it is breathable and soft. In addition, these shorts feature a special waistband design, which helps prevent the tummy from squeezing to make sure you are really comfortable in the saddle.

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Like the Baleaf Women’s Cycling Padded Shorts, these ones are made with 80-percent nylon and 20-percent spandex. They have a 3D antibacterial pad that offers amazing comfort on bike rides. Plus their seams are flat to help reduce irritation caused by chafing. Since these shorts are brief, you can wear them under your favorite shorts, skirts or pants.

4. NOOYME Womens Bike Shorts for Cycling

4. NOOYME Womens Bike Shorts for Cycling
Buy now from Amazon NOOYME knows that you want cycling apparel that is designed with performance, quality, and comfort in mind. That’s why they have produced these women’s bike shorts for cycling. The shorts display bright colors that are not just vivid but also relaxing. Ideally, their bright colors tend to match nearly any top.

You will, therefore, not just have the right gear for cycling but also you will look flashy while cycling. These shorts are made of 20-percent spandex and 80-percent polyamide. These two materials enhance moisture wicking and body heat thermoregulation.

The two materials also combine to create a silky and soft fabric that offers super flexibility as well as keeping moisture away from the skin to allow you to move freely. Apart from the bright colors, these shorts feature two reflective marks that make them visible at night, thereby, keeping you safe. Their leg grippers have silicone dots inside to prevent ride-up in the leg or fall-down in the waist when you are stretching or bending.

5. beroy Cycling Women’s Shorts with Reflective Print

5. beroy Cycling Women’s Shorts with Reflective Print
Buy now from Amazon The reflective logos that beroy has included on each of these shorts is thoughtful. This is because they improve visibility on low-light runs. Another thoughtful feature that the manufacturer has included in these shorts is the leg gripper, which prevents the shorts from riding up in the legs.

To make these shorts perfectly fit any female cyclist, beroy has produced them in a variety of sizes. These sizes include small, medium, large, extra large, XXL, and XXXL. The hem of these shorts has silicone to keep the shorts close to the skin.

The silicone also sucks sweat to ensure that the shorts dry quickly and to reduce the production of lactic acid. Moreover, beroy has included 3D gel padding inside to improve the comfort of these shorts. The material used to make these shorts has good elasticity to make cycling a breeze even after long rides.

6. Twotwowin Women’s 3D Padded Cycling Underwear Shorts

6. Twotwowin Women’s 3D Padded Cycling Underwear Shorts
Buy now from Amazon Twotwowin is an honest company, which ensures that its clients are happy with their purchase by providing a 100-percent money back guarantee. Its products are well made, and this can be justified by these women’s 3D padded cycling underwear shorts.

These shorts are made of quick-drying and breathable fabric to help keep you comfortable while you are cycling. The fabric also offers strong protection, considering that it is anti-bacterial and delivers cushioning performance as well as abrasion resistance.

Since Twotwowin has specially made these shorts for women, they have simplified their designs, equipped them with the double elasticity fabric, and then updated the cut to allow them to compliment the body shapes of women. Twotwowin has also positioned flatlock seams carefully to hold the shorts in place without chafing. Considering the simple designs of these shorts, expect to have zero problems pairing them with shorts or pants.

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7. Canari Women’s Triathlon /Spinning Shorts

7. Canari Women’s Triathlon /Spinning Shorts
Buy now from Amazon What’s so great about the Canari Women’s Triathlon/Spinning Shorts is the fact that their versatility cannot be compared to most shorts in the same class. These are the shorts that you can use for riding, swimming, and running, among other activities.

Unlike normal cycling shorts, these ones are made of a blend of nylon and Lycra. Well, the fabric is breathable, wicks away moisture, and dries quickly. That said; expect these shorts to provide you with ultimate comfort while you are cycling.

The shorts also feature a flatseam construction that reduces chafe. Plus they boast a 6-panel design that will conform to your body in all events. Their inseam is 6 inches, which is the right amount for Tri. Their elastic waistband, on the other hand, is an inch, and this too is fine. To keep these triathlon/spinning shorts in place while you are cycling, the manufacturer has equipped them with leg grippers.

8. Dinamik Evo Pro Women’s Bike Shorts

8. Dinamik Evo Pro Women’s Bike Shorts
Buy now from Amazon Cycling requires that you have a high functioning bike short to avoid any inconveniences. That’s why we introduce you to the Dinamik Evo Pro Women’s Bike Shorts.

These shorts are specially designed to fit tightly like a second skin, so they can get rid of any extra bulk. By so doing, they help ensure flawless riding. The shorts are made of nylon, Lycra, and spandex to give them enough support without pulling you back. These materials are also breathable and stretchy.

They have a 4-way moisture transfer capability to offer maximum cooling, which, in turn, provides you with superior comfort on both short and long rides. Another feature that directly contributes to the performance of these shorts is the multi-panel anatomical design that allows for unrestricted freedom of movement. Apart from comfort, these shorts contain UPF 50+ to offer extra protection from the sun.

9. Louis Garneau Women’s Bike Shorts (Fit Sensor 5.5)

9. Louis Garneau Women’s Bike Shorts (Fit Sensor 5.5)
Buy now from Amazon These bike shorts from Louis Garneau have made it to this list because they are made of an abrasion resistant fabric. This means you can use them both on the trails and on the road. They have a shorter inseam, and this makes them a great purchase for women looking for less coverage.

They also have reflective accents to improve their visibility in low-light conditions. Besides, these bike shorts have a brushed back fabric that improves moisture wicking and body heat thermoregulation. Their flatlock seams combine well with seamless inner legs to provide you with extra comfort.

Furthermore, there are Powerband compressive cuffs that minimize lower leg pressure and provide support without restricting circulation. These shorts are antibacterial, so expect them to do more than just providing comfort. Their Airzone integrated chamois is made of high-density perforated memory foam, which eliminates chafing and pinching.

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10. beroy Women Bike Shorts with 3D Gel Pad

10. beroy Women Bike Shorts with 3D Gel Pad
Buy now from Amazon

Buying from beroy is one of the greatest decisions ever. This is because the company provides a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee on every purchase made. Their products are also well made.

For example, their women bike shorts are equipped with a high-quality 3D gel pad that weakens the sense of shock to keep you comfortable during long-term riding. These shorts also have a superior silicon elastic gripper on their hems to hold them in place. Plus they boast 7.5” inseam, and their waist is normal waistband, not a wider panel.

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With that said, expect these shorts to offer incredible comfort. Their fabric is made of 20-percent spandex and 80-percent polyamide. It, therefore, has excellent wicking properties that allow it to eliminate sweat and discomfort of any kind. The shorts come in 6 different colors (blue, navy, purple, white, turquoise flower, and purple flower) to choose from.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Cycling Shorts for Women

If you want to get a suitable cycling short without using a lot of energy, you must consider the following factors.


The fabric used to make a cycling short plays a major role in the performance of the short. That being said, you must make sure that the short you are going for is made with a high-quality fabric, which is breathable, dries quickly, and, of course, comfortable.


Before you choose a cycling short, ensure that its size will fit you perfectly. And to choose the perfect size, check the measurement of the inseam. Also, check the height and weight recommendations of the short. If all of them tick your boxes, go for the short.

Style and Color

Modern shorts are not just designed to make cycling a walk in the park; they are also made to enhance your looks. You can, therefore, take advantage of this by choosing a stylish short. In addition, make sure that the color of the short you are settling for matches your top.

Other Features

There are some features that your cycling short should not miss. One of these features is the leg gripper, which prevents the short from riding up while you are cycling. Another feature is the reflective accent/logo, which keeps you safe in low-light environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs will further sharpen your knowledge about cycling shorts for women. So, check them out as well.

What is the importance of wearing a cycling short while cycling?

Cycling shorts improve comfort, thereby, making cycling much easier and more fun than ever before. Moreover, some cycling shorts have reflective accents, which promote safety.

Are women’s cycling shorts durable?

Most cycling shorts are well made, and, therefore, they can last for a very long time. You must, however, note that durability is determined by how you care for your short.

Are cycling shorts for women versatile?

A number of cycling shorts can also be used for other adventures other than cycling. For example, you can use them for walking.

What are women’s cycling shorts made of?

Different cycling shorts are made of different materials. Nevertheless, the most common materials are spandex, nylon, polyester, and polyamide. Manufacturers prefer these materials because they wick away moisture and are incredibly comfortable.


Cycling without the right gear such as a cycling short can be very dangerous. This is because, as a woman, you will be exposing yourself to various injuries. That said, go through these reviews and then choose a suitable cycling short that you believe will make take your cycling experience to another level.

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