Top 10 Best Balaclavas for Skiing in 2021 Reviews

The best balaclavas for skiing are on the market at the moment. And it is important that you get one, especially if you like skiing, camping in a cold environment, ice climbing, motorcycling or cycling. Balaclavas for skiing are also great if you are removing snow from the driveway.

The masks have special features that enable them to keep the face, neck, and head comfortable and warm. With them, you will be able to brave the cold winter conditions to achieve your goals. Consider the following reviews to know what to exactly pick from the flooded market.

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1. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava Ski Mask

This balaclava for skiing can be worn in so many ways, and that was enough to convince us to give it the number one spot. Apart from its versatility, it is well made, so it can provide you with the results you expect from a balaclava of this quality. Moreover, this balaclava is super lightweight.

And, as a result, it will fit comfortably without feeling too bulky. It perfectly fits under a hard hat or helmet. The balaclava also has a mesh panel over the mouth to direct exhaled breath out in order to help prevent fogging of sunglasses or glasses.

It is stretchable, and, therefore, can fit most heads nicely. Whether you wear it as a ski mask or neck gaiter, this winter gear will still offer ultimate winter protection. It comes in a variety of colors, which include camo, black, lime, and grey.

2. Self Pro Balaclava – Thermal Hood

Apart from skiing, the Self Pro Balaclava is great for running, motorcycling, trekking, tactical training, cycling, biking, mountain climbing, hunting, airsoft paintball, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities. It boasts an improved 2018 design, which can only be matched by a handful of modern balaclavas for skiing.

The design features a longer neck, and it is super long in the front part. Having said that, expect it to provide you with better wind and cold protection. The design will also fit on your head nicely, and this is because of the improved cut as well as different sewing angle.

Self Pro has made the balaclava with CoolMax PREMIUM HI-TECH polyester fibers to make it breathable, highly absorbent, and capable of wicking moisture away. The fibers are also lightweight, and they stay warm and dry to make sure you are comfortable. The balaclava can be worn under any kind of helmet, given that it is one size fits most.

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Under Armour Men's Storm ColdGear Balaclava ,...
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3. Aegend Windproof Ski Face Mask, 1 Piece

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You should consider this balaclava if you want to stay warm and toasty all winter long. It offers ultimate protection from extreme cold, UV rays, dust, and wind burn. Moreover, it is one size fits most; hence, you do not need to be worried about its size.

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It is made of top quality soft fabrics that consist of 88-percent polyester and 22-percent spandex. The fabrics offer peerless performance, and they are highly breathable, durable, and resistant to abrasion. They are also very comfortable, packable, lightweight and machine washable.

The balaclava will not tear, and this is because it is well sewed using premium seaming threads. The balaclava is 3-in-1; thus, it is the go-to winter wear whether you are looking for a face mask, a scarf or a hat. Its low profile design means it will fit comfortably under your clothing.

4. Upmall Winter Warm Windproof Balaclava

There is no way we could have left out this balaclava from these reviews. It has been re-designed in that it now has a lengthened full face and neck to provide maximum protection against wind and cold. The new design also enables the balaclava to fit the head nicely, considering that it boasts improved cut and different sewing angles.

Another thing that has convinced us to include this balaclava in these reviews is the fleece composites fabric used to make it. The fabric is comfortable, soft, and easy to wear. What’s more, this winter warm balaclava is dust-proof and boasts amazing breathable abilities.

You can take advantage of its versatility and wear it as a ninja hoodie, neck warmer, neck gaiter, and helmet liner, among others. The balaclava is machine washable, and, therefore, you will not have a hard time caring for it.

5. Your Choice Balaclava Outdoor Sports Mask for Men & Women

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Your Choice is a creative company that is great to buy from. We are saying this because they have protected this balaclava for skiing with a 12-month full money back guarantee. This means you will only use this balaclava because you are satisfied with it.

Ideally, it is not just the warranty that makes the balaclava worth spending money on; there are also other great features. For instance, there is an adjustable design with a clip and drawstrings on each side to fit you perfectly. The design is easy to adjust, meaning you will really feel comfortable.

The material used to make this balaclava is also worth mentioning. It is windproof, breathable, and soft. It will keep your face, ear, neck, and head warm while skiing, hunting, camping, trekking, ice fishing, snowboarding or snow shoveling. The different color options mean there is something for everyone.

6. Miracu Balaclava Ski Face Mask for Men, Women

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There is no balaclava made with ultimate convenience like this one from Miracu. First, it is made for both men and women, and second, it is versatile enough to be used for skiing, motorcycling, climbing, snowboarding, and more.

The premium material Miracu has used to make this balaclava ski face mask is top quality fleece, which is soft, comfortable, breathable, and easy to wear. The premium fleece is also great at keeping the head, neck, face, and ear warm. The balaclava is stretchable and adjustable; hence, it can fit any head size comfortably.

Considering how it is made, we are certain that your loved one will really love it should you buy it as a gift for them. Like other balaclavas in these reviews, this one comes in many different colors including Black/Gray, Gray/Black, Gray/Blue, Gray/Rose, and Rose/Gray.

7. NIKE Pro Combat Hyperwarm Hydropull Hood

Cold weather should not be a hurdle in your quest to be successful in winter activities. That is because there are lots of top quality balaclavas for skiing. And one of them is this one from Nike; a renowned company that produces top-notch sportswear. The hyperwarm hood is made of 85-percent nylon and 15-percent elastane.

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The nylon makes it durable enough to withstand the harsh wintry environment, while the elastane enables it to stretch and fit any head size. Apart from being used as a balaclava, this hood can be converted into a neck gaiter.

It protects the face fully and even has the Nike Therma-Fit, which keeps athletes dry. The flat-seam construction ensures chafe-free form by lying smoothly against your head. Although this hood is only available in one color (black), it is a universal color that is liked by everyone.

8. Purjoy Warm Fleece Balaclava Full Face Mask

Made for cycling, hunting, running, motorcycling, skiing, and camping, this balaclava full face mask is exactly what you should consider for those activities in the cold. It is made of 100-percent polyester fleece, which is soft, comfortable, and warm to allow you to get the most out of it.

The polyester material is also very durable to let you use the balaclava with confidence knowing that it will withstand everything the harsh cold environment throws at it. The full face and neck coverage design enables this mask to provide ultimate protection against cold.

Furthermore, this balaclava boasts new upgrades, which include an increase in the size of the head circumference, so it can fit both men and women. The new upgrades also have an adjustment rope, which can be controlled to prevent windblown. The full face mask is available in several colors to choose from.

9. Mountain Made Balaclava Face Mask, One Size

The price of this balaclava for skiing might be a little on the higher side compared to the prices of other balaclavas we have reviewed earlier on. However, this should not be a deal breaker, as the balaclava face mask is totally worth it.

It is a product of Mountain Made, which is known across the globe for their love for landscapes. The manufacturer understands clearly that to see how beautiful the landscapes are, you must be protected by such outdoor gears as this balaclava.

With that said, Mountain Made has made sure that it is multipurpose in the sense that it will protect your head and neck. The balaclava is made of 96-percent polyester and 4-percent Lycra. For this reason, it is super soft for long hours of wear. In addition, this balaclava is backed by a 1-year no questions asked warranty.

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10. ZERDOCEAN Winter Full Face Ski Mask Balaclava

Your winter outdoor activities should really be enjoyable. And the best way to make them enjoyable is to have this winter full face ski mask balaclava. It is specially designed for all winter outdoor activities, meaning it is almost a must-buy for athletes who take part in winter sports.

It is made of a soft fleece lining that makes it comfortable to wear. Besides, ZERDOCEAN has equipped it with a breathable mesh vent design to ensure that the warm breath escapes, thereby, not fogging your sunglasses or glasses.

The slightly stretchable fabric also contributes to the performance of this balaclava in the sense that it makes it fit comfortably. The balaclava comes in four different colors including black, army green, gray, and light camo. It is one size fits all, and its price is not exaggerated despite working great.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Balaclavas for Skiing

We have also provided the following factors to make it much easier to settle for a suitable balaclava.


The material used to make a balaclava should be durable enough to stand up to the tricky wintery conditions. It should also be soft and comfortable to let you wear your balaclava for long hours. Furthermore, you can consider a hypoallergenic material, especially if you are an allergy sufferer.


Your balaclava for skiing should be well ventilated and breathable. This is because ventilation and breathability help improve the comfort of a balaclava by allowing the warm breath to escape. It also helps prevent the fogging over glasses or sunglasses.

The Size

It can be a little unfortunate when you buy a balaclava for skiing only for it to fail to fit you well. Since choosing a perfect size can be difficult, we encourage you to go for balaclavas that fit all. They are normally stretchy and fit heads of different sizes perfectly.


Although you are buying a balaclava for skiing, you may want to use it for other activities. Therefore, consider a balaclava that is also great for outdoor activities like ice climbing, trekking, hunting, snowboarding, and snow shoveling, among others.

FAQs for Balaclavas for skiing

What kind of ski mask should I buy my kid?

Balaclavas for kids can really be difficult to find. For this reason, we advise that you buy your young one a helmet with a built-in ski mask.

Which one is the best; a neck warmer or a ski mask?

Neck warmers are designed to protect the neck while ski masks protect the entire head. We, therefore, think that a ski mask is the best.

Does design matters when choosing a balaclava?

Yes, it does. That said, consider balaclavas with a low profile design since they can be worn with helmets. Also, go for a design that makes the balaclava multi-purpose in such a way that you can wear it as a scarf, neck warmer or ski mask.


There are several balaclavas on the market that getting the best one can prove to be more difficult than expected. As such, be sure to go through reviews like the ones we have talked about on this platform. They highlight well made and versatile balaclavas to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

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